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629 Other branches of engineering

629.1 Aeronautics

The Dominion of the Air: the Story of Aerial Navigation

Philadelphia: McKay 1903
Bacon, Rev. John MackenzieGo to Book
DDC: 629.1

The Conquest of the Air: Aeronautics, Aviation – History, Theory, Practice

NY: G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1911
Berget, AlphonseGo to Book
DDC: 629.1

Aircraft Year Book 1919

Manufacturers Aircraft Association
Faurote, Fay L., ed.Go to Book
DDC: 629.1

“This book is a story of the producers’ part in the war [World War I]… A war-imposed secrecy has prevented aircraft makers from sharing with the public the drama of their effort. Now, however, the need for secrecy is past, and they can attempt a summing up of what they have done and experienced … The Annual is in some measure a history of aviation, both industrial and scientific, a repository of aeronautical information and an interpretation of aeronautical fact …”
– Preface
There are chapters, which include numerous photos, for each of 14 aircraft manufacturers. Among the many other chapters are:
– Lists of Air Aces for America and four European countries in World War I
– How we Made the First Flight, by Orville Wright
– Important Events in Military Aeronautics
– Aerial Mail To-day and To-morrow
– Important Events in Balloon History
– Mapping of Aerial Routes
– Landing Fields
– Designation of Airplanes
– Books on Aeronautics
– List of Aeronautical Magazines

Aircraft Year Book 1920-1922

Manufacturers Aircraft Association
Faurote, Fay L., ed.1920 Annual|1921 Annual|1922 Annual
DDC: 654

Also see the first (1919) edition of this Year Book, in a separate entry on this page. These following annual publications contain reports on continuing activities of each of about 15 aircraft manufacturing companies, and also chapters and appendices on many other topics. Some of the headings are:

– Aircraft in Commerce
– Cross Country Flying and Landing Fields
– Convention Relating to International Air Navigation
– Technical Development of Balloons and Airships, 1914-1919
– Ground Courses and Flying Schools
– Aircraft Insurance

– Aerial Transport
– New Marine Uses for Aircraft
– Aerial Photography
– Aircraft the New Vehicle for News Gathering
– Aeronautics in National Defense
– Graduates of Naval Academy who are also Naval Aviators

– The Air Demonstrates its Command of the Sea
– Review of Aeronautics throughout the World
– Airships in Commerce
– Colleges and Schools offering Courses in Aeronautics
– Landing Fields and Air Terminals

The History of Aeronautics in Great Britain from the Earliest Times to the latter half of the Nineteenth Century

London: Oxford University Press 1924
Hodgson, J. E.Go to Book
DDC: 629.1

Flying Machines: Construction and Operation

Thompson 1910
Jackman, William J.Go to Book
DDC: 629.1

Subtitle: “A practical book which shows in illustrations, working plans and text, how to build and navigate the modern airship”.

Flying Machines: Past, Present and Future

Spon 1907
Marshall, Alfred W. Go to Book
DDC: 629.1

Subtitle: “A popular account of flying machines, dirigible balloons and aeroplanes”.

How to Build a 20-foot Biplane Glider

Spon 1909
Morgan, Alfred PowellGo to Book
DDC: 629.1

Detailed and reliable treatment in popular language for amateurs. Gives directions for materials and construction, explains the principles involved and illustrates each stage by diagrams.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

Conquest of the Air; or, The Advent of Aerial Navigation (Present day primers)

Moffat 1909
Rotch, Abbott LawrenceGo to Book
DDC: 629.1

Popular but scientifically exact account of aerial navigation, its history, present conditions and outlook. Instructive prefatory chapter on atmospheric conditions as affecting aeronautics.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

Aviation in Canada 1917-1918

Toronto: Rous & Mann 1919
Sullivan, Alan, LT. R.A.F., comp.Go to Book
DDC: 629.1

Subtitle: “Being a brief account of the work of the ROYAL AIR FORCE CANADA, the Aviation Department of the Imperial Munitions Board and the Canadian Aeroplanes Limited”

A History of Aeronautics

NY: Harcourt, Brace 1921
Vivian, E. CharlesGo to Book
DDC: 629.1

Part I – The Evolution of the Aeroplane
Part II – 1903-1920: Progress in Design
Part III – Aerostatics
Part IV – Engine Development
A short bibliography

629.2 Motor vehicle engineering

Abbott’s Automobile Law for Motorists

Pratt 1909
Abbott, Twyman Osmand Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

Subtitle: “The law of the road and principles of the law of negligence. With a compilation of the motor vehicle statutes enacted by the various states”.

Ford Methods and the Ford Shops

Engineering Magazine 1915
Arnold, Horace Lucien and Faurote, Fay LeoneGo to Book
DDC: 629.2

Chapter headings are:
1. The Genius of the Plant
2. The Ford Stock System and Employment Methods
3. How the Work is Done
4. Inspection and Assembly
5. Motor-Test Blocks and Chassis-Assembling Lines
6. Machining and Assembling the Front Axle
7. The Crank Shaft, Piston, and Piston Rings
8. The Commutator Production and Assembly Job
9. Sheet-Metal Work
10. Conveyors, Work-Slides, and Roll-Ways
11. The Bushings Job
12. Special Machines and Fixtures
13. The Foundries
14. How Ford Bodies are Finished. Painting, Upholstering, Japanning and Baking
15. The New Factory Conditions
16. Safeguarding the Workmen

See also: Page, Victor Wilfred, The Model T Ford Car; Its Construction, Operation and Repair below, in Section 629.2 Motor vehicle engineering;

Ford, Henry, My Life and Work in Century Past Biographies: D, E & F;

Ford, Henry and Lane, Rose Wilder, Henry Ford’s own Story in Biographies & Memoirs in Michigan History

Audels Answers on Automobiles for Owners, Operators, Repairmen, relating to the parts, operation, care, management, road driving …

Audel 1911
Audel, TheodoreGo to Book
DDC: 629.2

Motor Vehicles and their Engines

Van Nostrand 1921
Fraser, Edward S. and Jones, Ralph B.Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

Subtitle: “A practical handbook on the care, repair and management of motor trucks and automobiles for owners, chauffeurs, garagemen and schools”. 278 illustrations.
“This book deals with the mechanism and operation of motor vehicles, enters into details and is well illustrated. The authors were formerly instructors in the motor transportation course of the Coast artillery school. ”
– A.B.A. Catalog 1926

The Practical Design of Motor Cars

Longmans 1910
Gunn, JamesGo to Book
DDC: 629.2

Satisfactory work for the student and manufacturer, dealing with the fundamental principles on which good design is based and describing and illustrating in detail the different parts of a car.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

Horseless Vehicles; Automobiles, Motor cycles Operated by Steam, Hydro-carbon, Electric and Pneumatic Motors

Munn 1900
Hiscox, Gardner D.Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

Subtitle: “A practical treatise for automobilists, manufacturers, capitalists, investors and everyone interested in the development, use and care of the automobile, including a special chapter on how to build an electric cab, with detail drawings”.
This also contains a list of automobile manufacturers in the U.S. It appears to show over 200 companies.

Service Station Management; Its Principles and Practice

Van Nostrand 1922
Jones, Charles L.Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

Subtitle: “Covering service merchandising methods, shop arrangement and management stock room systems and stock record systems”.
“The author tells how to lay out and equip service stations and how to manage and build up the business but is not concerned with methods of performing repair jobs. He writes from nine years’ experience with the Ford motor company, service department, and the examples given in the book mainly refer to Ford service stations, although the underlying principles may be used by dealers and service stations handling other makes of cars.”
– A.L.A. Catalog (1926)

Packard Motor Cars. Operation and Care for 1907, 1908, 1909 and 1910 Cars.

Packard 1910
Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

International Motor Cyclopaedia. Sport, Industry and Trade

Schwarzkopf 1908
Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

Subtitle: “Automobiles, motorcycles, motorboats and aeronautics. Year book – March, 1908 to March, 1909”.

The Model T Ford Car; Its Construction, Operation and Repair

Henley 1917
Page, Victor WilfredGo to Book
DDC: 629.2

Subtitle: “a complete practical treatise explaining the operating principles of all parts of the Ford automobile, with complete instructions for driving and maintenance; includes the most thorough and easily understood illustrated instructions on Ford repairing ever published; based on five years’ experience of a Ford operator–invaluable to all Ford owners, dealers, salesmen, drivers and repair men–every phase of the subject treated in a non-technical yet comprehensive manner”.
94 illustrations.

Automobile Troubles and how to Remedy Them

Thompson 1911
Root, Charles P.Go to Book
DDC: 0629.2

Subtitle: “A practical book for the automobile owner, operator, dealer, builder, salesman, experimenter and student of mechanical achievements”.
Tells the owner, driver or machinist how to locate troubles and gives explicit and easily understood directions for remedying them.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

The Automobile; its Selection, Care and Use

Outing 1910
Sloss, Robert T.Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

Up-to-date, practical and very definite advice to the beginner on buying, selection of equipment, and care of an automobile, driving, finding troubles, care of tires, housing, and touring.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

The Book of the Automobile.

Appleton 1905
Sloss, Robert T. Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

Subtitle: “A practical volume devoted to the history, construction, use and care of motor cars and to the subject of motoring in America”.

Motor Bicycle Building

McKay 1907
Hasluck, Paul N. ed. Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

The Motor Cycle Handbook

Drake 1920
Manley, Harold P.Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

Subtitle: “The construction, operation, care and repair of modern types of motor cycles, their accessories and equipment”.

Motor Cycles and How to Manage Them

Iliffe 1903
Wilson, A. J. Go to Book
DDC: 629.2

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