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660 Chemical engineering

666 Ceramic & allied technologies

Treatise on Ceramic Industries; a Complete Manual for Pottery, Tile, and Brick Manufacturers

Van Nostrand 1911
Bourry, Emile Go to Book
DDC: 666

“Translation of a standard French work, the best in print on practical ceramics. The processes described and illustrated cover every class of ceramics from brick to porcelain. American industry not considered.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

667 Cleaning, color, related technologies

The Country Dyer’s Assistant

Brookfield, MA: Merriam 1798
Ellis, Asa Jr. Go to Book
DDC: 667

An American handbook from the end of the 18th century for making and using dyes for coloring fabric. The author says that the procedures described here could be used in the home as well as by professionals.

669 Metallurgy

Principles of Metallurgy

McGraw-Hill 1910
Fulton, Charles Herman Go to Book
DDC: 669

“Accurate, scientific chapters presenting the fundamental principles and theories of metallurgy and their application to its various branches. For the fairly advanced student. A good elementary presentation, fairly comprehensive and concise, is Wysor’s Metallurgy.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Metallurgy …

Chemical 1908
Wysor, Henry Go to Book
DDC: 669

(title continued) ” …A Condensed Treatise for the Use of College Students and Any Desiring a General Knowledge of the Subject”

670 Manufacturing

The Romance of Modern Manufacture; a Popular Account of the Marvels of Manufacturing

Lippincott 1910
Gibson, Charles R.Go to Book
DDC: 670

“Describes in popular manner the evolution and modern methods of many important industries. Useful for material not to be found elsewhere.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

671 Metalworking & metal products

675 Leather and fur processing

Home Manufacture of Furs and Skins …

Columbus, OH: Harding 1916
Farnham, Albert BurtonGo to Book
DDC: 675

(title continued) ” … A Book of Practical Instructions Telling how to Tan, Dress, Color and Manufacture or Make into Articles of Ornament, Wear and Use”

This handbook describes many procedures that presumably were very similar to those used on the frontier a century earlier to make items of clothing from furs and skins. There are many illustrations.

676 Pulp & paper technology

Manufacture of Paper

Van Nostrand 1909
Sindall, R. W. Go to Book
DDC: 676

“Semi-technical work, outlining the history and processes of paper manufacture and indicating recent improvements. Usefully supplemented by Andes’ Treatment of paper for special purposes.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

The Treatment of Paper for Special Purposes …

Scott, Greenwood 1907
Andes, Louis Edgar Go to Book
DDC: 676

(title continued) ” …a Practical Introduction to the Preparation of Paper Products for a Great Variety of Purposes, such as parchment paper, transfer papers, preservative papers, grained transfer papers, fireproof and anti-falsification papers, (etc.) ”

677 Textiles


Van Nostrand 1922
Barker, A. F. Go to Book
DDC: 677

The Tale of the Spinning-Wheel

Litchfield, CT: 1903
Buel, Elizabeth Cynthia BarneyGo to Book
DDC: 677

After a history of spinning from antiquity to colonial times, the author provides a detailed description of processing flax for spinning, and includes other material on home cloth production in the northeastern U.S. in the colonial era.

Related books are at: Making Cloth and Clothing on the Frontier

The Preparation and Spinning of Flax and Wool …

Bloomington, Il: 1912
Custer, Milo Go to Book
DDC: 677

(title continued) ” … as Practiced by the Pioneers of Central Illinois and Demonstrated by Pioneer Men and Women at Meetings of the McLean County Historical Society”

A small booklet with a description of the processes and equipment used for spinning in frontier Illinois.

Textiles for Commercial, Industrial, Evening and Domestic Arts Schools

Dooley, William Henry Go to Book
DDC: 677

“Practical, untechnical work, describing processes of manufacturing wool, silk, cotton and linen
goods. Appendix contains practical directions for testing goods. More technical and comprehensive is Barker’s Textiles (Van Nostrand, 1910).”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

The Art of Weaving, by Hand and by Power …

NY: Baldwin 1844
Gilroy, Clinton G.Go to Book677

(title continued) ” …with an Introductory Account of its Rise and Progress in Ancient and Modern Times. For the Use of Manufacturers and Others”

Chapter headings are:

-Plain Weaving
-Weaving Double Cloth
-Figured Weaving
-Lace Manufacture
-Spooling, Warping and Sizing, by Power
-Plain Weaving, by Power
-Fancy Weaving, by Power
-Figured Weaving, by Power

Related books are at: Making Cloth and Clothing on the Frontier

Yarn and Cloth Making; An Economic Study …

NY: Macmillan 1918
Kissell, Mary Lois Go to Book
DDC: 677

(title continued) ” …A College and Normal School Text Preliminary to Fabric Study and a Reference for Teachers of Industrial History and Art in Secondary and Elementary Schools”

This textbook is divided into two parts: Yarn Making and Cloth Making, and covers a variety of processes used throughout history for both. The Yarn Making section explains the principles of spinning and describes the following “spinning types”. There are numerous illustrations and there appears to be a bibliography at the end of every subsection, and another at the end of the book. Spinning types are:

-Hand Spinning
-Grasped Hand Spindle
-Supported Hand Spindle
-Suspended Hand Spindle
-Jersey and Asiatic Wheels
-Saxony Wheel
-Jenny Frame
-Water Frame
-Hand Mule
-Self-Acting Mule
-Flyer, Cap and Ring Spinning Frames

Weaving types are:

-One-Beam Loom
-Weighted Warp Loom
-Two-Bar Loom
-Frameless Two-Bar Loom
-Two-Beam Loom
-One-Shaft Treadle Loom
-Two-Shaft Treadle Loom
-Perfected Hand Loom
-Draw Loom
-Jacquard Loom
-Plain Power Loom

Household Manufactures in the United States, 1640-1860: A Study in Industrial History

Chicago: University of Chicago 1917
Tryon, Rolla Milton Go to Book
DDC: 677

Chapter headings are:

-Factors affecting Household Manufactures in the Colonies
-The Status of Household Manufactures in the Colonies
-A Quarter-Century of Developments, 1784-1809
-A Year’s Output of the Family Factory (includes household manufactures in every state and territory, and household textile manufactures)
-The Products of the Family Factory (wearing apparel, textile supplies, household implements, utensils, furniture, farming implements, building materials, general supplies)
-The Transition from Family- to Shop- and Factory-Made Goods
-The Passing of the Family Factory

Chapter 6, “The Products of the Family Factory”, contains a section entitled “Wearing Apparel and Household Textile Supplies” on pages 190-216. Included here are explanations of all the processes involved in home production of linen, woolen and cotton textiles. There is also a discussion of other products used in wearing apparel on the frontier, such as leather and other animal skins, cattle and buffalo hair, and lint from nettles.

Warp and Woof; the Story of the Textile Arts. The Linen Industry

Boston: Educational Publishing 1912
Very, Edith Go to Book
DDC: 677

Chapter headings are:

-Historical Notes
-The Flax Plant
-Processes of Manufacture
-Flax Culture and Linen Manufacture in the United States

680 Manufacture for specific uses

The Mechanic Arts

Hall and Locke 1911
MacLaurin, Richard C., ed.Go to Book
DDC: 680

Volume 1 in a 10-vol. series called “Vocations” edited by William DeWitt Hyde. This volume contains 3 parts; “The Engineer and the Mechanic” and “The Mechanic Arts”, and “Inventions and Inventors”; each part with about a dozen essays by different people.

682 Small forge work (Blacksmithing)


American School of Correspondence 1909
Bacon, John Lord Go to Book
DDC: 682

“Elementary manual giving practical instruction in iron and steel forging: contains many diagrams.
Pt 1. Materials and tools: pt 2. Typical forging operations: pt H. Miscellaneous forging processes.
A fuller work, but also elementary, is Moore’s Handbook of practical smithing and forging (Spon,
1906, 251p., $2, 7^12490) Sallows’ Blacksmiths guide (Technical press, 1907, l.r,7p., $1.50.
7-339781 is a concise, well-illustrated guide for the workman.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Handbook of Practical Smithing and Forging : Engineers, & General Smiths’ Work

Spon 1914
Moore, Thomas Go to Book
DDC: 682

683 Hardware & household appliances

684 Furnishings & home workshops

Handwork in Wood

Manual arts press 1910
Noyes, WilliamGo to Book
DDC: 684

“Differs from the typical manual in having a chapter each on logging and sawmill work. There are also chapters on seasoning and measuring, and finishing of wood. The usual subjects—tools, fastenings, shop equipment and care, etc.—are discussed in detail, and each has a selected list of references.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Modern Cabinet Work, Furniture and Fitments

Lane 1910
Wells, Percy A., & Hooper, John Go to Book
DDC: 684

“Gives an account of the theory and illustrates step by step the practice of the craft in all its applications to furniture and woodwork. illustrations include over 1000 practical drawings and original designs.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

685 Leather, fur, related products

686 Printing & related activities

687 Clothing

The Tailors’ Guide: Containing Systems of Draugting Frock and Sack Coats …

Milwaukee: Starr 1868
Cole, L. E.Go to Book
DDC: 687

(title continued) ” …, Pants, Vests and Shirt, with Valuable Improvements, Warranted Superior to anything ever offered to the Trade”

690 Buildings

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