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630 Agriculture

Cyclopedia of American Agriculture

Macmillan 1907-9
Bailey, , Liberty Hyde. ed. Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2|Go to Vol 3|Go to Vol 4
DDC: 630

Vol 1 – Farms
Vol 2 – Crops
Vol 3 – Farm Animals
Vol 4 – Farm and Community
Valuable and comprehensive treatise, the work of several hundred specialists, collecting a large mass of material bearing on the history, economic and sociologic aspects of agriculture in this country.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

Home Life of Women In Western Canada

Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1907
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DDC: 630

A 40-page booklet with numerous photos produced by the Canadian Pacific Railway to promote immigration to the western provinces and to help the company sell 10 million acres there. It contains many brief profiles of western women in various roles.

Farm and Forest

Hall and Locke 1911
Bailey, Liberty Hyde, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 630

Volume 3 in a 10-vol. series called “Vocations” edited by William DeWitt Hyde. This volume contains 2 parts; “Farm Life” with 30 essays, and “Forestry”, with seven essays. Essays are each from different authors.

Farm Life Reader (Book Four)

Silver, Burdett 1913
Evans, Lawton B.; Duncan, Luther N. and Duncan, George,Go to Book
DDC: 630

The authors’ objectives for this series for students were to provide good literature for practice in reading, while teaching students about farming and showing them “the freedom, health, and prosperity that may come to those who live in the country and pursue the business of farming with intelligence and energy.” This volume contains over 100 reading selections; including poems by known poets, articles explaining aspects of farming, and prose related to country life.

See also: McCune, Julia, ed., Mary Austin Wallace: Her Diary, 1862: A Michigan Soldier’s Wife Runs Their Farm in Biographies & Memoirs in Michigan History

Manual of Practical Farming

Macmillan 1910
McLennan, JohnGo to Book
DDC: 630

Practical, untechnical treatise covering briefly the whole range of farming.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

The Small Country Place

Lippincott 1908
Maynard, Samuel TaylorGo to Book
DDC: 630

Practical information on building the house, decorating the grounds, fruit growing, market gardening, poultry keeping, and dairying. Calendar outlines each month’s work. Applies specially to eastern conditions, but many of the suggestions are of value anywhere. Well illustrated.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

Facts for Farmers: Also for the Family Circle: a variety of rich materials for all land-owners, about domestic animals and domestic economy; …

NY: Johnson 1868
Robinson, SolonGo to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2

(title continued) “… Farm buildings; gardens, orchards, and vineyards; and all farm crops, tools, fences, fertilization, draining, and irrigation. With an appendix on the diseases and cures of domestic animals. Illustrated with steel engravings.”

Some chapters, and sections within them, are:

-Domestic Animals: Swine, Cows, Beeves, Feeding Cattle, Sheep Husbandry, Horses and Mules, Poultry.
-Small Animals and Insects: Bees, Birds, Entomological, Wild and Tame Animals.
-The Farmery: Farm Houses, Cellars, Chimneys and Ice-Houses, Barn, Corn Cribs, Piggeries, Smoke-house.
-Domestic Economy: The Food Question, Bread, Domestic Wines, Cider, Preserves, the Dairy.
-Garden and its Fruits: Vegetables, Flower Garden, Lawns, Hot-beds, Small Fruits.
-The Orchard: Propagation, Planting, Pruning, Grafting, Apple and Peach Trees, Cherries, Plums, Nectarines, Apricots.
-The Vineyard: How to plant and cultivate vines, Culture of grapes for wines.
-Cerealia: Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley, Millet, Buckwheat, Indian Corn.
-Root Crops and Sugar Crops: Potatoes, Turnips, Beets, Carrots, Chinese sugar-cane, Maple-sugar making.
-Irrigation, Draining, Plowing, Farming Tools.
-Diseases and Cures of Domestic Animals.

Also see: Halsted, Byron D., Barn Plans and Outbuildings in Section 728 Residential & related buildings in Architecture – Public and Residential Buildings

Agriculture handbooks, Agriculture manuals

The Fat of the Land; The Story of an American Farm

Macmillan 1904
Streeter, John WilliamsGo to Book
DDC: 630

At the age of 60 a doctor is forced by health to retire from medicine, so he and his wife decide to pursue a life-long dream by becoming commercial farmers. In this book he describes how they made the dream reality; beginning with a search for land to buy, constructing buildings, hiring help, getting the operation underway, and carrying on the business.

See also: McCune, Julia, ed., Mary Austin Wallace: Her Diary, 1862: A Michigan Soldier’s Wife Runs Their Farm in Biographies & Memoirs in Michigan History

The Farm: or a New and Entertaining Account of Rural Scenes and Pursuits …

Lippincott 1861
Taylor, Jefferys Go to Book
DDC: 630

(title continued) ” …with the Toils, Pleasures and Productions of Farming. For Young Readers in the Town and Country”

First published in 1841, the book describes processes and tasks, crops, livestock, financial aspects etc. of farming.

Chapters and some of the topics are:
– The Farm-house (Farming Buildings, Granaries, Stables and Hay-barns, Names of Fields)
– Tillage (Plough, Ploughman, Harrow, Manure, Draining Land, Destruction of Vermin)
– Produce of the Farm (Wheat, Barley, Rye)
– Pulse Crops &c. (Peas and Beans, Cow Cabbages, Saffron, Coriander)
– Hops (Hop-harvest)
– Hemp, Flax, and Teasels (Hemp, Linseed, Straw, Haulm)
– Live Stock (Oxen, Sheep-shearing, Hogs, Horses)
– Dairy and Poultry Yard (Milk, The Churn, Cheese, Turkeys, Geese)
– Hay-making (Mowing, Stacking the Hay)
– Hay-binding and Selling (Disposal of the Hay)
– Grain Harvest (Reaping, Harvest Season)
– Threshing and Dressing Grain ( Winnowing, Dealers, the Grain Mill)
– The Potatoe Crops
– Turnips
– Grass
– Herbage Plants (Clover, Saintfoin)
– Dealing and Money Matters (Rent, Tithes, Wages, A Farmer’s Comforts)

631 Techniques, equipment, materials

Farm and Garden Rule-Book

Macmillan 1911
Bailey, L. H. Go to Book
DDC: 631

(title continued) ” …A Manual of Ready Rules and Reference with Recipes, Precepts, Formulas, and Tabular Information for the use of general farmers, gardeners, fruit-growers, stockmen, dairymen, poultrymen, foresters, rural teachers, and others in the United States and Canada”

The Farmer’s and Emigrant’s Hand Book

Boston: Wentworth 1852
Marshall, Josiah T.Go to Book
DDC: 631

(title continued) ” … being a Full and Complete Guide for the Farmer and Emigrant, comprising the clearing of forest and prairie land – gardening – farming generally – farriery – cookery – and the prevention and cure of diseases. with copious hints, recipes and tables”

The Young Farmer’s Manual

Saxton, Barker 1860
Todd, Sereno EdwardsGo to Book
DDC: 631

(title continued) ” …Detailing the Manipulations of the Farm in a plain and Intelligible Manner. With practical directions for laying out a farm and erecting buildings, fences, and farm gates. Embracing also the young farmer’s workshop: giving full directions for the selection of good farm and shop tools, their use and manufacture, with numerous original illustrations of fences, gates, tools, etc., and for performing nearly every branch of farming operations.”

631.3 Farm machinery and equipment

Horse, Truck, and Tractor. The Coming of Cheaper Power for City and Farm

Browne 1913
Casson, Herbert N., ed. Go to Book
DDC: 631.3

See also:Casson, Herbert, The Romance of the Reaper in Illinois Economic History

634 Orchards, fruits, forestry

American Fruit Culturist

Wood 1903
Thomas, J. J. Go to Book
DDC: 000.0 Symbol

Contains most available accounts of varieties of fruits.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

634.9 Forestry

A Brief History of Forestry in Europe, the United States and other Countries

Univ. of Toronto 1911
Fernow, Bernhard Eduard Go to Book
DDC: 634.9

First published in 1907 as a texthook for forestry schools, to which the chapter on forestry in the United States (39p.) was added in 1909. Though “merely a compilation of facts gathered mostly from other compilations, official documents and journals,” and lacking an index, its authority is unquestionable.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

A Primer of Forestry

Washington: GPO 1899-1905
Pinchot, GiffordGo to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2
DDC: 634.9

The author was one of America’s first professional foresters, and in 1898 became chief of the U.S. Division of Forestry, which was soon moved to the Department of Agriculture and renamed the U.S. Forest Service. Pinchot was an early leader in the Conservation movement, and also served twice as Governor of Pennsylvania.

Volume 1- The Forest
Volume 2 – Practical Forestry
For beginners in forestry, agricultural students, woodland owners, and others desiring a general knowledge of the nature of the art.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

635 Garden crops (Horticulture)

Manual of Gardening

Macmillan 1910
Bailey , Liberty Hyde Go to Book
DDC: 635

Combines the main parts of the author’s “Garden Making and Practical Garden” book, bringing to date and enlarging into an authoritative and comprehensive handbook for the northeastern United States. The “seasonal reminders” (chiefly for vegetables) are made for both North and South.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911


Macmillan 1895
Bailey, Liberty HydeGo to Book
DDC: 635

Lucid account of various methods adopted by gardeners to secure new and improved varieties. Deals with subjects of variation as influenced by physical environment, the struggle for life, the division of labor, etc. .
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

636 Animal husbandry

The Breeds of Live-Stock

Macmillan 1919
Gay, Carl W. ed.Go to Book
DDC: 636

Articles from L. H. Bailey’s Cyclopedia of American Agriculture, Volume 3, were updated, edited and rearranged for this book.

Domesticated Animals: Their Relation to Man and to his Advancement in Civilization

Scribner 1895
Shaler, N. S.Go to Book
DDC: 636

We have seldom seen animals so fairly treated and have never known them to be more reliably characterized.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

636.1 Horse husbandry

The American Farmer’s Horse Book

Journal of Agriculture 1892
Darling, AndrewGo to Book
DDC: 636.1

(title continued) ” …A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Facts Concerning the Prominent Breeds, Principles of Breeding, Best Methods of Training, Stable Management, General Care etc.
With specific directions how to buy and how to sell, including a series of invaluable object-lessons on conformations, points of the horse, and how to detect unsoundness or vice, and especially describing all known diseases to which the horse is subject…”

The Horse Book; a Practical Treatise on the American Horse Breeding Industry as Allied to the Farm

Sanders 1908
Johnstone, James Hope StewartGo to Book
DDC: 636.1

Practical work on the breeding and managing of work horses, including saddle and pony breeds. Discusses and illustrates the leading types.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

First-hand Bits of Stable Lore

Little, Brown 1903
Ware, Francis M.Go to Book
DDC: 636.1

Chapter headings:

1. Purchase and Preliminaries
2. As to “Soundness”
3. Stabling and Stables
4. Stable Management
5. Condition and Conditioning
6. The “Green” or Unacclimated Horse and His Care
7. The Horse’s Education
8. Mouths and manners
9. The Foot and its Treatment
10. The Appointment Fad
11. The Saddle-Horse
12. The Hunter and His Education
13. The Steeplechaser and His Schooling
14. Riding for Beginners
15. Four-in-Hand Driving
16. Coaching and its Accompaniments
17. Management of a Pack of Hounds
18. Showing Horses

636.7 Dogs

Dogs and All About Them

Cassell 1910
Leighton, Robert Go to Book
DDC: 636.7

Official kennel-club descriptions of fifty different breeds, with suggestions on breeding, care and treatment of common ailments.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

637 Processing dairy & related products

Dairy Cattle and Milk Production

Macmillan 1911
Eckles, Clarence Henry Go to Book
DDC: 637

Manual for dairymen and dairy students, dealing with the subject in an accurate, full and
specific manner. Considered by an expert the best of its kind.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

See also:Lampard, Eric E., The Rise of the Dairy Industry in Wisconsin; a Study in Agricultural Change, 1820-1920 and Turning Points in Wisconsin History: The Rise of Dairy Farming in Wisconsin Economic History

639 Hunting, fishing, conservation

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