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The Story of Rural School Consolidation in Indiana

Indianapolis : Boorwalter-Ball 1915
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This 30 page booklet appears to be a state publication, which describes and justifies
the consolidation of small rural schools into bigger, more efficient and more
effective schools. Photos included.

Also see: Donovan, John J., School Architecture; Principles and Practices in Section 727 Educational in Architecture through History and Home-Design

education history, Indiana rural schools

“Concrete in the Steel City: Constructing Thomas Edison’s House for the Working Man”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol 108, Issue 3, September 2012, pp 245-273

Bloomington: Indiana University
Baas, ChristopherGo to Article

Also see:
– Cameron, William, The World’s Fair, Being a Pictorial History of the Columbian Exposition in Illinois Cultural History
O’Donnell, Thomas Edward, “An Outline of the History of Architecture in Illinois” in Illinois Cultural History;
Section 728 Residences. Outbuildings in Architecture through History and Home-Design
Varney, Almon C., Our Homes and their Adornments, or, How to Build, Finish, Furnish, and Adorn a Home in Michigan Cultural History

Thomas Edison, Concrete house, Gary IN

“The Early Schools of Indiana: From the Papers of D. D. Banta” (4 installments)

Indiana Magazine of History

Bloomington: Indiana University
Banta, D. D. Article 1|Article 2|Article 3|Article 4

Article 1: Volume 2, Issue 1, March 1906, pp 41-48
Article 2: Volume 2, Issue 2, June 1906, pp 81-88
Article 3: Volume 2, Issue 3, September 1906, pp 131-138
Article 4: Volume 2, Issue 4, December 1906, pp 191-194

Some mid-19th Century school textbooks are at: Great Lakes Region Cultural History: Education, the Arts

history of education, Indiana schools, pioneer schools, 19th century schools

Indiana at the World’s Columbian Exposition 1893

Chicago: Rand, McNally 1893
Board of World’s Fair Managers of IndianaGo to Book

A History of Education in Indiana

NY: Appleton 1892
Boone, Richard GauseGo to Book

The author was a professor of pedagogics in Indiana University. Parts and chapters headings are:

Part 1 – The Territorial Period, 1793-1816
-The Territorial Acts

Part 2 – Under the First Constitution, 1816-1851
-Constitutional and First Legislative Provisions
-Attempts at School Systems
-Seminaries and Academies
-Private and Incorporated Seminaries
-Caleb Mills and the Law of 1849

Part 3 – Under the New Constitution, 1851-1891
-The Second Convention and Article VIII of the Constitution
-The School Law of 1852
-Origin and History of the Common School Fund
-Permanent Funds
-Twenty Years under the New Law
-The Law of 1873
-The Present System
-The Common School System
-School Revenues
-The State’s Superior Institutions
-Supplementary Educational Institutions
-The Training of Teachers
-Denominational Colleges
-Private and Endowed Institutions
-Educational Associations

See also: Lewis, G. W., Biography of Samuel Lewis: First Superintendent of Common Schools for the State of Ohio in Ohio Cultural History: Education, Recreation, the Arts

Hoyt, Charles O. and Ford, R. Clyde, John D. Pierce, Founder of the Michigan School System. A Study of Education in the Northwest in Michigan Cultural History: Education, Recreation, the Arts

Education of Females in the 19th Century

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Art and Artists of Indiana

NY: Century 1921
Burnet, Mary Q.Go to Book

“The Early Newspapers of Indiana”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol 2, Issue 3, September 1906, pp 107-121

Bloomington: Indiana University
Cottman, George S.Go to Article

For online collections of historical Indiana newspapers, see: Indiana History Periodicals: Magazines, Historical Journals & Newspapers
For online collections of historical newspapers from throughout the U.S., see: Section 071.1 United States in Newspapers: Free Online Collections

history of journalism, 19th century Indiana newspapers

“The Fine Arts in Indianapolis, 1875-1880”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol 50, Issue 2, June 1954, pp 105-118

Bloomington: Indiana University
Draegert, EvaGo to Article

Fine arts, Indianapolis history, 1870s

“The Fine Arts in Indianapolis, 1880-1890”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol 50, Issue 4, December 1954, pp 321-348

Bloomington: Indiana University
Draegert, EvaGo to Article

Fine arts, Indianapolis history, 1880s

The Libraries of Indiana

Indianapolis: Indiana World’s Fair Monographs 1893
Dunn, Jacob PiattGo to Book

Indiana Writers of Poems and Prose

Chicago: Western Press Association 1902
Hamilton, Edward JosephGo to Book

Indiana University, 1820-1904: Historical Sketch, Development of the Course of Instruction, Bibliography

Bloomington, IN: Indiana University 1904
Harding, Samuel Bannister, ed. Go to Book

This volume, produced by the University of Indiana, is heavily illustrated with photos of classrooms and university facilities at the turn of the 20th century. Nearly half the volume is a list of publications by alumni and students. Parts and chapter headings are:

Part 1 – Historical Sketch

Part 2 – Development of the Course of Instruction
-Departments of Liberal Arts
-Relation of the University to the School System of the State
-Graduate School
-School of Law
-School of Medicine
-Summer Session
-Biological Station
-Departments now Discontinued (Agricultural Dept., Normal Dept., Engineering Dept., Military Dept.)

Part 3 – Bibliography
-Publications by Present Members of the Faculty
-Publications by Former Members of the Faculty
-Publications by Alumni and Students

history of education, higher education, history of the University of Indiana, Faculty publications, Indiana history, online books

“A Rural Indiana Weekly as Promoter: Editorials from the Peru Gazette of 1839”

Indiana Magazine of History Volume 65, Issue 1, March 1969, pp 45-56

Bloomington: Indiana University
Houf, Walter R.Go to Article

For online collections of historical Indiana newspapers, see: Indiana History Periodicals: Magazines, Historical Journals & Newspapers
For online collections of historical newspapers from throughout the U.S., see: Section 071.1 United States in Newspapers: Free Online Collections

journalism history, Indiana newspapers


Indianapolis: State of Indiana 1926
Indiana Rural Education Survey CommitteeGo to Book

Indiana State Library and Historical Building

Indianapolis: 1934
Indiana State LibraryGo to Book

State Manual and Uniform Course of Study for the Elementary and High Schools of Indiana

Indianapolis: Indiana Dept. of Public Instruction 1901
Jones, Frank L.Go to Book

Literary Clubs of Indiana

Indianapolis: Bowen-Merrill 1894
McKay, Martha NicholsonGo to Book

Indiana, A Drama of Progress: A History of Indiana in a Play of Four Acts

Fowler, IN: McKnight 1908
McKnight, L. A.Go to Book

The Hoosiers

NY: Macmillan 1916
Nicholson, MeredithGo to Book

Poets and Poetry of Indiana

NY: Silver, Burdett 1900
Parker, Benjamin S. and Heiney, Enos B., comp. and ed. Go to Book

Subtitle: “a representative collection of the poetry of Indiana during the first hundred years of its history as territory and state, 1800 to 1900”.

400 pages of poems by well over 100 Hoosier poets.

See also: Books about 19th Century American Women Authors

writers, poets, poems, Indiana history, books online

Indiana Cultural History

Indiana Houses of the Nineteenth Century

Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society 1962
Peat, Wilbur DavidGo to Book

Some Indiana Writers and Poets

Marion, IN: Teachers Journal. 1908
Rice, Alonzo, ed. Go to Book

A small book with one-page biographies and portraits of popular Hoosier writers.

See also: Books about 19th Century American Women Authors

For information on profiled authors, see: Sharp, Robert Farquharson, Dictionary of English Authors, Biographical and Bibliographical in Century Past Collective Biographies: Authors Q–Z and Adams, Oscar Fay, Dictionary of American Authors in Century Past Collective Biographies – Authors A–F

writers, poets, poems, poetry, author, Indiana history, free ebooks

“Julia L. Dumont of Vevay”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol. 34 no. 3 (September 1938): 298-306

Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society
Skelcher, Lucille Detraz and Jane Lucille SkelcherGo to Article

Julia Louisa Cory Dumont (1794-1857) was raised in New York by a widowed mother. She arrived in Vevay, IN in 1814 with her husband, where she began a long dual career; as an inspiring and revered teacher, and as a popular and respected author.

See also: Books about 19th Century American Women Authors

Julia Dumont, Vevay Indiana, author, writer, books online free

The Indiana Schools and the Men who have Worked in Them

Cincinnati: Wilson, Hinkle. 1876
Smart, James H., ed. Go to Book

This book was produced by a committee appointed by the Indiana State Board of Education in 1875, and the chapters were written by different authors. Chapter headings are:

-Early School Days
-School Legislation
-Our Eminent Educators
-Teachers’ Associations, Normal Schools, Libraries, etc.
-Colleges and College Work
-Reformatory and Benevolent Institutions
-Women in the Schools
-The Idea of a Normal School
-The Present System (with Statistical Tables)

history of education, free ebooks, public education, teachers, Indiana public schools, women in education, education law

Indiana Cultural History

Early Indiana Trials and Sketches

Cincinnati: Moore, Wilstach and Keys. 1858
Smith, Oliver H. Go to Book

This unusual 600-page book has over 250 ‘essays’ that include dozens of courtroom anecdotes, biographical sketches, transcribed political speeches, poems of some of Indiana’s best poets, and probably much else of interest. The ‘Index’, which is really a Table of Contents, is at the back.

legal history, Indiana history, courtrooms, biography, anecdotes, political speeches, poetry, ebooks online

Sixteenth Report (for 1867 & 1868)

Indianapolis: State of Indiana 1869
Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of IndianaGo to Book

The Play-party in Indiana: a collection of folk-songs and games, with descriptive introduction and correlating notes

City, Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Commission. 1916
Wolford, Leah JacksonGo to Book

The play party was common in Indiana rural areas in pioneer days, especially where people belonged to churches that forbid dancing. It was an evening social event for young, single people that involved a variety of intricate dance-like steps accompanied by singing of folk songs, but without musical instruments. According to the author, the custom still survived in some parts of Indiana at the beginning of the 20th century, but was gradually disappearing. Parts and chapter headings are:

Part 1 – the Play-Party and its Environment
-The Play-Party in Indiana a Generation Ago
-The Play-Party in Indiana at Present

Part 2 – Play-Party Songs and Games
-Introductory Note
-Glossary to Part 2
-List of Games (over 55 games are described, with lyrics, music notation, description of the ‘dance’, and some background information)
-Traces of British Influence in Play-Party Melodies

Part 3 – Classification of Play-Party Games
-On the Basis of Age of Players
-On the Basis of Dramatic Features
-On the Basis of Dance Formation
-On the Basis of Geographical Location

recreation, folk singing, Indiana history, games, theater, books online

Higher Education in Indiana

Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. 1891
Woodburn, James Albert Go to Book

The author provided this book to the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1889, with an accompanying ‘Letter of Transmittal’. In it he wrote that the book, “contains an outline of the free common school system of the State, a brief account … of the development of its common schools; and a historical account of the origin, growth, and development, and the present condition, of Indiana’s various institutions for Higher Education.” Chapter headings are:

-Territorial Legislation of the Continental Congress
-The Common School System of Indiana
-The Indiana Seminary
-The College and the University
-Purdue University
-The Indiana State Normal School
-Rose Polytechnic Institute
-The Denominational Institutions: De Pauw, Wabash, Butler, Franklin, Hanover, Earlham, Notre Dame, Fort Wayne, Moore’s Hill, Hartsville, Minor Institutions.
-The Independent Normal Schools: Valparaiso, Central (Danville), Southern Indiana (Mitchell).

For more works on girls’ and women’s education, see: Section 376 Education of women in Education, Public Administration & Social Issues

higher education, Indiana colleges, Indiana history, Indiana State Normal School, Indiana Territory legislation, online book

Indiana Cultural History

Indiana University: Its History from 1820, When Founded, to 1890

Indianapolis: W.B. Burford, 1890
Wylie, Theophilus A. Go to Book

Subtitle: “with Biographical Sketches of its Presidents, Professors, and Graduates, and a list of its students from 1820 to 1887”.

Chapter headings are:

-The University as Fostered and Developed by Legislation
-The Indiana Seminary
-The History of the University from 1828 to 1890
-Sketches of the Presidents of the University
-Sketches of the Professors
-Sketches of the Graduates of the Collegiate Department
-Sketches of the Graduates of the Law Department
-List of Non-Graduate Students of the Law Department
-Supplement to Collegiate Department
-The First College Catalogue
-List of Students of the Collegiate and Preparatory Departments, Non-Graduates of Indiana University
-Members of the Board of Trustees and Officers of the Board

higher education, Indiana history, Indiana Seminary, Indiana University history, Indiana university legislation, free book

Catalogue of a Collection of Books Relating to the History and Geography of Indiana

Indianapolis: 1878
Yohn Brothers Go to Book

(title continued) ” … and Books by Indiana Authors. For sale by Yohn Brothers, Indianapolis”

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