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971 History of Canada

The Prairie Provinces of Canada; Their History, People, Commerce, Industries, and Resources

Sells 1914
Boam, Henry J., comp.Go to Book
DDC: 971

Chapters on numerous topics by a variety of authors. Heavily illustrated with photos.

Twentieth Century Impressions of Canada; Its History, People, Commerce, Industries, and Resources

Sells 1914
Boam, Henry J., comp.Go to Book
DDC: 971

Similar to Boam’s The Prairie Provinces of Canada. Chapters by many authors, and numerous photo collages.

Canada Under British Rule 1760-1905

Cambridge University 1909
Bourinot, Sir John G.Go to Book
DDC: 971

A volume in the “Cambridge Historical Series” edited by G. W. Prothero.

Evolution of French Canada

Macmillan 1924
Bracq, Jean CharlemagneGo to Book
DDC: 971

“This is a study of the French in Canada by a Frenchman. The author treats of the theocratic formation of French Canada, of early British rule, the uprising of 1837, of Cartier and Laurier and the Quebec government. He gives an interesting account of the achievements of French Canada and describes present conditions in agriculture, education, literature and art.”
– Review of Reviews
“The description of development, whether political or economic, is so disconnected that it affords little insight into the actual course of history. A wide range of material has been used, though not at all times with sound judgment.”
– American Economic Review
There is a bibliography at the end listing over 300 books.

Self-Government in Canada, and How it was Achieved

King 1903
Bradshaw, FrederickGo to Book
DDC: 971

(title continued) ” … The Story of Lord Durham’s Report”

A Short History of the Canadian People

Sampson Low, Marston 1914
Bryce, GeorgeGo to Book
DDC: 971

A comprehensive, brief history of Canada, which includes a summary of the physical aspects of the country and a discussion of its resources, education, literature, art, etc.
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History and Travel (1929)

Frontiers and the Fur Trade

John Day 1929
Greenbie, SydneyGo to Book
DDC: 971

“First the geographical and then the historical background of fur trading and fishing in America is sketched in, followed by an account of these trapping and fishing interests and their part in American history.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History and Travel (1929)

Trailmakers of the Northwest

Harcourt, Brace 1921
Haworth, Paul LelandGo to Book
DDC: 971

“Interesting account of the exploration and settlement of the Northwest, with a chapter on trappers and prospectors of today. Based on source writers and author’s own travels. Includes map, photographs, and list of books for further reading.”
– NY State Library
“He has produced a fascinating narrative for those who have not the opportunity to consult the original sources, a book far more exciting and more real, it might be remarked, than most of the red-blooded fiction that purports to deal with that part of our continent.”
– Literary Review

The First English Conquest of Canada

Sampson Low, Marston 1908
Kirke, HenryGo to Book
DDC: 971

(title continued) ” … With some Account of the Earliest Settlements in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland”

The Conquest of the Great Northwest

Moffat, Yard 1914
Laut, Agnes C.Go to Book
DDC: 971

(title continued) ” … Being the Story of the Adventurers of England known as The Hudson’s Bay Company”

“Both author and publisher are to be congratulated on a most important and careful work, which is yet alive with human sympathy and full of vivid character drawing.”
– N.Y. Times
Illustrated by photographs, maps and diagrams

History of Canada; Part 1: To 1763 (New France)

Oxford 1901
Lucas, Charles PrestwoodGo to Book
DDC: 971

Scholarly study.

A History of Canada 1763-1812

Oxford 1909
Lucas, Charles PrestwoodGo to Book
DDC: 971

Scholarly study.

Old Quebec; The Fortress of New France

Macmillan 1903
Parker, Gilbert and Bryan, Claude G.Go to Book
DDC: 971

“A popularly written, interesting account of the historic events connected with Quebec from the days of discovery to the 20th century.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History and Travel (1929)

Evolution of the Dominion of Canada; Its Government and Its Politics

World Book 1920
Porritt, EdwardGo to Book
DDC: 971

One of a series of college textbooks called “Government Handbooks”.
“This work deals informatively with the area, physical features, and population of Canada, the influences which brought about confederation, the distribution of powers between the Dominion and provincial governments, the national policy of the Dominion, and other subjects.”
– Athenaeum
“He is particularly good when dealing, as he does at some length, with the British background of Canadian history, with the imperial significance of Canadian development, and with the influence of the United States on Canada.”
– American Historical Review

British Columbia; From the Earliest Times to the Present (4 volumes)

S. J. Clarke 1914
Scholefield, E. O. S. and Howay, Frederick William
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DDC: 971

Volumes 1, 3 and 4 are by Scholefield, and Volume 2 is by Howay. The first two volumes are history, and Volumes 3 and 4 are biographical.

The Makers of Canada (21 volumes)

Toronto: Morang 1903-1911
Scott, Duncan Campbell, and Edgar, O. Pelham, eds.

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DDC: 971

This series was designed to present a history of Canada through a study of its major figures. Volumes are:

Vol 1. Dionne, N. E., Champlain
Vol 2. Brumath, Adrian Leblond de, Bishop Laval
Vol 3. Le Sueur, William D., Count Frontenac
Vol 4. Casgrain, Abbe Henri Raymond, Wolfe and Montcalm
Vol 5. Bradley, A. G., Lord Dorchester
Vol 6. McIlwraith, Jean N., Sir Frederick Haldimand
Vol 7. Scott, Duncan Campbell, John Graves Simcoe
Vol 8. Bryce, Rev. George, Mackenzie, Selkirk, Simpson
Vol 9. Edgar, Lady, General Brock
Vol 10. DeCelles, Alfred D., Papineau Cartier
Vol 11. Lindsey, Charles, William Lyon Mackenzie
Vol 12. Longley, J. W., Joseph Howe
Vol 13. Burwash, Nathaniel, Egerton Ryerson
Vol 14. Leacock, Stephen, Baldwin, LaFontaine, Hincks; Responsible Government
Vol 15. Shortt, Adam, Lord Sydenham
Vol 16. Bourinot, Sir George, Lord Elgin
Vol 17. Hannay, James, Wilmot and Tilley
Vol 18. Parkin, George R., Sir John A. MacDonald
Vol 19. Lewis, John, George Brown
Vol 20. Coats, Robert Hamilton and Gosnell, R. E., Sir James Douglas
Vol 21. Burbee, Lawrence J. and Doughty, Arthur G., eds., Index and Dictionary of Canadian History

Canada and Its Provinces: A History of the Canadian People and Their Institutions by One Hundred Associates (23 volumes)

Toronto: Publishers’ Association of Canada 1913-1917
Shortt, Adam and Doughty, Arthur G., eds.

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DDC: 971

This series was the most comprehensive study of Canadian historical and political development to appear before 1918. Every volume had several authors, to cover the subject matter within their area of expertise. Volume titles are:

Vol 1. New France Part I
Vol 2. New France 1534-1760 Part II
Vol 3. British Dominion 1760-1840 Part I
Vol 4. British Dominion 1760-1840 Part II
Vol 5. United Canada
Vol 6. The Dominion; Political Evolution Part I
Vol 7. The Dominion; Political Evolution Part II
Vol 8. The Dominion; Political Evolution Part III
Vol 9. The Dominion; Industrial Expansion Part I
Vol 10. The Dominion; Industrial Expansion Part II
Vol 11. The Dominion; Missions; Arts and Letters Part I
Vol 12. The Dominion; Missions; Arts and Letters Part II
Vol 13. The Atlantic Provinces Part I
Vol 14. The Atlantic Provinces Part II
Vol 15. The Province of Quebec Part I
Vol 16. The Province of Quebec Part II
Vol 17. The Province of Ontario Part I
Vol 18. The Province of Ontario Part II
Vol 19. The Prairie Provinces Part I
Vol 20. The Prairie Provinces Part II
Vol 21. The Pacific Province Part I
Vol 22. The Pacific Province Part II
Vol 23. General Index, Manuscript Sources, Bibliography, Chronological Outlines, Historical Tables

The Canadian Dominion; A Chronicle of our Northern Neighbor

Yale University 1920
Skelton, Oscar D.Go to Book
DDC: 971

Chronicles of Canada (32 volumes)

Toronto: Glasgow 1914-1916
Wrong, George M. & Langton, H.H., eds.

Text Vol 1|Audio Book Vol 1|Text Vol 2|Audio Book Vol 2|

Text Vol 3|Audio Book Vol 3|Text Vol 4|Audio Book Vol 4|

Text Vol 5|Audio Book Vol 5|Text Vol 6|Audio Book Vol 6|

Text Vol 7|Audio Book Vol 7|Text Vol 8|Audio Book Vol 8|

Text Vol 9|Audio Book Vol 9|Text Vol 10|Audio Book Vol 10|

Text Vol 11|Audio Book Vol 11|Text Vol 12|Audio Book Vol 12|

Text Vol 13|Audio Book Vol 13|Text Vol 14|Audio Book Vol 14|

Text Vol 15|Audio Book Vol 15|Text Vol 16|Audio Book Vol 16|

Text Vol 17|Audio Book Vol 17|Text Vol 18|Audio Book Vol 18|

Text Vol 19|Audio Book Vol 19|Text Vol 20|Audio Book Vol 20|

Text Vol 21|Audio Book Vol 21|Text Vol 22|Audio Book Vol 22|

Text Vol 23|Audio Book Vol 23|Text Vol 24 No Audio Book Vol 24

Text Vol 25 No Audio Book Vol 25 Text Vol 26|Audio Book Vol 26|

Text Vol 27|Audio Book Vol 27|Text Vol 28|Audio Book Vol 28|

Text Vol 29|Audio Book Vol 29|Text Vol 30|Audio Book Vol 30|

Text Vol 31|Audio Book Vol 31|Text Vol 32|Audio Book Vol 32

The series, The Chronicles of Canada, edited by George M. Wrong and H. H. Langton of the University of Toronto, was described by the publisher as, “A series of thirty-two freshly-written narratives for popular reading, designed to set forth in historic continuity the principal events and movements in Canada to the outbreak of the World War.” The volumes, published between 1914 and 1916, are each about 110-120 pages in length and end with a “Bibliographical Note” and index. Online audio books were also found for most volumes.

Parts, authors and volume titles are:

Part I – The First European Visitors
Vol 1. Leacock, Stephen, The Dawn of Canadian History; A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada
Vol 2. Leacock, Stephen, The Mariner of St. Malo; A Chronicle of the Voyages of Jacques Cartier

Part II – The Rise of New France
Vol 3. Colby, Charles W., The Founder of New France; A Chronicle of Champlain
Vol 4. Marquis, Thomas Guthrie, The Jesuit Missions; A Chronicle of the Cross in the Wilderness
Vol 5. Munro, William Bennett, The Seigneurs of Old Canada; A Chronicle of New World Feudalism
Vol 6. Chapais, Thomas, The Great intendant; A Chronicle of Jean Talon in Canada 1665-1672
Vol 7. Colby, Charles W., The Fighting Governor; A Chronicle of Frontenac

Part III – The English Invasion
Vol 8. Wood, William, The Great Fortress; A Chronicle of Louisbourg 1720-1760
Vol 9. Doughty, Arthur G., The Acadian Exiles; A Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline
Vol 10. Wood, William, The Passing of New France; A Chronicle of Montcalm
Vol 11. Wood, William, The Winning of Canada; A Chronicle of Wolfe

Part IV – The Beginnings of British Canada
Vol 12. Wood, William, The Father of British Canada; A Chronicle of Carleton
Vol 13. Wallace, W. Stewart, The United Empire Loyalists; A Chronicle of the Great Migration
Vol 14. Wood, William, The War with the United States; A Chronicle of 1812

Part V – The Red Man in Canada
Vol 15. Marquis, Thomas Guthrie, The War Chief of the Ottawas; A Chronicle of the Pontiac War
Vol 16. Wood, Louis Aubrey, The War Chief of the Six Nations; A Chronicle of Joseph Brant
Vol 17. Raymond, Ethel T., Tecumseh; A Chronicle of the Last Great Leader of his People

Part VI – Pioneers of the North and West
Vol 18. Laut, Agnes Christina, The ‘Adventurers of England’ on Hudson Bay; A Chronicle of the Fur Trade in the North
Vol 19. Burpee, Lawrence J., Pathfinders of the Great Plains; A Chronicle of La Verendrye and his Sons
Vol. 20. Leacock, Stephen, Adventurers of the Far North; A Chronicle of the Frozen Seas
Vol. 21. Wood, Louis Aubrey, The Red River Colony; A Chronicle of the Beginnings of Manitoba
Vol. 22. Laut, Agnes Christina, Pioneers of the Pacific Coast; A Chronicle of Sea Rovers and Fur Hunters
Vol. 23. Laut, Agnes Christina, The Cariboo Trail; A Chronicle of the Gold-fields of British Columbia

Part VII – The Struggle for Political Freedom
Vol. 24. Wallace, W. Stewart, The Family Compact; A Chronicle of the Rebellion in Upper Canada
Vol. 25. Decelles, Alfred D., The ‘Patriotes’ of ’37; A Chronicle of the Lower Canadian Rebellion
Vol. 26. Grant, William Lawson, The Tribune of Nova Scotia; A Chronicle of Joseph Howe
Vol. 27. Macmechan, Archibald, The Winning of Popular Government; A Chronicle of the Union of 1841

Part VIII – The Growth of Nationality
Vol. 28. Colquhoun, A. H. U., The Fathers of Confederation; A Chronicle of the Birth of the Dominion
Vol. 29. Pope, Sir Joseph, Sir John Macdonald; A Chronicle of the First Prime Minister of the Dominion
Vol. 30. Skelton, Oscar D., The Day of Sir Wilfrid Laurier; A Chronicle of Our Own Times

Part IX – National Highways
Vol. 31. Wood, William, All Afloat; A Chronicle of Craft and Waterways
Vol. 32. Skelton, Oscar D., The Railway Builders; A Chronicle of Overland Highways

Canadian History; A Syllabus and Guide to Reading

Macmillan 1926
Trotter, Reginald GeorgeGo to Book

972 Middle America, Mexico

A Winter in the West Indies, Described in Familiar Letters to Henry Clay, of Kentucky

London: Murray 1840
Gurney, Joseph JohnGo to Book
DDC: 972

Journal of a West India Proprietor, Kept During a Residence in the Island of Jamaica

London: Murray 1834
Lewis, Matthew GregoryGo to Book
DDC: 972

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