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Each page below contains links to free
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Great Lakes Region until about 1860.

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Biographies and Memoirs

Accounts of the lives of famous Americans, political leaders, heroes, pioneers and outlaws.

First-person accounts of everyday life and historic events.

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Cultural History

Literature, education, theater, fine arts, recreation, and architecture.

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Documents & Collections

Legislative acts, letters, official papers, treaties, and state constitutions.

Collections of government documents, manuscripts, portraits, private papers, county court records, books, and newspapers.

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Economic History

River and canal transport, railroads, roads, agriculture, land sales, the press, commerce, manufacturing, banking, medicine, mining and logging.

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Explorers & Travelers

Accounts of overland journeys, and river or lake voyages, by explorers, missionaries and travelers.

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Novels, and some short stories and poetry. Stories by early 19th century local authors set in their own times. Historical fiction.

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General History

Books and articles covering the history of a state or region.

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Maps & Gazetteers

Maps from the 1600s through the 1800s, including maps made by explorers and soldiers. Regional, state and local.

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Native Americans

American Indian culture, customs, and conflict. Interaction with settlers, and with U.S. and state governments.

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Shipping and Navigation on the Great Lakes, and on the rivers of the Great Lakes states.

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History journals, popular magazines, and newspapers.

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Politics & Government

Territorial, state and local government, political parties, state constitutions, and legislation.

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Denominations and churches, missionary efforts among Native Americans, and religious activities.

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Settlers Guides

Hand-books and guides for prospective settlers, “Emigrants’ Guides”, and geographical descriptions.

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Social History

Everyday life, women’s history, crime, ethnic groups, slavery, abolitionists, utopian communities, workers, and social issues.

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War & Military

French & Indian war, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Indian Campaigns.

Forts and posts, military operations, and military life.

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