Great Lakes History Periodicals: Newspapers

Below are links to websites with collections of 19th century newspapers. See the right column for more info about this website.

Great Lakes History Periodicals: Newspapers

The Ancestor Hunt – United States Online Historical Newspaper Links

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Kenneth R. Marks, who created this website, made a page for each U.S. State with links to vintage online newspapers, indicating which are free of charge. There are also pages for:

-African-American Newspapers
-Farming Newspapers
-Irish-American Newspapers
-Jewish American Newspapers

For more online collections of U.S. historical newspapers, see: Section 071.1 United States in Newspapers: Free Online Collections

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers

Washington: Library of Congress
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This Library of Congress directory of U.S. Newspapers lists a huge number of past newspapers, when and where they were published, and where they can be found now. Part of the newspapers are digitized on this site.

Google News Archive

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Google offers archived copies of numerous U.S. newspapers arranged alphabetically. Late-19th century issues are available online for many of these, and a few newspapers offer mid-19th century issues.

Great Lakes History Periodicals

Historical Newspapers Online

University of Pennsylvania
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This Penn Library site is a collection of links to archived online U.S. newspapers, grouped by state.

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