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620 Engineering & allied operations

Engineering of Today

Lippincott 1910
Corbin, Thomas W.Go to Book
DDC: 620

Fairly full and well-illustrated popular presentation of the field of engineering, specially of those branches that are most advanced.
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-1911

The Engineer

Scribner 1921
Hammond, John HaysGo to Book
DDC: 620

“A well-written outline of the opportunities, qualifications and training of an engineer, and of the principal branches of engineering. Should be useful to high school boys thinking of going into engineering as a vocation, and to parents.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Mechanics of Materials

Wiley 1910
Merriman, MansfieldGo to Book
DDC: 620

Chapter headings are:
1. Elastic and Ultimate Strength
2. Elastic and Ultimate Deformation
3. Materials of Engineering
4. Cases of Simple Stress
5. General Theory of Beams
6. Simple and Cantilever Beams
7. Overhanging and Fixed Beams
8. Continuous Beams
9. Columns or Struts
10. Torsion of Shafts
11. Apparent Combined Stresses
12. Compound Columns and Beams
13. Resilience and Work
14. Impact and Fatigue
15. True Internal Stresses
16. Guns and Thick Cylinders
17. Rollers, Plates, Spheres
18. Miscellaneous Discussions
19. Mathematical Theory of Elasticity

621 Applied physics

Hawkins’ Mechanical Dictionary

Audel 1909
Hawkins, NehemiahGo to Book
DDC: 621

Cyclopedia of technical words, terms and phrases belonging to mechanical engineering and the mechanic arts, defined in language that may be understood by the workingman. includes biographical notes of men distinguished in the field of engineering and invention.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

Mechanical Movements; Powers and Devices

Henley 1914
Hiscox, Gardner DexterGo to Book
DDC: 621

Subtitle: “A treatise describing mechanical movements and devices used in constructive and operative machinery and the mechanical arts, being practically a mechanical dictionary, commencing with a rudimentary description of the early known mechanical powers and detailing the various motions, appliances and inventions used in the mechanical arts to the present time”.

621.1 Steam power engineering

The Steam Engine. A concise treatise for students and engineers.

Technical press 1909
Benjamin, Charles Henry Go to Book
DDC: 621.1

States clearly elementary principles and discusses their application in design, and describes construction and operation of modern reciprocating engines. Accurate, well arranged and only moderately technical.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

Steam Boilers

McGraw-Hill 1922
Croft, TerrellGo to Book
DDC: 621.1

“Deals with the steam boiler and its accessories in an elementary manner.”
“The drawings are line blocks, without any of those illegible useless abominations known as publishers’ blocks or catalogue cuts. They are really elucidative of the text, and the whole work is the clearest exposition of steam boilers that we have seen. To the engineer it forms a necessity, not merely a want.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Steam-engine Principles and Practice

McGraw-Hill 1922
Croft, Terrell, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 621.1

“A good home study book addressed to the operating engineer or power plant superintendent and designed ‘to supply such information as will enable the reader to wisely select, operate, care for, and repair steam engines and to make a study of and where possible improve their economy.’ Questions and problems accompany each of the 16 divisions, and solutions of the problems are added in an appendix. Illustrated with 548 line drawings made for the work.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Story of the Engine from Lever to Liberty Motor

Scribner 1920
Decker, Wilbur F.Go to Book
DDC: 621.1

“Readable, nontechnical explanation of the basic principles of mechanics and the historical development and present forms of the best types of engines. Well suited to the lay reader or high school pupil. Numerous diagrams.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Locomotive Catechism

Henley 1905
Grimshaw, RobertGo to Book
DDC: 621.1

Subtitle: “A complete treatise on the locomotive, containing 1,600 questions and their answers, covering the design, construction, repair and running of all kinds of locomotive, being intended as examination questions for engineers, firemen, and all other railroad men.”

621.3 Electric engineering

Electric Railway Transportation

McGraw-Hill 1917
Blake, Henry W. and Jackson, WalterGo to Book
DDC: 621.3

“Few, if any, of the many books on electric railways deal with the transportation methods and practices in such details as this one. Consequently, its field of interest extends beyond that of the engineers interested in the design of electric railway equipment to that of all engineers who have anything to do with electric railways.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Electric Railway Engineering

McGraw-Hill 1916
Harding, C. Francis and Ewing, Dressel DGo to Book
DDC: 621.3

“Designed as a college text and as an electrical railway instruction and reference book. Authors are [1926] respectively professor, electrical engineering and professor, electric railway engineering, Purdue University.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Superpower; its Genesis and Future

McGraw-Hill 1925
Murray, William SpencerGo to Book
DDC: 621.3

Chapter headings are:
1. Power
2. The Birth of Electric Utilities
3. Ownership of Utilities
4. Political Ownership
5. The Superpower Survey
6. What has been Done
7. Railroad Electrification
8. Superpower and Interstate Relations
9. Superpower and the Interstate Commerce Commission
10. Public Service Commissions
11. Federal Power Commission
12. Financing Superpower
13. The Field of Superpower and Economic Studies
14. Process Fuels and Pulverized Coal
15. Collateral Facts and Conclusions

Handbook for Electrical Engineers; a reference book for practicing engineers and students of engineering

Wiley 1922
Pender, Harold and Del Mar, William Arthur, eds.Go to Book
DDC: 621.3

“A valuable, comprehensive reference book. Arranged alphabetically; each subject by a specialist. Bibliography at end of each article.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Electric Power Plant Engineering

McGraw 1922
Weingreen, JoshuaGo to Book
DDC: 621.3

“A standard work on electric central station and sub-station engineering. Plans and descriptions of typical central stations and sub-stations are included. An appendix contains useful tables.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

621.4 Heat, air and gas engines

Gas, Gasoline and Oil-Engines, including Producer-Gas Plants

Henley 1906
Hiscox, Garner Dexter Go to Book
DDC: 621.4

Subtitle: “A new, complete, and practical work on gas, gasoline, kerosene, and crude petroleum oil-engines, including producer-gas plants for gas-engine owners, gas engineers, and intending purchasers of gas-engines, fully describing and illustrating the theory, design, construction and management of the explosive motor for stationary, marine, and vehicle motor power”.
351 illustrations
“Non-mathematical descriptions of most American types. This edition contains new matter on marine engines and motors, and new illustrations. Very popular with operators. The two volumes in the international Library of Technology (93-94) are among the best on practical operation.”
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

621.7 Mills. Factories. Engineering works

Text-book of the Principles of Machine Work

Industrial education 1912
Smith, Robert Henry Go to Book
DDC: 621.7

Subtitle: “Prepared for students in technical, manual training, and trade schools, and for the apprentice in the shop. Engine and speed lathes, drilling and grinding machines, carbon and high speed steel cutting tools, measuring, turning, fitting, threading, chucking, drilling, beaming, jigs, fixtures and cylindrical grinding”.
441 illustrations
“Clear, practical guide to general machine-shop work. This and his Textbook of the elements of machine work are the first two volumes of three in a course for industrial schools.”
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

Also see: Gibson, Charles R., The Romance of Modern Manufacture; a Popular Account of the Marvels of Manufacturing in Section 670 Manufacturing in Manufacturing, Chemicals, Textiles & Handicrafts

622 Mining & related operations

Ore Mining Methods

Wiley 1910
Crane, Walter RichardGo to Book
DDC: 622

Subtitle: “comprising descriptions of methods of support in extraction of ore, detailed descriptions of methods of stoping and mining in narrow and wide veins and bedded and massive deposits including stull and square-set mining, filling and caving methods, open-cut work and a discussion of costs of stoping”.
“Descriptions of methods of ore mining employed in the United States. Though necessarily brief, the application of each method with its advantages and disadvantages is given and well illustrated.”
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

A Year in a Coal-Mine

Houghton 1911
Husband, JosephGo to Book
DDC: 622

Experiences of a Harvard graduate while learning by actual work the “operating end” of coalmining in an Illinois mine.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

623 Military and nautical engineering

623.8 Nautical engineering and seamanship

Boat-building and Boating

Scribner 1911
Beard, Daniel CarterGo to Book
DDC: 623.8

“Practical work, describing boatmaking from a primitive raft to a motor-boat, with directions for tying knots, making sails, etc. Excellent illustrations.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Ocean Steamships; a Popular Account of their Construction, Development, Management and Appliances

Scribner’s Sons 1891
Chadwick, F.E. and othersGo to Book
DDC: 623.8, 656

Motor Boats

lnternational marine engine 1907
Durand, William FrederickGo to Book
DDC: 623.8

“Brief, practical and thoroughly scientific manual, including boats, propellers and engines. Two good elementary books for the amateur are Russell’s Motor boats (C. C. Thompson, 1910) and Slauson’s Motor boat (Outing, 1911)
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Standard Seamanship for the Merchant Service

Van Nostrand 1936
Riesenberg, FelixGo to Book
DDC: 623.8

“Embracing every department of seamanship proper, the book shows evidence of careful
planning and wise selection from competent sources. . . Capt. Riesenberg’s ‘Standard Seamanship’ is doubly welcome, not only for the sound technics employed and advocated but for the wholesome atmosphere of professional brotherhood that is a feature of the book.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)
625 illustrations.
Chapter headings are:
1. Types of Vessels
2. The Hull
3. Ropes, Knots, Splices
4. Blocks and Tackles
5. Steamer Rigging – Cargo Gear
6. Sailing Ship Rigging – Sails – Canvas Work
7. Deck Machinery
8. Holds, Peaks, Tanks
9. Stowage
10. Carriage of Live Stock
11. The Tanker
12. Passenger Vessels
13. Boats
14. Compass – Lead – Log – Piloting
15. The Bridge
16. Rules of the Road at Sea
17. Ground Tackle
18. Handling a Steamer
19. Handling a Sailer
20. Weather at Sea
21. Safety on Board Ship
22. Ship Maintenance

Motor Boats, Hydroplanes, Hydroaeroplanes …

Thompson 1917
Russell, Thomas H.Go to Book
DDC: 623.8

(title continued) ” …Construction and Operation with Practical Notes on Propeller Calculation and Design”

“An illustrated manual of self-instruction for owners and operators of marine gasoline engines and amateur boat-builders.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

624 Civil engineering

The Civil Engineer’s Handbook

International Textbook 1913
International Correspondence SchoolsGo to Book
DDC: 624

Subtitle: “A convenient reference book for chainmen, rodmen, transitmen, levelers, surveyors, as well as draftsmen, computers, and railroad, municipal, and hydraulic engineers”

American civil engineers’ pocket book

Wiley 1911
Merriman, Mansfield, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 624

Of composite authorship, the different sections being furnished by leading American authorities in their respective subjects. Fuller than Trautwine and in several features a distinct improvement over that standard work.
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-1911

The Young Man and Civil Engineering

Macmillan 1922
Swain, George FillmoreGo to Book
DDC: 624

“For the young college man who may be considering civil engineering as his lifework. Discusses the branches of civil engineering, the qualifications necessary or desirable, education, civil engineering as a profession, the outlook for the engineer, etc. Author is [1930] professor of civil engineering, Harvard University.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

625 Engineering of railroads, roads

625.1 Railroad engineering

For more general works on railroads and railroad history, see: 385 Railroad Transportation

Railroad Construction

NY: McGraw-Hill 1913
Crandall, Charles Lee and Barnes, Fred Asa Go to Book
DDC: 625.1

How We Built the Union Pacific Railway

Washington: GPO 1910
Dodge, Grenville M. (Major General)Go to Book
DDC: 625.1

The author was Chief Engineer, Union Pacific Railway, 1866-1870.

The Railway Builders: A Chronicle of Overland Highways

Toronto: Glasgow, Brook 1920
Skelton, Oscar D.Go to Book
DDC: 625.1

Chapter headings:

1. The Coming of the Railway
2. Early Travel in Canada
3. The call for the Railway
4. The Canadian Beginnings
5. The Grand Trunk Era
6. The Intercolonial
7. The Canadian Pacific – Beginnings
8. Building the Canadian Pacific
9. The Era of Amalgamation
10. The Canadian Northern
11. The Expansion of the Grand Trunk
12. Sundry Developments
13. Some General Questions
Bibliographical Note

For more general works on railroads and railroad history, see: 385 Railroad Transportation

Railway Track and Track Work

Engineering news 1908
Tratman, E. E. B. Go to Book
DDC: 625.1

General principles with numerous details of material, appliances and work, and methods of practice, with drawings. Various subjects treated critically and descriptively.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904
232 illustrations

The Story of the Railroad

Appleton 1899
Warman, CyGo to Book
DDC: 625.1

Picture of the life of the man who built the trans-continental lines across the plains and mountains. Also, a history, in brief, of the five principal companies whose roads have crossed the continent.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

The Economics of Railroad Construction

NY: Wiley 1906
Webb, Walter LoringGo to Book
DDC: 625.1

Chapter headings:

Part I: Financial and Legal Elements of the Problem
1. Railroad Statistics
2. The Organization of Railroads
3. Capitalization
4. The Valuation of Railway Property
5. Estimation of Volume of Traffic

Part II: Operating Elements of the Problem
6. Operating Expenses
7. Motive Power
8. Economics of Car Construction
9. Track Economics
10. Train Resistance
11. Momentum Grades

Part III: Physical Elements of the Problem
12. Distance
13. Curvature
14. Minor Grades
15. Ruling Grades
16. Pusher Grades
17. Balancing Grades for Unequal Traffic

Collection of Track Charts and Diagrams

Various publishers and years of publication
Rails and Go to Collection

“Railroads published track charts and diagrams showing track details including stations, switches, crossings, bridges, tunnels, signals, elevation and curvature. These are helpful in understanding and modeling specific railroad lines.”
– Rails and

This webpage has links to numerous examples of diagrams in each of these categories. Descriptions are quoted from the webpage.

Straight Line Track Diagrams – Grade Profiles
“The railroad as the engineer sees it. Often includes bridges, sidings, stations, grades and curvature. Sometimes includes maintenance and signaling information, orientation map of areas covered.”

Side Track Charts/Diagrams
“Covered areas with sidings in greater detail. Often labeled with their use, construction and abandonment dates.”

Locomotive, Car and Building Diagrams

Property/Valuation Maps
“Very detailed drawings of the railroad, buildings and property. Often submitted to the Interstate Commerce Commission for valuation or notification/approval of changes.”

Documents Describing Diagrams

Links to other websites with extensive online diagrams

625.2 Rolling stock. Operations

Experiments on Rail Roads, in England …

Baltimore: Wooddy 1829
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Go to Book
DDC: 625.2

(title continued) ” …illustrative of the Safety, Economy and Speed, of Transportation, which this System, as now Improved, is Capable of Affording”

How to be a First Class Trainmaster

NY: Railroad Age Gazette 1909
Go to Book
DDC: 625.2

(title continued) ” …Three prize articles and selections from fifteen competitors’ articles on the employment, instructions and discipline of men and the other duties of a first class trainmaster”

Rules Governing Employees of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co.

Richmond, VA: Mitchell & Hotchkiss 1907
Go to Book
DDC: 625.2

(title continued) ” …in Effect January 1, 1899. Issued in Accordance with the Recommendation of the American Railway Association”

Rules and Regulations for Conductors and Motormen

Western Ohio Railway Co. 1905
Go to Book
DDC: 625.2

Standard Train Rule Examination

Toledo: Collingwood 1914
Go to Book
DDC: 625.2

(title continued) ” …”For the use of Trainmasters, and other examining officers, in the examination of Trainmen, Enginemen, Towermen and Telegraph Operators””

9th edition. Contains 700 questions about rules, and the proper answers fully explained.

Notes on Railroad Accidents

NY: Putnam’s Sons 1879
Adams, Charles Francis Jr.Go to Book
DDC: 625.2

Chapter headings:

1. The Death of Mr. Huskisson
2. The Angola and Shipton Accidents
3. The Wollaston Accident
4. Accidents and Conservatism
5. Telescoping and the Miller Platform
6. The Versailles Accident
7. Telegraphic Collisions
8. Oil-tank Accidents
9. Draw-Bridge Disasters
10. The Norwalk Accidents
11. Bridge Accidents
12. The Protection of Bridges
13. Car-Couplings in Derailments
14. The Revere Catastrophe
15. Rear-end Collisions
16. Novel Appliances
17. The Automatic Electric Block System
18. Interlocking
19. The Westinghouse Brake
20. The Battle of the Brakes
21. The Railroad Journey Resulting in Death
22. The Railroad Death-rate
23. American as Compared with Foreign Railroad Accidents

Efficient Railway Operation

NY: Macmillan 1919
Haines, Henry StevensGo to Book
DDC: 625.2

Chapter headings:

1. Evolution of the Railway
2. Railway Efficiency
3. Motive Power
4. Rolling Stock
5. Roadway. Part I: Substructure, Part II: Superstructure
6. Traffic
7. Transportation
8. War Time
9. Operation
List of Railroads and Railways

For more general works on railroads and railroad history, see: 385 Railroad Transportation

Letters from an Old Railway Official …

Chicago: Railway Age 1904
Hine, Charles DeLanoGo to Book
DDC: 625.2

(title continued) ” …To his Son, A Division Superintendent”

The Working of the Railroads

NY: Henry Holt 1907
McPherson, Logan G. Go to Book
DDC: 625.2

Chapter headings are:

1. The Transportation Function
2. Construction and Operation
3. Traffic
4. Accounting and Statistics
5. Financial and Executive Administration
6. Correlation
7. Integration
8. Relations to the Public and the State

Train Operation …

Rochester, NY: Brown 1916
Nichols, William Go to Book
DDC: 625.2

(title continued) ” … A Treatise on Train Rules, train orders, change of time table, automatic block signals, interlocking, examination questions and answers”

Collection of Railroad Timetables

Various publishers and years of publication
Rails and Go to Collection

“Trains were governed by timetables. Public timetables listed passenger train schedules. Employee timetables had detailed information necessary to operate a train on that section of railroad.”
– Rails and

This webpage has links to a number of timetables in each of these categories. Descriptions are quoted from the webpage.

Employee Timetables
“Detailed information needed to work on a division of the railroad.”

Public Timetables
“Schedules of passenger trains, usually for the complete system. Often includes map, ticket prices, travel and railroad information.”

625.7 Highway engineering

The Art of Roadmaking

McGraw-Hill 1910
Frost, HarwoodGo to Book
DDC: 625.7

Subtitle: “Treating of the various problems and operations in the construction and maintenance of roads, streets, and pavements written in non-technical language, suitable for the general reader; with an extensive bibliography and a descriptive list of reliable current books and pamphlets on these subjects”.
“Compilation from authoritative sources, treating the problems of roadmaking and road maintenance in language as untechnical as the nature of the subject permits.”
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

American Highways

Century 1896
Shaler, Nathaniel S.Go to Book
DDC: 625.7

Subtitle: “A popular account of their conditions and of the means by which they may be bettered”.
List of Important works on highway construction, p. 292-93.
“Road materials, methods of construction and administration, machinery, cost, effects of climate and topography, importance of specific training and education in highway engineering, etc.”
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

Street Pavements and Paving Materials

Wiley 1900
Tillson, George W. Go to Book
DDC: 625.7

Subtitle: “A manual of city pavements: the methods and materials of their construction. For the use of students, engineers, and city officials”.
Comprehensive, authoritative review of best current practice. Illustrations.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

627 Hydraulic engineering

Harbours and Docks

Clarendon 1885
Harcourt, Leveson Francis V.Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2
DDC: 627

Subtitle: “their physical features, history, construction equipment, and maintenance, with statistics as to their commercial development”.
Volume 1 – Text
Volume 2 – Plates (list of contents, but no illustrations)
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

A Treatise on Rivers and Canals relating to the Control and Improvement of Rivers and the Design, Construction, and Development of Canals

Clarendon 1882
Harcourt, Leveson Francis V.Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2
DDC: 627

The flow, control and improvement of rivers and the design, construction and development of canals both for navigation and irrigation, with statistics of the traffic on inland waterways.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904
Volume 1 – Text
Volume 2 – Plates

The Design and Construction of Dams

Wiley 1899
Wegmann, EdwardGo to Book
DDC: 627

Subtitle: “including masonry, earth, rock-fill, and timber structures, also the principal types of movable dams.”

628 Sanitary & municipal engineering

Municipal Engineering and Sanitation

Macmillan 1902
Baker, M. N.Go to Book
DDC: 628 P

Practical, authoritative discussion of problems of transportation, communication, water, lighting, slaughter houses, sewage, street cleaning, smoke, noise, etc. public policy and finance.
Author’s wide practical experience furnishes many tangible examples.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

Engineering Work in Towns and Cities

Clark 1908
McCullough, Ernest Go to Book
DDC: 628

Practical advice on pavements, drainage, water supply, buildings, contracts, records, office systems, etc., for city officials without technical training and engineers inexperienced in municipal works.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

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