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973 General history of North America – United States


General histories

A History of the United States

Bourne, Henry Eldridge and Benton, Elbert Jay Go to Book
DDC: 973

“A well-written and attractive high school text.”
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. Discoverers and Explorers
2. Gaining a Foothold on the Atlantic Shore
3. Exploring the Mississippi Valley
4. The Founding of Virginia
5. The Exiles for Conscience Sake at Plymouth
6. The Beginnings of New England
7. Maryland, a Refuge for English Catholics
8. Dutch and English Rivalries: Beginnings of a Great State
9. A Second Great Emigration
10. The French Rivals
11. The Making of New Frontiers
12. How the Colonists Lived
13. How the Colonies Were Governed
14. Conquest of the French Colonies in America
15. Why the English Colonists Became Revolutionists
16. The Outbreak of War
17. The Birth of a New Nation
18. Life in War Time
19. How the French Helped the Colonists
20. The Difficulties of the New Republic
21. Starting the New Government
22. The United States and Europe
23. Rule of Jefferson: A New West
24. The United States and the Napoleonic Wars
25. The War of 1812
26. New Work and New Routes
27. The March of Population Westward
28. Government by the People
29. Problems of the New Democracy
30. Neighboring Countries Bring on New Questions
31. How the United States Won the Pacific Coast
32. A Great Domain, New Tools, and Willing Hands
33. The Question of Slavery
34. A Divided Nation
35. The Beginning of Civil War
36. Story of Victory and defeat
37. Conquering a Peace
38. Peace and Its Problems
39. Neighbors and Rivals
40. The Prairie States
41. New Methods of Working
42. The New South
43. The Last Barriers
44. Laborers of a Great Nation
45. New Methods of Government
46. The New Education
47. The Republic and the Larger World

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Border Fights and Fighters …

McClure, Phillips 1902
Brady, Cyrus Townsend Go to Book
DDC: 973

(title continued) ” … Stories of the Pioneers between the Alleghenies and the Mississippi and in the Texan Republic”

Many chapters, each devoted to a person, campaign or battle, are listed under the following parts and sub-parts:

1. Pennsylvania
– How Henry Bouquet Saved Pennsylvania
– Captain Samuel Brady, Chief of the Rangers

2. Virginia, Tennessee, the Carolinas
– On the Eve of the Revolution
– The Pioneers of East Tennessee
– Unpublished Account of the Battle of King’s Mountain, by the Rev. Stephen Foster, A Participant

3. Kentucky
– Daniel Boone, Greatest of Pioneers
– The Women and Children of Bryan’s Station

4. The Far South
– The Massacre at Fort Mims
– Jackson’s Victory at Tohopeka
– When the Seminoles Fought for Freedom

5. The Northwest Territory
– George Rogers Clark and the Great Northwest
– Tecumseh and William Henry Harrison
– The Massacre on the River Raisin
– George Croghan and the Defence of Fort Stephenson

6. Texas
– David Crockett and the Most Desperate Defence in American History
– The Worst of Santa Anna’s Misdeeds
– Sam Houston and Freedom

Revolutionary Fights and Fighters

Doubleday, Page 1913
Brady, Cyrus TownsendGo to Book
DDC: 973

Chapters are each devoted to a battle or campaign. The book is divided into the following parts:

1. The War of the Revolution 1775-1783
2. The Indian War in the Northwest 1791-1794
3. The War with France 1798-1800
4. War with Tripoli 1802-1805
5. The Second War with England 1812-1815

The Middle Period, 1817-1858

NY: Scribner’s Sons 1909
Burgess, John W.Go to Book
DDC: 973

The Appalachian Frontier; America’s First Surge Westward

Bobbs-Merrill 1959
Caruso, John Anthony Go to Book
DDC: 973

Chapter headings:

1. Explorers in the Back Country
2. The Immigrants
3. The French and Indian War
4. The Long Hunters in Kentucky
5. The Regulators of North Carolina
6. The Wataugans
7. Lord Dunmore’s War
8. The Wilderness Trail
9. Transylvania
10. Siege of Boonesboro
11. Pattern of Life
12. King’s Mountain
13. Settlements on the Cumberland
14. Franklin, the Lost State
15. Kentucky: Struggle for Statehood
16. Making of Tennessee
Selected Bibliography

History of the United States of America

Elson, Henry William Go to Book
DDC: 973

“A very successful attempt to present in a single volume for the general reader, an accurate and interesting narrative of the history of the United States, from the earliest times to the present day. This revision of the 1920 edition adds chapters on the world war and America’s part in it, the peace treaty, and the Arms conference at Washington.”
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926
Chapter headings are:

1. Christopher Columbus
2. The Indian
3. Explorations
4. Colonization – The Southern Colonies
5. Colonization – New England
6. New England Affairs
7. Colonization – The Middle Colonies
8. Colonial Wars
9. The French and Indian War
10. Colonial Life
11. The Revolution – Opening Events and Causes
12. The Revolution – War and Independence
13. The Revolution – From Saratoga to Monmouth
14. The Revolution – The Frontier, the Ocean, and the South
15. The Temporary Government
16. The Constitution
17. Twelve years of Federal Supremacy
18. Jefferson and the Democracy
19. The War of 1812
20. Dawn of National Consciousness
21. The Reign of Jackson
22. Rise of the Slavery Question
23. The Mexican War and the compromise of 1850
24. The Great Political Duel Between the North and the South Preceding the Civil War
25. An Ante-Bellum View
26. Drifting Toward Hostilities
27. Beginnings of the Great War
28. The Civil War – The First Year’s Conflict
29. The Civil War – War on a Grand Scale
30. The Civil War – the Great Final Double Movement
31. Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction
32. Recuperating Years
33. Industrial Progress
34. War and Expansion
35. The Twentieth Century
36. Latest Industrial Progress and Inventions

For historic maps of the Great Lakes region and states, see:
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Ohio Maps, Atlases & Map Collections;
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Illinois Maps, Map Collections & Gazetteers;
Michigan Maps, Map Collections & Gazetteers;
Wisconsin Maps, Map Collections & Gazetteers

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The Development of the United States from Colonies to a World Power

Farrand, MaxGo to Book
DDC: 973

“An interpretation of the most significant movements in American history showing how and why the United States has risen to a commanding position in the realm of industry and finance and become one of the leading powers of the world. Lays particular emphasis on the commercial, industrial and intellectual changes and the adjustments necessary to meet new conditions.” Cleveland
“This small volume expresses the new vitalizing spirit and the new point of view which has been gradually finding its way into the study and interpretation of American history . . . The volume should prove interesting to the general reader and also useful as a supplementary text in a general introductory course in American history.” American Political Science Review
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. Colonization
2. Independence
3. The United States
4. The New Government
5. Liberal Government
6. The New America
7. Democracy
8. The Jacksonian Era
9. Manifest Destiny
10. Slavery and the Civil War
11. Reconstruction and Adjustment
12. The Growth of the West
13. A Nation at Work
14. Business and Politics
15. The Second Generation
16. The United States as a World Power

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Advanced American History

Forman, Samuel EagleGo to Book
DDC: 973

“The book is not only an admirable text book for secondary schools, it is an excellent history for the general reader.” Boston Transcript
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. A Glance at Europe in the Fifteenth Century
2. “The Finding of Strange Coasts”
3. Aboriginal America
4. The Gold-Hunters of Spain and the Fishermen of France
5. The Rise of England in the Sixteenth Century
6. The Coming of the English, The French and the Dutch
7. The Colonization of New England
8. The Expansion of Massachusetts: The Development of New England
9. The Old Dominion and its Neighbors
10. The Middle Colonies
11. The Colonies in 1700
12. A Half Century of Colonial Growth (1700-1750)
13. The Struggle for a Continent
14. Over the Mountains
15. Life in the Colonies During the Closing Years of the Colonial Period (1763-1783)
16. The Quarrel
17. Blows and separation
18. The Struggle and the Victory
19. A Critical Period (1783-1789)
20. Forming a More Perfect union
21. Setting the Federal Government in Motion
22. Setting the Federal Government in Motion, 1789-1801 (Continued)
23. A Survey of the New-Born Nation
24. The Struggle for Commercial Freedom (1801-1817)
25. The Struggle for Commercial Freedom (Continued)
26. The Westward Movement (1800-1820)
27. An Era of Good Feeling (1817-1825)
28. The Jacksonian Era (1825-1841)
29. The Jacksonian Era (Continued)
30. Progress Between 1820 and 1840
31. The Great Westward Extension
32. The Westward Movement in the Forties (1840-1850)
33. Slavery in the United States in 1850
34. Slavery an Overshadowing Issue; Party Reorganization
35. The Rise of the Republican Party (1854-1860)
36. Progress in the Fifties (1850-1860)
37. Secession and the Call to Arms
38. The Civil War
39. War Times North and South
40. The Work of Reconstruction
41. Eight Years of Troublous Times (1869-1877)
42. Eight Years of Wondrous Growth (1877-1885)
43. The Beginning of a New Industrial Era (1885-1897)
44. The United States as a World Power
45. A Progressive Era (1905-1914)
46. The Wilson Administration

explorations of the Portuguese, Vasco da Gama, voyage of John Cabot, North American Indian, New Amsterdam, Quebec, colonization, royal province, Dutch rule, settlement of Kentucky, settlement of Ohio Valley, backwoods, frontier, industrial conditions, commerce, social and political life, Intolerable Acts, Loyalists, French Alliance, Treaty of 1783, State Constitutions, The Confederation, Northwest Territory, Constitutional Convention, Ratification of Constitution, emergence of political parties, foreign relations, election of John Adams, westward movement, Tripolitan War, Louisiana Purchase, War of 1812, land policy, American nationality, Missouri Compromise, Monroe Doctrine, Tariff of 1824, John Quincy Adams, Nullification, Jackson and the Bank, Martin Van Buren, Whig party, President Tyler, Texan Question, Oregon Question, acquisition of California, acquisition of New Mexico, Preemption Act, Slaveholders, Slave Life, Wilmot Proviso; Election of 1848, Fugitive Slave Law, Compromise of 1850, Dred Scott Decision, Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Confederate States of America, secession, Trent Affair, War in the West, Emancipation of the Slaves, policy of Reconstruction, President Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, The Dingley Bill, intervention in Cuba, the Spanish War, President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson

An Outline of United States History; for use in the General Course in United States History, Yale College

Gabriel, Ralph, Malone, Dumas and Manning, FrederickGo to Book
DDC: 973

Yale course of home study, based on The chronicles of America (Chronicles of America series Supplement v.) A guide to be used in connection with the Chronicles of America series. “This outline has been prepared for the use of the person who wishes to become familiar with the story of his country. It is intended to serve as a guide to enable him more clearly to trace the various phases in the development of the American people and to understand the relations of one phase to another.” Preface
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

The American Environment
The Struggle for Empire, 1492-1763
Colonial Civilization, Middle of Eighteenth Century
The Revolt of the British Colonies, 1763-1783
The Genesis of the New Government, 1783-1801
Laying the Foundations for Economic Independence and National Growth, 1801-1825
The Jacksonian Era, 1825-1841
Manifest Destiny and Conquest to the Pacific, 1841-1861
The Controversy over Slavery, 1841-1861
Civil War and Reconstruction
Analysis of Economic and Social Changes, 1865-1900
Domestic and Foreign Politics, 1865-1900
Economic and Social Changes, 1900-1920
Domestic and Foreign Politics, 1900-1920

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American History Leaflets; Colonial and Constitutional

Lovell 1892-1910
Hart, Albert Bushnell and Channing, Edward, ed.Numbers 1-21|Numbers 22-36
DDC: 973

Each number contains one or more historical documents on a single topic. First volume:

1. “The Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel, Announcing his Discovery, with Extracts from his Journal”
2. “The Ostend Manifesto, 1854”
3. “Extracts from the Sagas Describing the Voyages to Vinland”
4. “Extracts from Official Declarations of the United States Embodying the Monroe Doctrine. 1789-1891”
5. “Extracts from the Treaty of Paris of 1763”
6. “Extracts from Official Papers Relating to the Bering Sea Controversy. 1790-1892”
7. “The Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England. 1643-1684”
8. “Exact Text of the Constitution of the United States and the Accompanying Documents, 1787-1870”
9. “Documents Describing the Voyage of John Cabot in 1497”
10. “Governor McDuffie’s Message on the Slavery Question 1835”
11. “Jefferson’s Proposed Instructions to the Virginia Delegates, 1774, and the Original Draft of the Declaration of Independence, 1776”
12. “Ordinances of Secession and other Documents 1860-1861”
13. “Coronado’s Journey to New Mexico and the Great Plains, 1540-42, as described by the first European Visitors”
14. “Plans of Union 1696-1780”
15. “The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, with the Alien, Sedition, and other Acts, 1798-99”
16. “Documents Illustrating the Territorial Development of the United States, 1584-1774”
17. “Documents Relating to the Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854”
18. “Lincoln’s Inaugural and First Message to Congress”
19. “Extracts from the Navigation Acts, 1645-1696”
20. “The Exact Text of the Articles of Confederation with the Franklin and Dickinson Drafts”
21. “The Stamp Act 1765”

Second volume:

22 “Documents Illustrating State Land Claims and Cessions, 1776-1802
23. “Extracts from the Dred Scott Decision, 1857”
24. “Documents Relative to the Bank Controversy, 1816-1833”
25. “The Earliest New England Code of Laws, 1641
26. “Extracts from Lincoln’s State Papers”
27. “Captain John Smith’s True Relation, 1608”
28. “Proposals to Amend the Articles of Confederation 1781-1789”
29. “Extracts from Bradford’s History of Plymouth Plantation”
30. “Constitutional Doctrines of Webster, Haney and Calhoun”
31. “Extracts from John Winthrop’s History of New England”
32. “Documents Relating to Territorial Administration, chiefly from the original manuscripts 1778-1790”
33. “James Otis’s Speech on Writs of Assistance 1761”
34. “Extracts from Official Papers Relating to the Isthmian Canal 1515-1909”
35. “Report of the Hartford Convention”
36. “Jamestown, 1607, 1619”

American History Told by Contemporaries

Hart, Albert Bushnell Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2|Go to Vol 3|Go to Vol 4|Go to Vol 5
DDC: 973

“The object of these volumes is to furnish a collection of sources for the study of American history . . . Few public documents are given, but rather extracts from diaries and contemporary narratives. The editor believes that by means of such material the reader will get a knowledge of the real life of the past and catch its true spirit. The selections will be of great service in furnishing illustrative material for teachers or for students who are reading modern authors. Each selection is preceded by a very short statement concerning the life of the author.” Larned’s Literature of American History.
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929

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Sea power in American History; the Influence of the Navy and the Merchant Marine upon American Development

Krafft, Herman Frederick and Norris, Walter B. Go to Book
DDC: 973

“A clear presentation of the development of both the naval and the commercial branches of seapower and their effect on American history. There are chapters on John Paul Jones, Decatur, Porter, Farragut, and Mahan.”
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926
Chapter headings are:

1. British Sea Power Wins an Empire in America
2. The Defeat of British Sea Power Gives America Independence
3. Paul Jones, the Genius of Revolutionary Sea Power
4. The Rise of Commercial Sea Power in America During the Napoleonic Wars
5. American Naval Power Reborn
6. Sea Power Dominates the War of 1812
7. Sea Power on the Great Lakes
9. Lake Champlain the Decisive Theater of American Sea Power
10. Decatur the Popular Idol of Sea Power
11. David Porter – The Personification of Americanism at Sea
12. Sea Power Aids National Expansion
13. The Climax of American Achievement with Wood and Sail
14. Fulton and Ericsson in America Revolutionize the Sea Power of the World
15. The Blockade a Decisive Instrument of Sea Power in the Civil War
16. The Monitor Establishes Union Control of the Sea
17. Confederate Sea Power Strikes a Deadly Blow at the American Merchant Marine
18. Sea Power Splits the Confederacy in Two
19. Sea Power at Mobile Bay
20. David Glasgow Farragut
21. Mahan Revolutionizes the World’s Conception of Sea Power
22. Sea Power in the Pacific
23. Sea Power Makes the Panama Canal Possible
24. American Sea Power in the World War

United States History, Naval, Merchant marine, free ebooks, history

Documentary Source Book of American History 1606-1898

MacDonald, William Go to Book
DDC: 973

“A selection of the most necessary and useful documents from the author’s “Select charters,” “Select documents” and “Select statutes” with notes, designed for use in courses which cover both the colonial and the constitutional periods of American history.”
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929

For historic maps of the Great Lakes region and states, see:
Great Lakes Maps, Atlases & Map Collections
Ohio Maps, Atlases & Map Collections;
Indiana Maps, Map Collections & Gazetteers;
Illinois Maps, Map Collections & Gazetteers;
Michigan Maps, Map Collections & Gazetteers;
Wisconsin Maps, Map Collections & Gazetteers

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From Jefferson to Lincoln

NY: Holt 1913
MacDonald, WilliamGo to Book
DDC: 973

Men and Measures of Half a Century

NY: Scribner 1888
McCulloch, HughGo to Book
DDC: 973

Covers the approximate period of 1830-1880s.

Readings in American History

Muzzey, David Saville Go to Book
DDC: 973

“A source book selected from “acts of Congress, decisions of courts, proclamations and messages of presidents, records of debates, party platforms, charters, pamphlets, memoirs, diaries, letters, plays, poems, etc.—that are available for the illustration of American history.”
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Table of Contents:

Part I – The Establishment of the English
1. The New World
The Discovery of America
A Century of Exploration

2. The English Colonies
The Old Dominion
The New England Settlements
The Proprietary Colonies
The Colonies in the Eighteenth Century

3. The Struggle with France for North America
The Rise of New France
The Fall of New France

Part II – The Separation of the Colonies from England
4. British Rule in America
The Authority of Parliament in the Colonies
Taxation without Representation
The Punishment of Massachusetts

5. The Birth of the Nation
The Declaration of Independence
The Revolutionary War

Part III – The New Republic
6. The Constitution
The Critical Period
“A More Perfect Union”

7. Federalists and Republicans
Launching the Government
The Reign of Federalism
The Jeffersonian Policies
The War of 1812

Part IV – National versus Sectional Interests
8. The Growth of a National Consciousness
A New American Spirit
The Monroe Doctrine

9. Sectional Interests
The Favorite Sons
An Era of Hard Feeling
The “Tariff of Abominations”

10. “The Reign of Andrew Jackson”
A New Party

Part V – Slavery and the West
11. The Gathering Cloud
The Missouri Compromise
The Abolitionists

12. Texas
The “Reoccupation” of Oregon and the “Reannexation” of Texas
The Mexican War

13. The Compromise of 1850
The New Territory
The Omnibus Bill
The Four Years’ Truce

Part VI – The Crisis of Disunion
14. Approaching the Crisis
The Repeal of the Missouri Compromise and the Formation of the Republican Party
“A House Divided against Itself”

15. Secession
The Election of Abraham Lincoln
The Southern Confederacy
The Fall of Fort Sumter

16. The Civil War
The Opposing Forces
From Bull Run to Gettysburg
The Triumph of the North

Part VII – The Political and Industrial History of the Republic Since the Civil War
17. Twenty Years of Republican Supremacy
The Aftermath of the War
A New Industrial Age

18. The Cleveland Democracy
A People’s President
A Billion Dollar Country
Problems of Cleveland’s Second Term

19. Entering the Twentieth Century
The Spanish War and the Philippines
The Roosevelt Policies
The Return of the Democrats

20. America and the World War
Problems of Peace

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The Last American Frontier

Paxson, Frederic LoganGo to Book
DDC: 973

“A history which is distinctive, readable, and comprehensive. It tells with spirit the stirring story of the frontier colonies, and records the changes brought about in national policies by the problems, economic and social, which required adjustment in their struggle for statehood. It covers the period from 1763 to 1893.”
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926
Chapter headings are:

1. The Westward Movement
2. The Indian Frontier
3. Iowa and the new Northwest
4. The Santa Fe Trail
5. The Oregon Trail
6. Overland with the Mormons
7. California and the Forty-niners
8. Kansas and the Indian Frontier
9. “Pike’s Peak or Bust!”
10. From Arizona to Montana
11. The Overland Mail
12. The Engineers’ Frontier
13. The union Pacific Railroad
14. The Plains in the Civil War
15. The Cheyenne War
16. The Sioux War
17. The Peace Commission and the Open Way
18. Black Kettle’s Last Raid
19. The First of the Railways
20. The New Indian Policy
21. The Last Stand: Chief Joseph and Sitting Bull
22. Letting in the Population
23. Bibliographical Note

United States, history, frontier, book, historical

Documents Illustrative of American History 1606-1863

G.P. Putnam’s Sons 1886
Preston, Howard W.Go to Book
DDC: 973

(title continued) ” … with Introductions and References”

Contains 32 historical documents.

History of the United States from the Compromise of 1850 to the End of the Roosevelt Administration

NY: Harper 1893-1928
Rhodes, James Ford

Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2|Go to Vol 3|Go to Vol 4

Go to Vol 5|Go to Vol 6|Go to Vol 7|Go to Vol 8|Go to Vol 9

DDC: 973

Vol 1. 1850-1854
Vol 2. 1854-1860
Vol 3. 1860-1862
Vol 4. 1862-1864
Vol 5. 1864-1866
Vol 6. 1866-1877
Vol 7. 1872-1877
Vol 8. 1877-1896
Vol 9. 1896-1909

New Viewpoints in American History

Schlesinger, Arthur MeierGo to Book
DDC: 973

“Essays showing the influence on American history of certain factors, including immigration, economic trends, radicalism and conservatism, the role of women, and states’ rights.”
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926
Chapter headings are:

1. The Influence of Immigration on American History
2. Geographic Factors in American Development
3. Economic Influences in American History
4. The Decline of Aristocracy in America
5. Radicalism and Conservatism in American History
6. The Role of Women in American History
7. The American Revolution
8. Economic Aspects of the Movement for the Constitution
9. The Significance of Jacksonian Democracy
10. The State Rights Fetish
11. The Foundations of the Modern Era
12. The Riddle of the Parties

United States, politics, government

Division and Reunion, 1829-1889

NY: Longmans, Green 1893
Wilson, WoodrowGo to Book
DDC: 973


The American Nation, a History: from original sources by associated scholars (28 vols)

Hart, Albert Bushnell, ed. Go to All Vols
DDC: 973

“[Most volumes are included individually in appropriate parts of Section 970.]
This set is recommended as a good starting point for a library building up its collection. In this catalog all the volumes are listed separately with other books on the various periods because the majority of libraries consulted voted to have them separated rather than kept together as a set. If the set is kept together with its index (v28) it will sometimes furnish a convenient first aid.
“The best comprehensive cooperative history written by specialists; a standard work; very valuable for collateral reading; mainly political and constitutional with some attention to economic and social history; contains notes, maps
and extensive bibliographies.” M. W. Jernegan
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929

U.S. History, books, online books

Chronicles of America series

Johnson, Allen, ed. Go to Series
DDC: 973

The complete set has 50 volumes, but not all volumes are available online. Some of the volumes have their own individual entries in appropriate parts of Section 970 of this website.
An attractive series planned to appeal to the general reader. The volumes are of somewhat unequal merit. “These volumes are for the most part scholarly and at the same time written in an unusually interesting ‘story-telling’ manner.” M. W. Jernegan
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929

U.S. History, free online books, book, historical

973.1 Voyages and discoveries, to 1607

Spain in America 1450-1580 (American Nation, Vol. 3)

Bourne, Edward GaylordGo to Book
DDC: 973.1

A reliable and interesting book which provides an account of the discovery and exploration of America and also presents a sketch of the Spanish colonial system. Critical essay on authorities.
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. Preliminaries of Discovery (867-1487)
2. Preparations of Columbus (1446-1487)
3. Columbus’s Discovery and the Papal Demarcation Line (1492-1494)
4. Columbus at the Zenith of his Fortunes (1493-1500)
5. Voyages of the Cabots and Corte-Reals (1496-1502)
6. Development of the Coast-Line (1496-1506)
7. Amerigo Vespucci and the Naming of America (1499-1507)
8. The Search for a Strait (1508-1514)
9. Magellan and the First Voyage around the World (1519-1522)
10. Exploration of the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts (1512-1541)
11. Exploration of the Interior of North America (1517-1541)
12. French and Spaniards in Florida (1558-1568)
13. The Achievement of Three Generations (1492-1580)
14. The Beginnings of Spanish Colonial Policy (1493-1518)
15. Spanish Colonial Government and Administration (1493-1821)
16. Spanish Emigration to America (1500-1600)
17. Race Element and Social Conditions in Spanish America (1500-1821)
18. Negro Slaves (1502-1821)
19. Colonial Commerce and Industry (1495-1821)
20. The Transmission of European Culture (1493-1821)
21. Critical Essay on Authorities

American Discovery & Exploration

See the Century Past Biography Directory for free online biographies of hundreds of historical figures.

The European Background of American History, 1300-1600 (American Nation, Vol. 1)

Cheyney, Edward Potts Go to Book
DDC: 973.1

“The object of this book is to furnish a background that will help the students understand conditions and social forces in America. It includes an account of medieval commerce, early explorations, the great commercial companies and their colonies, the religious wars of Europe, and English life and forms of government.” Standard catalog for high school libraries. Critical essay on authorities.
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. The East and the West (1200-1500)
2. Oriental and Occidental Trade-Routes (1200-1500)
3. Italian Contributions to Exploration (1200-1500)
4. Pioneer Work of Portugal (1400-1527)
5. The Spanish Monarchy in the Age of Columbus (1474-1525)
6. Political Institutions of Central Europe (1400-1650)
7. The System of Chartered Commercial Companies (155)-1700)
8. Typical American Colonizing Companies (1600-1628)
9. The Protestant Reformation on the Continent (1500-1625)
10. Religious Wars in the Netherlands and Germany (1520-1648)
11. The English Church and the Catholics (1534-1660)
12. The English Puritans and the Sects (1550-1689)
13. The Political System of England (1500-1689)
14. The English County and its Officers (1600-1650)
15. English Justices of the Peace (1600-1650)
16. English Parish or Township Government (1500-1650)
17. Critical Essay on Authorities

American Discovery, Exploration, Commerce, History, history free, online library

The Journal of his First Voyage to America

Columbus, Christopher Go to Book
DDC: 973.1

“It is the actual record of the journey which has inspired hundreds of novels, plays and poems, and the reader may be assured that this simple, bare and direct narrative of one of the world’s greatest adventures is much more interesting than most of these creative efforts.” NY Times
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929

Discovery and Exploration, free ebooks

The Discovery of America, with some account of Ancient America and the Spanish Conquest

Fiske, John Go to Book|Go to Book
DDC: 973.1

“A rare combination of thorough scholarship, well balanced judgment and literary charm characterize this work.” Larned’s Literature of American History.
“Through his brilliant series covering the colonial and Revolutionary periods, Fiske has done perhaps more than any other writer to make the reading of our history popular.” E. W. Pahlow
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

Volume I
1. Ancient America
2. Pre-Columbian Voyages
3. Europe and Cathay
4. The Search for the Indies – Eastward or Portuguese Route
5. The Search for the Indies – Westward or Spanish Route
6. The Finding of Strange Coasts

Volume II
7. Mundus Novus
8. The Conquest of Mexico
9. Ancient Peru
10. The Conquest of Peru
11. Las Casas
12. The Work of Two Centuries

Discovery and Exploration, Spanish America

Cartier to Frontenac; Geographical Discovery in the Interior of North America in its Historical Relations 1534-1700

Winsor, Justin Go to Book
DDC: 973.1

“Neither the cartographical nor the historical side of the study is slighted and, without parade of learning, the results of a profound though special erudition are given in each chapter. Equally interesting and thorough, it is a standard of what such writing should be. The illustrations are also a strong feature of the book. It abounds with excellent reproductions of plans, portraits and early maps.”
– The Literature of American History
Chapter headings are:

1. From Columbus to Cartier. 1492-1534
2. Cartier, Roberval, and Allefonsce. 1534-1542
3. The Results of Cartier’s Explorations. 1542-503
4. Abortive Attempts at Colonization. 1600-1607
5. Colonization Established at Quebec. 1608-1613
6. War, Trade, and Missions. The Fall of Quebec. 1614-1629
7. Quebec Restored. Explorations of Nicolet. Death of Champlain. 1630-1635
8. From the Death of Champlain to the Reorganization of the Government. 1635-1663
9. Reorganized Canada. 1663-1672
10. The Mississippi Reached. 1673
11. Cataraqui and Creveceour. 1673-1680
12. Duluth and Hennepin on the Mississippi. 1678-1683
13. La Salle, Frontenac, and La Barre. 1681-1683
14. La Salle’s Texan Colony. 1684-1687
15. Denonville and Dongan. 1683-1687
16. Frontenac Recalled. 1687-1698

Discovery and Exploration, New France, Canada, Mississippi River Valley, History


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