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790 Recreational & performing arts

Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium

Macmillan 1909
Bancroft, Jessie Hubbell Go to Book
DDC: 790

“Largely the result of original research on the part of the assistant director of physical training in the New York City schools. Contains a varied collection of games for playgrounds, gymnasiums, summer camps, children’s parties, seashore, etc.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

The Boy’s Own Book; a Complete Encyclopedia of all the Diversions, Athletic, Scientific and Recreative, of Boyhood and Youth

Munroe and Francis 1834
Clarke, WilliamGo to Book
DDC: 790

Chapter headings are:

– Games with marbles
– Games with Toys
– Games with Balls
– Sports of Agility and Speed
– Sports with Toys
– Miscellaneous Sports
– Deaf and Dumb Alphabet
– Archery
– Cricket
– Gymnastics
– Swimming
– Arithmetical Amusements
– Optical Amusements
– Chemical Amusements
– Draughts, or Checkers
– Feats of Legerdemain
– Tricks with Cards
– Paradoxes and Puzzles
– Varieties
– The Riddles
– Angling
– Rabbits
– Guinea Pigs
– Pigeons
– Fencing

Play and Recreation for the Open Country

Ginn 1914
Curtis, Henry Stoddard Go to Book
DDC: 790

A practical handbook for all those interested in the problem of recreation in the rural community. Suggests plays and games for home and school; describes the organization of the Boy scouts and Campfire girls; and gives ideas and methods of organizing social centers. Written by one who has expert knowledge and practical training.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

rural recreation, Boy scouts, Campfire girls

Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games

Doubleday 1904
Kingsland, Mrs Florence Go to Book
DDC: 790

“Excellent collection for all ages and occasions, with suggestions for special days, dinners, dances, tableaux and wedding anniversaries. Games mainly with apparatus.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Games, Contests and Relays

Barnes 1924
Staley, Seward CharlesGo to Book
DDC: 790

An exhaustive collection of recreational activities for groups, with instructions for playing, including many used in foreign countries, arranged according to grade through college. All are athletic but do not include organized games such as baseball. Relay races, combative contests, mass and individual, are treated separately. Some illustrations and diagrams.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

791 Public performances

Ways of the Circus

Harper 1921
Conklin, GeorgeGo to Book
DDC: 791

The memories and adventures of George Conklin, tamer of lions, as set down by H. W. Root, Don C. Seitz says in the introduction, “He was a circus man through and through, accomplished not only in his own particular line, but able to turn a facile hand to any part of the game. His story is the epic of the circus; its ways and wanderings, its great leaders, its freaks, its followers, and fakers. I believe it to be the only history of the kind ever written—certainly no other ever told so much or so well.”
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

See also: Ringling, Alfred, Life Story of the Ringling Brothers in Biographies & Memoirs in Wisconsin History

memoir, reminiscences, circus history, lion taming, lion training

792 Stage presentations

Romance of the American Theatre

Little 1913
Crawford, Mary CarolineGo to Book
DDC: 792

A series of impressions and records of some of the great personalities of the American stage, compiled by the author or supplied by her own memories, which reproduce the atmosphere of the theater of the older days. Distinguished by enthusiasm and a light charming touch.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

Also see: Daly, Joseph Francis, Life of Augustin Daly in Century Past Biographies: D, E & F;
Sherman, Robert L, The Chicago Stage; its Records and Achievements in Illinois Cultural History;
Strang, Lewis C., Famous Actresses of the Day in America in Century Past Collective Biography Q – Z;
Strang, Lewis C., Famous Actors of the Day in America in Century Past Collective Biography Q – Z;
Carson, William G. , The Theatre on the Frontier; the Early Years of the St. Louis Stage in Illinois Cultural History

drama, theater history, reminiscences

American Stage of Today

Small 1908
Eaton, Walter Pilchard Go to Book
DDC: 792

“Largely descriptions or criticisms of present-day plays and actors, indicating the trend of the theater and its success in satisfying the American public.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Problems of the Playwright

Holt 1917
Hamilton, Clayton Meeker Go to Book
DDC: 792

A discussion of contemporary drama from the point of view of the critic, the dramatist, the stage director, the scenic artist, the manager, and the theater-going public.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

Play Production in America

Holt 1916
Krows, Arthur Edwin Go to Book
DDC: 792

The history of a play from its acceptance till its performance before the audience is here traced. There are interesting chapters on casting, staging, costumes, scenery, advertising and management. It is particularly full in its explanations of the mechanical stage devices in vogue (about 1916). There is a short classified bibliography.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

Other Days; Being Chronicles and Memories of the Stage

Moffat 1908
Winter, William Go to Book
DDC: 792

“Pleasant, discursive reminiscences by the dean of dramatic critics, covering the history of the stage for two generations.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

793 Indoor games and amusements

New Ideas for Work and Play; What a Girl Can Make and Do

Scribner’s Sons 1906
Beard, Lina and Beard, Adelia B.Go to Book
DDC: 793

Chapter headings are:

1. What a Girl can Make with Hammer and Saw
2. Possibilities of an Easter Egg
3. A Paper Easter
4. Vacation Work with Nature’s Material
5. Collections
6. Original Valentines
7. Vegetable Animals and Fruit Lanterns
8. Pasteboard Models for a Home Drawing Class
9. Quick Ink Pictures
10. Moving Toys
11. Home-Made Pyrotechnics
12. Monotypes
13. Priscilla Rugs
14. A Peanut Noah’s Ark
15. A Flower Feast
16. Basket-Weaving
17. An “Abe” Lincoln Log-Cabin
18. Queer Things on Paper and Blackboard and How to Put Them There
19. Home-Made Musical Instruments
20. What to Make of Empty Spools
21. Christmas Decorations
22. Christmas Devices
23. Picture Writing and Sign Language
24. Statuary Tableaux
25. Witchery
26. Living Alphabet
27. Odd Gardens
28. Active Games
29. Expensive Games with Little or No Expense
30. Basket Ball
31. Some of Our Out-Door Neighbors and Where to Look for Them

American Country-Dances (Vol 1); Twenty-eight Contra-dances, Largely from the New England States

Schirmer 1918
Burchenal, Elizabeth, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 793

A collection of some of the old country dances which are essentially American, including both music and directions. It is intended as a first book in a new series of dances. The dances included are mainly variations of British originals.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

Folk-Dances and Singing Games.

Schirmer 1909
Burchenal, Elizabeth, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 793

“Music (with words) and description of 26 folk dances of 10 European countries. Crampton’s Folk dance book (Barnes, 1909) contains a larger number of dances (42) The descriptions are clear but not illustrated. Crawford’s Folk dances and games (Barnes, 1908) is better adapted for teachers already having a knowledge of folk-dancing. Bergqulst’s Swedish folk dances (Barnes, 2d ed. 1910) gives music and full description for 23 Swedish dances.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Church Sociables and Entertainments Illustrated

Curtis 1898
Go to Book
DDC: 793

(title continued) ” …”

From the Ladies Home Journal Religious Library.

Ice-Breakers and the Icebreaker Herself

Doran 1922
Geister, Edna Go to Book
DDC: 793

A collection of games for large and small groups; musical games, stunts, and girls’ athletic games, compiled by a YWCA. secretary for war-time parties. Many were used successfully where large groups of soldiers were being entertained. First published in 1918 under the title Ice-breakers, this edition adds suggestions on recreation leadership.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

”Dame Curtsey’s” Book of Novel Entertainments for Every Day in the Year

McClurg 1907
Glover, Ellye Howell Go to Book
DDC: 793

“Suggestions for holiday entertainments, birthday parties, church and club entertainments, engagement and wedding functions, toasts and sentiments for all occasions, and novel refreshments.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

The Dance, its Place in Art and Life

Stokes 1914
Kinney, Troy, and Kinney, Margaret West Go to Book
DDC: 793

One of the most complete books on the subject, covering historical development, folk dancing, and present-day artistic and social dancing. The authors are recognized authorities who know present conditions in New York, London, Paris and Seville.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

The Complete Hostess

Appleton 1906
Laughlin, Clara Elizabeth, ed. Go to Book
DDC: 793

“Suggestions for formal and informal home entertainments and the etiquet of such occasions, with plans for clubs, sociables, fairs and exhibitions.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

The American Girl’s Book, or, Occupation for Play Hours

Munroe and Francis 1831
Leslie, ElizaGo to Book
DDC: 793

Chapter headings are:

– Sports and Pastimes
– Plays with Toys
– Little Games with Cards
– Riddles
– Amusing Work – Pincushions
– Needle Books
– Reticules
– Varieties

Singing Games and Drills

Barnes 1925
Marsh, Chester GeppertGo to Book
DDC: 793

A recreational program of games, action stories and callisthenic drills for use in the schools of rural districts, and small towns having no graded system of physical education. The games may be used for entire school group play; they include posture tests, and May pole dance, with air of the music, and words. There are separate indexes of singing games, action stories, and running games.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

The Handbook of Conundrums

Sully 1913
Ordway, Edith Bertha Go to Book
DDC: 793

A collection including the best of the old familiar conundrums and many new ones. Topically arranged.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

The Book of Games and Parties for All Occasions

Small, Maynard 1919
Wolcott, Theresa Hunt, ed.Go to Book
DDC: 793

Published by the Ladies Home Journal.

794 Indoor games of skill

795 Games of chance

Patience: A Series of Games with Cards

Lee and Shepard 1869
Cheney, Ednah Dow LittlehaleGo to Book
DDC: 795

Numerous variations of the one-person card game(s) often known as “Solitaire”.

Complete Hoyle

Stokes 1914
Foster, Robert FrederickGo to Book
DDC: 795

A complete encyclopedia of all indoor games, such as auction bridge, mah Jong, poker, Russian bank, and all the other card games, backgammon and checkers, chess, billiards, and pool, bowling, dice games, and dominoes. It gives suggestions for good play, illustrative hands, and all official laws to date. First edition published in 1897.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926

Foster’s Auction Bridge Up to Date

Stokes 1910
Foster, Robert FrederickGo to Book
DDC: 795

“Contains the official laws of auction bridge as adopted by the Whist Club of New York, revised to October 1010, and includes material on methods of play and the tactics of the game.”
– – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911


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