Indiana History Periodicals: Magazines, Historical Journals & Newspapers

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Magazines and Journals

Indiana Historical Collections

Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Commission
Vols 1-9, 1916-1922Go to Periodical

Indiana Historical Society Publications

Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society
Vols. 1 – 7, 1897- 1920 Go to Periodical|Go to Table of Contents Vol 1-7 on P. 537

Indiana Magazine of History

Bloomington, IN: Indiana University
Vols. 1 – 107, 1905-2011Go to Periodical

Indiana History Periodicals

The Folklore Historian

Terre Haute: Indiana State University
Vols 1-6, 1984-89; Vols 16, 19, 20, 22, 25, 1999-2008Go to Periodical


The Disseminator of Useful Knowledge; Containing hints to the youth of the United States–from the School of Industry

New Harmony, IN: Working Men’s Institute
Jan 1828- Dec 1829. New Series: Jun 1834 – Jun 1836 Go to Periodical

An Owenite newspaper.

The Free Soil Banner

Vol. I No. 1 25 Aug 1848 Go to Periodical

Indiana History Periodicals

The Freeman

Indianapolis, IN
July 21, 1888 – Feb. 5, 1910 Go to Periodical

Indiana Farmer. Devoted to Agriculture, Horticulture, Mechanics, and the Useful Arts

Richmond, IN: Holloway, Dennis
1851-1917Go to Periodical


Indiana Palladium

Lawrenceburgh, IN; Gregg & Culley
Nov 18, 1825 Go to Periodical

Indiana History Periodicals

Indiana State Sentinel

Indianapolis: Chapman
Jul 1841 – Apr 1853Go to Periodical

Plymouth Pilot

Plymouth, IN: Howell
1851-52 Go to Periodical

Wabash Express

Terre-Haute, IN: Dowling
Jul 1856 – Sep 1860Go to Periodical

Indiana History Periodicals

Northern Indianian

Warsaw IN: Samuel Brenton
January 1856 – Dec 1858 (weekly) Go to Periodical

The Ancestor Hunt – United States Online Historical Newspaper Links – Indiana

Go to Collection

The Ancestor Hunt is a very large site with a page of newspaper links for each U.S. state. The Indiana page contains numerous links to free historic newspapers, and includes links to individual newspapers within major collections such as the Library of Congress American Memory and Indiana State Library’s Hoosier State Chronicles.

For more online collections of U.S. historical newspapers, see: Section 071.1 United States in Newspapers: Free Online Collections

Hoosier State Chronicles

Indiana State Library
Go to Collection

“Indiana’s Digital Historic Newspaper Program”. Operated by the Indiana State Library, it provides free online access. The same issues are available at the Library of Congress collection, “Chronicling America”. As of January, 2016, the collection had nearly 100,000 issues with 750,000 pages.

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