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390 Customs, etiquette, folklore

391 Costume & personal appearance

Two Centuries of Costume in America, 1620-1820

Macmillan 1903
Earle, Alice MorseGo to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2
DDC: 391

Also see: Section 677 Textiles in Manufacturing, Chemicals, Textiles & Handicrafts

Fancy Dresses Described; or, What to Wear at Fancy Balls

Scribner 1896
Holt, Ardern Go to Book
DDC: 391

Gentlemen’s Fancy Dress: How to Choose it

Scribner 1898
Holt, Ardern Go to Book
DDC: 391


395 Etiquette (Manners)

Sensible Etiquette and Good Manners of the Best Society

Carleton 1882
Aster, Mrs. Jane, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 395

(title continued) ” …Information and Instruction for those about entering, and those who desire to become educated and polished in general society. Containing nice points of taste, good manners, and the art of making one’s self agreeable. A manual of manners and customs at Parties, Balls, Dinners and Sociables, with forms for invitations, regrets, balls, marriages, funerals, etc., to which is added The Art of Writing”

The Art of Conversation: Twelve Golden Rules

Correct English Publishing Company 1921
Baker, Josephine TurckGo to Book
DDC: 395

The American Gentleman’s Guide to Politeness and Fashion

Derby & Jackson 1860
Conkling, Margaret CockburnGo to Book
DDC: 395

(title continued) ” …or, Familiar Letters to his Nephews, containing rules of etiquette, directions for the formation of character, etc., et., illustrated by sketches drawn from life, of the men and manners of our times, by Henry Lunettes”

A Handbook of Hospitality for Town and Country

Dana Estes 1909
Hall, Florence HoweGo to Book
DDC: 395

Chapter headings are:

Part I
1. The Country Hostess and Her Problems
2. Picnics and Country Frolics
3. Country Weddings
4. House-Parties, Guests and Guest-Chambers
5. Unexpected Visitors

Part II
6. The Flat-Dweller and Her Difficulties
7. Afternoon Teas and Receptions
8. Luncheons
9. How to Give an Agreeable Dinner
10. The Day of the Dinner
11. Dances

Part III
12. Twentieth Century Costume Dances and Masked Balls
13. Musicals and Private Theatricals
14. Card Parties
15. Studio Teas and Bachelor Entertainments
16. Class-Day and Commencement Festivities
17. Women’s Clubs

Part IV
18. Hints for Club Festivities
19. Novel Ideas for Patriotic Entertainments
20. Progressive Dinners, Barmecide’s Feasts, Magic Suppers, and Other Novelties
21. The Stranger within our Gates
22. Hospitality in Modern Europe
23. Outgrown Ideals of Hospitality

The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness

Lee and Shepard 1873
Hartley, FlorenceGo to Book|Audio Book
DDC: 395

(title continued) ” …A complete hand book for the use of the lady in polite society, containing full directions for correct manners, dress, deportment, and conversation; rules for the duties of both hostess and guest in morning receptions, dinner companies, visiting, evening parties and balls; a complete guide for letter writing and cards of compliment, hints on managing servants, on the preservation of health, and on accomplishments. And also useful receipts for the complexion, hair, and with hints and directions for the care of the wardrobe”

The first edition was published in 1860.

Manners: American Etiquette

E. P. Dutton 1928
Hathaway, HelenGo to Book
DDC: 395

Prescribed behavior for every sort of social function. Also touches upon setting the table, correspondence and invitations, Washington etiquette, servants, train and ocean travel, and more.

Etiquette for All Occasions

Doubleday 1901
Kingsland, Mrs FlorenceGo to Book
DDC: 395

Manners and Social Usages

Harper 1884
Sherwood, Mrs. JohnGo to Book
DDC: 395

How the house shall be ordered; how company shall be received; how to visit and be visited; how to do it all kindly, attractively, becomingly, in proportion to means at command, is set forth very clearly.
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904

Lessons on Manners for School and Home Use

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard 1884
Wiggin, Edith E.Go to Book
DDC: 395

Chapter headings are:

1. Manners in General
2. Manners at School
3. Manners on the Street
4. Manners at Home
5. Manners toward the Aged
6. Manners at the Table
7. Manners in Society
8. Manners at Church
9. Manners at Places of Amusement
10. Manners in Stores and Similar Public Places
11. Manners in Travelling
12. Manners in Borrowing


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