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640 Home economics & family living

Household Economics. A Course of Lectures in the School of Economics of the University of Wisconsin

Putnam 1897
Campbell, Mrs Helen (Stuart)Go to Book
DDC: 640

References at end of each chapter. States the problems of family life, driving home the conviction of their importance. The organic relation of household activities with all others is made plain.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

Also see: State College of Washington, Home Economics: A Bibliography for High Schools in Section 016.6 Useful Arts in Subject Book Catalogs & Books on Librarianship

The American Frugal Housewife, Dedicated to those who are Not Ashamed of Economy

NY: Samuel & William Wood 1838
Child, Lydia Maria FrancisGo to Book
DDC: 640

Also see: State College of Washington, Home Economics: A Bibliography for High Schools in Section 016.6 Useful Arts in Subject Book Catalogs & Books on Librarianship

The Young Housekeeper’s Friend

Boston: Brown, Taggard & Chase 1859
Cornelius, Mrs. Go to Book
DDC: 640


Hall and Locke 1911
Harland, Marion, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 640

Volume 2 in a 10-vol. series called “Vocations” edited by William DeWitt Hyde. This volume contains 2 parts; “Our Homes” and “The Home When Made”; each part with about 20 essays by different people.

First Aid to the Young Housekeeper

Scribner 1900
Herrick, Mrs Christine (Terhune)Go to Book
DDC: 640

About marketing, kitchen fire, cooking processes, tidy and sanitary housekeeping, management of servants
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

The Hearthstone, or, Life at Home: a Household Manual …

Smith & Miller 1886
Holloway, Laura C.Go to Book
DDC: 640

(title continued) ” … containing hints and helps for home making; home furnishing; decorations amusements, health directions, the Sick-room, the Nursery, the Library, the Laundry, etc., together with A Complete Cookery Book”

Chapter headings are:

– Homes, Ancient and Modern
– Home-making and Home-management
– The Baby in the Home
– “Upstairs, Down-stairs, in my Lady’s Chamber”
– Sports and Games for Ladies
– The Library in the Home
– Choice of Occupation
– In the Sick-room
– The Physician in the Home
– Medicinal and Hygienic Recipes
– Economy in the Home
– Life at Home
– Household Ornamentation
– Floriculture and Horticulture
– The Laundry
– The Toilet
– Company in the Home
– Home Memories
– Pets in the Household
– The Mother in the Home
– Duty of Parents to Children
– Death in the Home
– Home Architecture
– The Kitchen in the Home
– Cookery Recipes
– Miscellaneous Household Recipes
– Social Forms

The Housekeeper’s Book: Comprising Advice on the Conduct of Household Affairs in General …

Philadelphia: Marshall 1837
McDougall, Frances HarrietGo to Book
DDC: 640

(title continued) “…and particular directions for the preservation of furniture, bedding, &c; for the laying in and preserving of provisions; with a complete collection of receipts for economical domestic cookery. The whole carefully prepared for the use of American housekeepers. By a Lady.”

Home Economics. A Practical Guide in Every Branch of Housekeeping

Century 1898
Parloa, Maria Go to Book
DDC: 640

Authoritative manual of household management, inclusive, accurate, useful. Well indexed and practical for the housekeeper on a small or large scale.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

Cost of Living as Modified by Sanitary Science

Wiley 1899
Richards, Mrs E. H. (Swallow)Go to Book
DDC: 640

Attempts to indicate best methods, and the proper division of Incomes of from $1,500 to $3,000 between food, rent, running expenses, clothing, service, the emotional and intellectual life, etc.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

Bibliography of Domestic Economy

New York State Library 1901
Shaw, Robert KendallGo to Book
DDC: 640, 016.6

Books in these categories:
– Economics of Consumption
– Food, cooking, kitchen
– Gastronomy, eating, dining room
– Shelter, house, home
– Heat, light, ventilation
– Furniture, carpets, upholstery
– Clothing, toilet, etc.
– Administration, household management
– Sanitary precautions, cleaning, etc.
– Nursery, sick room

The Housekeeper and Gardener

Boston: Crosby, Nichols 1858
Upton, Rebecca A.Go to Book
DDC: 640

The Intellectual House-Keeper: A Series of Practical Questions to his Daughters, by a Father …

Boston: Russel, Odiorne 1835
Go to Book
DDC: 640

(title continued) “…or Hints to Females on the Necessity of Thought in Connexion with their Domestic Labors and Duties. With an Album”

641 Food & drink

Practical Sanitary and Economic Cooking, Adapted to Persons of Moderate and Small Means

Amer. pub. health ass’n 1890
Abel, Mrs M. W. (Hinman) Go to Book
DDC: 641

States clearly food values and proper methods of preparation; gives recipes, bills of fare and prices.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

The Young House-Keeper, or Thoughts on Food and Cookery

Boston: Light 1838
Alcott, William A.Go to Book
DDC: 641

Miss Beecher’s Housekeeper and Healthkeeper …

NY: Harper & Brothers 1873
Beecher, Catharine EstherGo to Book
DDC: 641

(title continued) “…containing Five Hundred Recipes for Economical and Healthful Cooking; also, many directions for securing health and happiness. Approved by physicians of all classes”

The Professed Cook: or, the Modern Art of Cookery, Pastry, and Confectionary …

London: Davis 1776
Clermont, B.Go to Book
DDC: 641

(title continued) “…made plain and easy, consisting of the most approved methods in the French as well as English Cookery, in which the French names of all the different dishes are given and explained, whereby every Bill of Fare becomes intelligible and familiar”

Good Things To Eat, as Suggested by Rufus

Chicago: Estes 1911
Estes, RufusGo to Book
DDC: 641

“Estes’ cookbook was not the first to be published by an African American – that would be Robert Roberts’ The House Servant’s Directory from 1827. But where Roberts publishes recipes for the wealthy New England families he’s accustomed to working for, Estes offers the recipes for foods he’s been eating his whole life. And what a life he had – born into slavery in 1857, a train porter with the Pullman Company, and eventually a chef. The incredible range of recipes includes everything from Southern Corncakes, Apple Slump and Rib Roast, to Candied Violets, Kedgeree, and Sheep’s Brains with Small Onions.”
– Eric Colleary, “The American Table” website

Art of Cookery. A Manual for Homes and Schools

Merrill 1899
Ewing, Mrs Emma (Pike) Go to Book
DDC: 641

Author experienced teacher of cooking. Manual of principles: marketing; food materials; methods of cooking: mixing; seasoning; serving and garnishing. Well indexed.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book

Boston: Little, Brown 1896
Farmer, Fannie MerrittGo to Book
DDC: 641

“It is thanks to Fannie Farmer that we have detailed, step-by-step instructions in cookbooks that use standardized measurements for ingredients. Emerging at the height of the domestic science movement in the United States that sought consistency and uniformity in cooking practices, Farmer revolutionized the cookbook industry. Just as later writers such as Julia Child or Harold McGee, Fannie Farmer didn’t just explain how to do something, she explained why – describing in some cases the chemical processes that make a recipe work.”
– Eric Colleary, “The American Table” website

The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy

London: 1774?
Glasse, HannahGo to Book
DDC: 641

” … the bestselling English-language cookbook for over a century, and its import and influence on early American cooking can’t be overstated. It could be found in homes from all thirteen colonies including many of the Founding Fathers, and sales of the book continued well after the Revolution.” “The popularity of the book came, in large part, from the way Glasse wrote the recipes so that an untrained cook would likely understand.”
– Eric Colleary, “The American Table” website

Marion Harland’s Complete Cook Book

Merrill 1903
Harland, MarionGo to Book
DDC: 641

A practical and exhaustive manual of cookery and housekeeping, containing thousands of carefully proved recipes.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

The Hostess of To-day

Scribner 1899
Larned, Mrs Linda (Hull)Go to Book
DDC: 641

Suggestions as to table service, formal and informal dinners, luncheons, teas, etc. Many compact recipes with approximate prices.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904

Miss Parloa’s Young Housekeeper; Designed Especially to Aid Beginners. Economical receipts for those who are cooking for two or three

Estes 1894
Parloa, MariaGo to Book
DDC: 641

The Virginia Housewife, or, Methodical Cook

Baltimore: Plaskitt 1836
Randolph, MaryGo to Book
DDC: 641

“To this day, Randolph’s cookbook is referenced by chefs and cookbook writers as an inspiration for authentic southern cuisine. Considered the first regional American cookbook, it offers the first printed recipes for barbecued pork, okra soup, and a host of other traditional southern recipes. She doesn’t stick exclusively to the south, however. Her recipes include Italian, Spanish, French and Caribbean dishes that reflect the cosmopolitan palates of a growing nation.”
– Eric Colleary, “The American Table” website

The Epicurean

Chicago: 1894
Ranhofer, CharlesGo to Book
DDC: 641

“If you wanted the epitome of fine dining in the United States, for over a century Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City was where you went. During the late Victorian period, Delmonico’s hosted dinners for presidents like Ulysses S. Grant, and writers like Charles Dickens. Known for their unique and ornate presentations, the most elaborate of dishes was prepared under the masterful eye of chef Charles Ranhofer. This massive, heavily-illustrated tome, contains mostly classic French recipes, reflecting the impact of French cuisine among the upper class at the turn of the century.”
– Eric Colleary, “The American Table” website

How to Mix Drinks, Or, The Bon-Vivant’s Companion

NY: Dick & Fitzgerald 1862
Thomas, JerryGo to Book
DDC: 641

(title continued) ” … Containing clear and reliable directions for mixing all the beverages used in the United States, together with the most popular British, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish recipes, embracing punches, juleps, cobblers, etc. etc.”

“As the first major recipe book exclusively on cocktails published in the United States, this volume has achieved mythic status for modern-day mixologists. Also known as The Bar-Tender’s Guide, this book offers the basic approaches to making cocktails that is still used today.”
– Eric Colleary, “The American Table” website

The Confederate Receipt Book: A Compilation of Over One Hundred Receipts, Adapted to the Times

Richmond, VA: West & Johnston 1863
West & JohnstonGo to Book
DDC: 641

“Even the most frugal cooks found it difficult to put food on the table under the Confederacy. Naval blockades prevented most foods from reaching the South, who was more used to growing cotton and tobacco than food. Cooks needed to adapt their recipes to what was readily available, and this booklet offered suggestions such as adding starchy rice or potatoes to breads to reduce the amount of flour needed. It was printed in Richmond, Virgina on polka-dot wallpaper since regular paper was in short supply.”
– Eric Colleary, “The American Table” website

645 Household furnishings

Home Furnishing, Practical and Artistic

Stokes 1905
Kellogg, Alice MaudeGo to Book
DDC: 645

“Considers each room separately and suggests appropriate furnishings and decorations for each. Urges harmony, simplicity and refinement.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-11

Also see: Varney, Almon C., Our Homes and their Adornments, or, How to Build, Finish, Furnish, and Adorn a Home in Section 728 Residential & related buildings in Architecture – Public and Residential Buildings

646 Sewing, clothing, personal living

649 Child rearing & home care of sick

Gentle Measures in the Training of the Young …

Harper 1871
Abbott, JacobGo to Book|Audio Book
DDC: 649

(title continued) ” …The Principles on which a firm parental authority may be established and maintained, without violence or anger, and the right development of the moral and mental capacities be promoted by methods in harmony with the structure and the characteristics of the juvenile mind”

Self-Training for Mothers

Lippincott 1914
Chance, Mrs. BurtonGo to Book
DDC: 649

Chapter headings are:

1. What Qualities Make a Good Mother?
2. The Mother’s Duty to Herself
3. Making Time
4. Health
5. Nursery Days – Spiritual
6. Nursery Days – Physical
7. Discipline
8. Responsibility
9. School Days
10. Amusement
11. Books for Children
12. Individuality
13. Influencing Older Children
14. Home and the Child
15. How Much Shall We Tell the Children?
16. Chaperonage
17. When the Children Marry (Spiritual Preparation)
18. When the Children Marry (Physical Preparation)
19. A Fourth “R” in Education

Bringing Up Boys: A Study

Crowell 1899
Clark, Kate UpsonGo to Book
DDC: 649

Chapter headings are:

1. Taking Boys Seriously
2. The Boy’s Manners
3. Boys versus Sentimentality
4. Personal Defects and Peculiarities
5. Keeping Boys Busy
6. Shall the Boy Smoke?
7. Games and Athletics
8. The Boy’s Library
9. The Boy’s Evenings
10. The Social Discipline of the Boy
11. The Moral Discipline of the Boy
12. The Religious Discipline of the Boy
13. The Boy’s Politics

Care of Children

American School of Home Economics 1907
Cotton, Alfred Cleveland, M. D.Go to Book
DDC: 649

A volume in the Library of Home Economics 12-volume home study course.

Thoughts of Busy Girls …

Cassell 1892
Dodge, Grace H., ed.Go to Book
DDC: 649

(title continued) ” …Written by a group of girls who have little time for study, and yet who find much time for thinking”

These letters on 12 topics are the combined work of over 50 members of the Thirty-eighth Street Working Girls’ Society in New York City. Chapter headings are:

1. What Constitutes an Ideal Womanhood and How to Attain to It
2. Purity and Modesty: Two Words of Value
3. Married and Single Life
4. Family Life
5. Hints as to Education and Books
6. How to Cultivate Good Manners
7. Jealousy: What is It?
8. Practical Matters
9. Influence of Art Upon Life
10. Women as Moral Reformers
11. Glimpses into the Business Part of Life
12. How Can We Help One Another?
13. Definition of Certain Words
14. Club Life: Its Power

The Young Lady, or, Guide to Knowledge, Virtue and Happiness

Fletcher 1852
Fergurson, Anna, comp.Go to Book
DDC: 649

Essays compiled from various authors. Titles are:

– Why do ye live
– Just Views of Life
– Character of Associates
– The Rose and the Clay
– Social Intercourse
– Home
– Filial Duties
– A Contrast
– Idle Daughters
– Youth
– Reveries
– Government of the Thoughts
– The Ivy
– Politeness in Conversation
– A Parable
– Little Things
– Temper
– Kindness
– Michael Angelo
– General Reading
– Study of the Scriptures
– General Cultivation
– Duties of Women to their Country
– Humility
– Courtesy
– Extract
– Dress
– Requisition for the Toilet
– Personal Habits
– Conduct during Matrimonial Engagements
– The Lady’s Reverie

Mothers in Council

Harper & Brothers 1884
Gilman, StellaGo to Book
DDC: 649

The contents of this book came from discussions in a mothers’ club in Washington County, Virginia. Typically the group would read an essay on a topic about some aspect of child-raising, then discuss it. In other cases the club-members submitted their own short papers. Some of the topics are:

– The Importance of Bringing up our Sons to be Good Husbands and our Daughters to be Contented and Useful Old Maids
– Bathing; Various kinds of Baths, Drying the Body, etc.
– The Vexed Questions of Amusements and Sunday Occupations
– The Choice and Use of Books by Children
– The Early Education of Children
– Good Servants, and How to Get Them; The Kitchen the Heart of the Home, Freemasonry among Servants
– Sugar and Sweet Cakes; Lavish Use of Sugar, Feeding Animals, Hot Bread
– The Formation of the Child’s Character

Thoughts on Self-Culture, Addressed to Women

Crosby and Nichols 1851
Grey, Maria G. and Shirreff, EmilyGo to Book
DDC: 649

Chapter headings are:

1a. General View of the Position and Influence of Women
1b. Views of Life, and their Influence on Education
2. Power and Influence of Habit
3. On Method
4. Conscience, and the Government of the Will
5. Love and Pursuit of Truth
6. Love of Moral Excellence
7. Benevolence
8. Instruments of Moral Discipline
9. Mental Training
10. General Method of Study
11. Choice of Subjects for Study
12. Love of Knowledge
13. Culture of the Imagination
14. Religion

Love and the Woman of To-morrow

Dranes 1913
Hensley, AlmonGo to Book
DDC: 649

Sophia Margaretta Almon Hensley (1866-1946) was a Canadian from Nova Scotia and a poet. She moved with her husband to New York City in 1890 where she was active in child welfare and feminist causes, and also wrote non-fiction on issues related to marriage and family. This book was remarkable for its liberal views on unwed mothers.

The Care and Feeding of Children. A Catechism for the Use of Mothers and Children’s Nurses

Appleton 1914
Holt, Luther EmmittGo to Book
DDC: 649

“Standard work of high authority and value.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-11

The Young Lady’s Mentor …

Peck & Bliss 1851
A LadyGo to Book
DDC: 306

(title continued) ” …A Guide to the Formation of Character, in a series of letters to her unknown friends”

Chapter headings are:

– Contentment
– Temper
– Falsehood and Truthfulness
– Envy
– Selfishness and unselfishness
– Self-Control
– Economy
– The Cultivation of the Mind
– Amusements
– The Influence of Women on Society
– The Sphere of Woman’s Influence
– Education of Women
– Love – Marriage
– Literary Capabilities of Women
– Ennui, and the Desire to be Fashionable
– The Influence of Personal Character
– On the Means of Securing Personal Influence

The Care of Children

Harvard University 1923
Morse, John Lovett, M.D.Go to Book
DDC: 649

Harvard Health Talks series.

The Queenly Mother in the Realm of Home

Revell 1907
Sangster, Margaret E.Go to Book
DDC: 649

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