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600 Technology (Applied sciences)


610 Medical sciences. Medicine

History of American Red Cross Nursing

Macmillan 1922
Dock, Lavinia L. & othersGo to Book
DDC: 610

“One phase of American nursing history— that of the organization and development of the nursing service of the American Red Cross— has been gathered in elaborate detail in. . . an official volume. . . The book follows the Red Cross nurses in the Spanish war, the world war, the foreign emergency relief program, the post-war developments in rural and public health nursing and educational work in which the Red Cross has played an active part.” Survey.
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Practical Nursing; a Text-book for Nurses

Putnam 1914
Maxwell, Anna Caroline and Pope, Amy ElizabethGo to Book
DDC: 610

Describes “the procedures used in the general care of patients and the giving of treatments in a manner to facilitate class instruction- nevertheless, items of procedures, and procedures as a whole, which cannot well be shown in class are also described and special stress is made on details that will enhance a patient’s comfort.”
– Preface to fourth edition

Evolution of Modern Medicine

Yale University 1921
Osler, Sir WilliamGo to Book
DDC: 610

Subtitle: “A series of lectures delivered at Yale University on the Silliman Foundation in April, 1923”.
Contents: Introduction; Greek medicine; Medieval medicine; Renaissance and the rise of anatomy and physiology; Rise and development of modern medicine; Rise of preventive medicine. Contains many excellent illustrations.
“Highly interesting and able summary, suited to layman and doctor alike.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)


612 Human physiology

Senescence; The Last Half of Life

Appleton 1922
Hall, Granville StanleyGo to Book
DDC: 612

Presents “the subjects of Old Age and Death from as many viewpoints as possible in order to show how the ignorant and the learned, the child, the adult, and the old, savage and civilized man, pagans and Christians, the ancient and the modern world, the representatives of various sciences, different individuals have viewed these problems, letting each class. . . speak for itself.”
– Foreword
“Rich in scholarship and personal experience, is a comprehensive review of the sum of human knowledge on this subject. . . All students of human nature will feel that this text is the gift of a mature mind to those who would struggle wisely to meet the problems of advancing age.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

The Human Mechanism

Ginn 1918
Hough, Theodore and Sedgwick, William T.Go to Book
DDC: 612

Subtitle: “Its physiology and hygiene and the sanitation of its surrounding”.
“A standard work covering physiology, hygiene and sanitation.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Engines of the Human Body

Lippincott 1919
Keith, Sir ArthurGo to Book
DDC: 612

“An admirable book about human structure and physiology. It is the substance, revised and arranged to form a book, of one of those famous series of Christmas Lectures to popular audiences which the Royal Institution of Great Britain arranges to have given each year by British scientific men of high authority. All of us want to and ought to know as much as we can about our own bodily make-up and the way our bodies perform the necessary life-functions. This book is crammed full of interesting facts, and gives one a point of view about the human body which will be new to many readers.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)


613 Promotion of health

The Art of Right Living

Whitcomb 1904
Richards, Ellen HenriettaGo to Book
DDC: 613

Not a manual of specific directions, but a brief survey of considerations which should influence eating, exercise, ventilation, sleep, amusement, work, environment.
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-1911

The Cost of Cleanness

Wiley 1908
Richards, Ellen HenriettaGo to Book
DDC: 613

Subtitle: “Cleanness, the state of being clean, a sanitary necessity of the Twentieth Century whatever it may cost.”
Practical study of the relation between public and private cleanliness and the cost of uncleanliness. Contains suggestions for finding out what the actual cost of keeping clean is.
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-1911

Feeding the Family

Macmillan 1921
Rose, Mary SwartzGo to Book
DDC: 613

Chapter headings are:
1. The Significance of Food
2. Care of the Digestive Mechanism
3. Food for the Adult Man
4. Food for the Adult Woman
5. Food for the Baby
6. Food for the Two-year-old Child
7. Food for Children Three and Four Years Old
8. Food for Children Five to Seven Years Old
9. Food for Children Eight to Twelve Years Old
10. Food in Adolescence and Youth
11. Food after Fifty
12. Food for the Family Group: Menus
13. Food for the Family Group: Cost of Food
14. Food for the Family Group: Food Plans and Dietaries
15. Food for the Sick and Convalescent

The Science of Living; or, The Art of Keeping Well.

McClurg 1910
Sadler, William SamuelGo to Book
DDC: 613

Compendium in small compass of all the factors which may influence health—air, clothing, bathing, rest, sleep, worry, sanitation and nutrition. Its special value lies in its conciseness and in the table of food substances.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

What a Young Husband Ought to Know

Stall 1899
Stall, SylvanusGo to Book
DDC: 613

What a Young Woman Ought to Know

Sylvanus Stall 1898
Wood-Allen, Mary, M.D.Go to Book
DDC: 613

From the “Self and Sex” series. Chapter headings are:

1. What are you Worth?
2. Care of Body
3. Food
4. Sleep
5. Breathing
6. Hindrances to Breathing
7. Added Injuries from Tight Clothing
8. Exercise
9. Bathing
10. Creative Power
11. Building Brains
12. You are More than Body or Mind
13. Special Physiology
14. Becoming a Woman
15. Artificialities of Civilized Life
16. Some Causes of Painful Menstruation
17. Female Diseases
18. Care During Menstruation
19. Solitary Vice
20. Be Good to yourself
21. Friendship Between Boys and Girls
22. Friendship Between Girls
23. Exercises
24. Recreations
25. Love
26. Responsibility in Marriage
27. The Law of Heredity
28. Hereditary Effects of Alcohol, Tobacco, etc.
29. Effects of Immorality on the Race
30. The Gospel of Heredity
31. Requisites of a Husband
32. Engagements
33. The Wedding


613.7 Physical Fitness

Daily Ways to Health

Huebsch 1910
Bishop, Emily Mulkin Go to Book
DDC: 613.7

Practical, untechnical book of hygienic advice, giving 35 special health exercises, without apparatus, intended to benefit directly special conditions, physical and mental.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

The New Calisthenics; a Manual of Health and Beauty

Educational 1889
Pratt, Mara L., M.D.Go to Book
DDC: 613.7

Fully illustrated book of exercises for boys and girls.


613.9 Human genetics. Eugenics

The Social Direction of Human Evolution

Appleton 1911
Kellicott, William ErskineGo to Book
DDC: 613.9

Comprehensive, clear and very readable presentation of eugenics, based on the best authorities. Davenport’s Heredity in relation to eugenics (Holt, 1912, 298p., $2 n. 12-1394) is the most important work for students, containing results of recent research conducted by the author.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911


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