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650 Management & auxiliary services


Hall and Locke 1911
Carnegie, Andrew, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 650

Volume 4 in a 10-vol. series called “Vocations” edited by William DeWitt Hyde. This volume contains 2 parts; “The General Principles of Business” and “Great Industries”, each part with about a dozen essays by different people.

651 Office services

Office Management, its Principles and Practice

Ronald Press 1922
Galloway, LeeGo to Book
DDC: 651

Subtitle: “Covering organization, arrangement, and operation with special consideration of the employment, training and payment of office workers”.
“A comprehensive treatise for the business manager, office manager, chief clerk, or department head on the principles of office administration, location, layout and equipment, methodizing the means of communication, control of correspondence and other activities, work of the business departments, training and developing office workers, and wages and incentives to efficiency.”
“Written in an inspiring manner, this work should recommend itself as a valuable addition to the library of the student or business executive.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Indexing and Filing; a Manual of Standard Practice

Ronald Press 1920
Hudders, Eugene RussellGo to Book
DDC: 651

“A practical detailed textbook on business filing in general, with chapters on many special lines, such as architectural filing, and files of an accountant.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

Office Training and Standards

Shaw 1919
McClelland, Frank ClarkGo to Book
DDC: 651

“”A study of standardized office methods and of the relation of different departments to each other. Contains one chapter on office machinery appliances.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931)

The American Office; its Organization, Management and Records

Key 1913
Schulze, J. William Go to Book
DDC: 651

658 General management

Efficiency as a Basis for Operation and Wages

Engineering magazine 1909
Emerson, Harrington Go to Book
DDC: 658

“Criticizes waste and inefficiency in government and other work, and explains organization, management and operation under the efficiency or “individual effort” system of wage payment. Methods advocated are in successful use in a number of large industrial establishments. Principles here stated are simplified and reduced to a definite working code, with varied and apt illustrations, in his Twelve Principles of Efficiency.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-11

Principles of Scientific Management

Harper 1911
Taylor, Frederick WinslowGo to Book
DDC: 658

“Purpose is to show that inefficiency in individual work mny be best remedied by intelligent management, and that systematic management is a science based on clearly defined laws, rules and principles, which are applicable to all kinds of human activity. Best exposition of the subject by a pioneer in the field of industrial management.”
“A practical exposition of the author’s theories is given in shop management.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-11

Also see: Gibson, Charles R., The Romance of Modern Manufacture; a Popular Account of the Marvels of Manufacturing in Section 670 Manufacturing in Manufacturing, Chemicals, Textiles & Handicrafts

Every-day Business for Women; a Manual for the Uninitiated

Houghton 1910
Wilbur, Mary AronettaGo to Book
DDC: 658

“Easily understood explanation of business and legal methods every woman should know.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-11

659 Advertising & public relations

The Psychology of Advertising

Small 1908
Scott, Walter DillGo to Book
DDC: 659

“Simple exposition of the principles of psychology in their relation to successful advertising. Discusses memory, feelings and emotions, sympathy, suggestion, will, habit, etc.: also practical questions as to method and amount of advertising.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-11

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