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030 General encyclopedic works

Appleton’s Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events of the Year

NY: Appleton 1861-1902
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DDC: 030

(title continued) ” … Embracing political, military, and ecclesiastical affairs; public documents; biography, statistics, commerce, finance, literature, science, agriculture, and mechanical industry.”

An American yearbook, with articles arranged alphabetically as in an encyclopedia, that was initally produced by the Appleton company to supplement its 16-volume New American Cyclopedia, which was published 1857-1863. The volume numbers at this link (which contains all except the 1865 volume) are confusing because there were three series over the years. It is easier to ignore volume numbers and look for volumes by their year.

Appleton’s New Practical Cyclopedia. 6 volumes

Appleton 1910
Benjamin, Marcus, ed. Go to Book
DDC: 030 Rf

This work is recommended for small libraries or grammar schools unable to afford one of the larger encyclopedias. The articles are very brief but up to date and simply written and the system of cross reference is good, as are the illustrations and maps.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia, with a New Atlas of the World … 12 volumes

Century 1914
Smith, Benjamin E., ed. Go to Book
DDC: 030 Rf

(title continued) “a work of general reference in all departments of knowledge”

Collier’s New Encyclopedia: a Loose-leaf and Self-revising Reference Work. 10 volumes

Collier 1921
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DDC: 030 Rf

Encyclopedia Americana. 16 volumes

Beach, F. G., editor-in-chiefGo to Book
DDC: 030 Rf

A good up to date general encyclopedia covering much the same ground as the New International, but stronger in the fields of science and technology and their recent developments. Important articles are by specialists, are signed and in general are excellent. Illustrations are numerous and good, pronunciation is marked and there are numerous short articles on small subjects, including many biographies of people still living.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

The Encyclopaedia Britannica; a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and General Information. 32 volumes

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910-22
Chisholm, Hugh, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 030 Rf

The 11th edition, consisting of 29 volumes, was published in 1910. Volumes 30-32, published in 1922, supplied “… a new distinctive, and independent library of reference dealing with events and developments of the period 1910 to 1921 inclusive.” The combined set of 32 volumes was considered to be the 12th edition of the set.
“The most famous encyclopedia in English and for some purposes the best. The first edition was published in 1771. The eleventh edition is based on the ninth and tenth editions but revised throughout, rearranged to make the smaller subjects more easily accessible and much new material added. Noted for its long signed articles by specialists with excellent bibliography appended to most articles, and its many excellent illustrations.”
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

Farm, Field and Fireside Year-book, Almanac and Cyclopedia …

Howard & Wilson 1898
Howard, Charles H. ed. Go to Book
DDC: 030

(title continued) ” … of political, historical, statistical, agricultural and general facts for every American home”

“One may find, herein, reliable and interesting facts and figures on such subjects as the coinage, tariff, new legislation on roads, harvests of the world, noxious weeds–with the fullest table of weeds ever published–wheat prices in England and Chicago, dairy statistics, sheep and wool figures, pork packing, export of farm products, comparative prices of staple products and, in fact, all that one would need to know relating to the various branches of live stock, horticulture and agriculture. To these pages, which are intended to be especially adapted to our agricultural readers, are added two hundred or more of general statistics on politics, elections and matters of universal interest, such as every citizen and every man, woman and child in our country, at some time or another, desires to know”. – Preface

International Year-book; a Compendium of the World’s Progress during the Year

Dodd 1898 – 1902.
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DDC: 030 Rf

Similar in scope to Appleton’s annual cyclopedia, but entries are under more specific topics. To supplement cyclopedias.
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904

The New International Encyclopedia. 25 volumes

Dodd, Mead 1927
Williams, Talcott and Colby, Frank MooreGo to Book
DDC: 030 Rf

An encyclopedia of the best modern type, with adequate and authoritative articles, many good illustrations, and excellent and very useful bibliographies. Important articles are by specialists, though all articles are unsigned. Especially good for biographical material, with a considerable proportion of Latin-American biography. It includes numerous high grade maps.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

The New International Encyclopedia; Courses of Reading and Study

Dodd, Mead 1916
Colby, Frank Moore and Williams, TalcottGo to Book
DDC: 030

Contains 34 chapters, each for a broad subject heading similar to those found in the Dewey Decimal Classification. Chapters contain brief explanations of many sub-topics, with lists of related topic names, persons and authors that have entries in the encyclopedia.

The Reader’s Guide to the Encyclopedia Britannica; A Handbook Containing Sixty-six Courses of Systematic Study or Occasional Reading

Encylopedia Britannica 1913
Author Go to Book
DDC: 030

The guide is divided into six parts:
1. Courses of reading especially useful to those engaged in certain occupations, or preparing for them. There are 30 chapters for different occupational categories.
2. Courses of educational reading to supplement or take the place of school or university studies. There are 30 subject chapters, in most cases similar to the subject categories found in the Dewey Decimal Classification.
3. Devoted to the interests of children.
4. Readings on questions of the day.
5. For women
6. Readings for recreation and vacation

Scientific American Reference Book; edition of 1913

Munn 1913
Hopkins, Albert A. and Bond, A. RussellGo to Book
DDC: 030

Includes 1,000 illustrations. Table of Contents:

Part 1. Statistical Information
Chapter I.—Population and Social Statistics 1-42
Chapter II.—Farms, Foods and Forests 43-74
Chapter III.—Mines and Quarries 75-96
Chapter IV.—Manufactures 97-136
Chapter V.—Commerce 137-192
Chapter VI.—Mercantile Marine 193-232
Chapter MI.—Railroads 233-264
Chapter VIII.—The Panama Canal 265-278
Chapter IX.—Telegraphs and Cables 279-298
Chapter X.—Wireless Telegraphy 299-310
Chapter XL—Telephone Statistics of the World 311-322
Chapter XII.—Post Office Affairs 323-350
Chapter XIII.—Patents, Trade-Marks and Copyrights 351-388
Chapter XIV.—Armies of the World 389-408
Chapter XV.—Navies of the World 409-436
Chapter XVI.—Aviation 437-456

Part 2. Scientific Information
Chapter I.—Chemistry 457-462
Chapter II—Astronomy and Time 463-484
Chapter HI.—Meteorology 485-518
Chapter IV.—Machine Elements and Mechanical Movements 519-546
Chapter V.—Geometrical Constructions 517-560
Chapter VI.—Weights and Measures 561-586

Universal Cyclopaedia and Atlas. 12 volumes

Appleton 1905
Rossiter Johnson, ed. Go to Book
DDC: 030 Rf

Specially strong in science, engineering, discoveries, inventions, and biography. Contains sketches of living persons. Maps numerous and good. Known also as Johnson’s cyclopedia.
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904

The World Book; Organized Knowledge in Story and Picture. 8 volumes

Hanson-Roach-Fowler 1918
O’Shea, M. V. ed.Go to Book
DDC: 030 Rf

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