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You can use this page to purchase books from Amazon that are not in the public domain and therefore not available free online. Novels are set in the states they appear in. Thus far there are only books for Michigan.
Links to the site’s free online fiction pages are found at the bottom of the page, along with a guide to Michigan fiction.

Michigan in the Novel 1816-2006: Annotated Bibliography

Grand Rapids: Grand Valley State University 2016
Beasecker, Robert Go to Book

According to the Introduction of this 530-page online book, there are 2,726 novels contained here that are set at least partly in Michigan. Nearly all novels have plot summaries, which include the location in Michigan of the story setting.

Michigan in the Novel 2007-2011: A Five-Year Checklist

Grand Rapids: Grand Valley State University 2014
Beasecker, Robert, comp. Go to Book

This is a supplement to Michigan in the Novel, 1816-2006, although with less information about each novel than the above book contains.