U.S. History; 1845 through the Civil War

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973 United States History continued

973.6 Middle nineteenth century, 1845-1861

Our First War in Mexico

Bishop, Farnham Go to Book
DDC: 973.6

A popular narrative history of the causes and events of the war between the United States and Mexico, 1846-48.
— A.L.A. Catalog 1926
Chapter headings are:

1. Texas and the Kingdom of New Spain
2. The Mexican War of Independence
3. Migration of Americans to Texas
4. “Remember the Alamo!”
5. Mediation and Annexation
6. Causes of the War
7. Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma
8. The Conquest of California
9. Monterey and Buena Vista
10. New Mexico and Chihuahua
11. Vera Cruz and Cerro Gordo
12. From Puebla to Churubusco
13. The Fall of the City of Mexico
14. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
15. The Results of the War

United States history, Mexican war, military history

Mr. Buchanan’s Administration on the Eve of the Rebellion

NY: Appleton 1866
Buchanan, James (President)Go to Book
DDC: 973.6

Causes of the Civil War 1859-1861 (American Nation, Vol. 19)

Chadwick, French Ensor Go to Book
DDC: 973.6

“The author presents the full significance of the John Brown raid, pictures the attitude of Buchanan and his unsuccessful attempts at compromise, discusses the status of the federal forts, pays tribute to the high minded attitude of Lincoln and closes with the fall of Sumter.” Book Review Digest. Maps.
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. Drift towards Southern Nationalization (1850-1860)
2. The Slave-Holding South (1850-1860)
3. Dominance of Calhoun’s Political Conceptions (1850-1860)
4. Expectations of the South (1850-1860)
5. The John Brown Raid (1858-1859)
6. Rising Spirit of Antagonism in Congress (1859-1860)
7. Preliminaries of the Presidential Election (1860)
8. The Tide of Separation (September-November, 1860)
9. Secession Accomplished (October, 1860 – February, 1861)
10. Buchanan’s Attitude towards Secession (November – December, 1860)
11. Schemes of Compromise (December, 1860 – January, 1861)
12. Status of the Forts (October 29, 1860 – December 20, 1860)
13. The Fort Sumter Crisis (December 2, 1860 – January 8, 1861)
14. Episode of the Star of the West (January, 1861)
15. Fort Pickens and the Confederacy (January, 1861 – February, 1861)
16. Border States and Second Effort at Compromise (January, 1861 – February, 1861)
17. Lincoln’s Attitude (December, 1860 – February, 1861)
18. The Last Negotiation (March 4, 1861 – April 12, 1861)
19. The Fall of Fort Sumter (April, 1861)
20. Critical Essay on Authorities

American Civil War, Causes of the Civil War

The Coming of the Civil War

NY: Scribern’s Sons 1942
Craven, AveryGo to Book
DDC: 973.6

History of Missouri Compromise and Slavery in American Politics …

Cincinnati: Clarke 1903
Dixon, Mrs. Archibald (Susan B. Dixon)Go to Book
DDC: 973.6

(title continued) ” … a true history of the Missouri Compromise and its repeal, and of African slavery as a factor in American politics”

History of the Rebellion; its Authors and Causes

NY: Follet, Foster 1864
Giddings, Joshua R.Go to Book
DDC: 973.6

A Review of the Political Conflict in America, from the Commencement of the Anti-slavery Agitation to the Close of Southern Reconstruction …

NY: Pollock 1876
Harris, AlexanderGo to Book
DDC: 973.6

(title continued) ” … comprising also a résumé of the career of Thaddeus Stevens: being a survey of the struggle of parties which destroyed the republic and virtually monarchized its government”

The Abolition Crusade and its Consequences

NY: Scribner’s Sons 1912
Herbert, Hilary AbnerGo to Book
DDC: 973.6

See the Century Past Biography Directory for free online biographies of hundreds of historical figures.

The United States and Mexico 1821-1848

Rives, George LockhartGo to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2
DDC: 973.6

A study of the relations between the two countries.
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

Volume I
1. The Florida Treaty
2. Mexico Achieves her Independence
3. The People of Mexico
4. The People of Mexico (continued)
5. The Northern Frontier of Mexico
6. The Permanent Settlement of Texas
7. Mexican Politics: 1824-1830
8. Mexico Resolves to Take Order with the Texans
9. Santa Anna in Control
10. President Jackson’s Offers to Purchase Texas
11. Texas in Arms
12. Texas Stands by the Constitution
13. The Mexican Invasion
14. San Jacinto
15. American Sympathy with Texas
16. Texas Proposes Annexation
17. Claims Against Mexico
18. Santa Anna Once More
19. The Republic of Texas
20. The Whigs and Mexico
21. Efforts at Mediation
22. British Proposals for Abolishing Slavery in Texas
23. Tyler’s Treaty of Annexation
24. The Election of Polk
25. The Banishment of Santa Anna
26. Congress Invites Texas to Enter the Union
27. Texas Enters the Union

Volume II
28. The Oregon Question
29. The Problems of California
30. Slidell’s Mission
31. Mexico Seeks Foreign Aid
32. Peace or War?
33. Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma
34. The Occupation of California
35. Planning a Campaign. The Occupation of New Mexico
36. Santa Anna Returns from Exile. The Wilmot Proviso
37. Monterey
38. A Plan of Campaign Developed
39. Anti-Clericalism and Anti-Slavery
40. Buena Vista
41. Chihuahua and Vera Cruz
42. Cerro Gordo
43. Scott at Puebla
44. Contreras
45. Churubusco
46. A Futile Armistice
47. The Molino del Rey and Chapultepec
48. The Capture of the City of Mexico – Final Military Operations
49. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
50. The Treaty Ratified by the United States
51. The Conclusion of Peace
List of Books Referred to

U.S. Foreign relations, Mexico foreign relations, U.S.- Mexico war

Parties and Slavery 1850-1859 (American Nation, Vol. 18)

Smith, Theodore Clarke Go to Book
DDC: 973.6

“The aim of the volume is ‘to bring out the contrast between the old parties and their aims and the new and imperious issues. ‘ The efforts to prevent the crisis which resulted in the Civil war, and the rival habits of thought which made it inevitable are clearly shown, the effects of the struggle upon parties, legislation and the courts as well as the social and economic changes brought about by railroad development and the growth of cotton are carefully detailed.” Book Review Digest
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. The Situation and the Problem (1850-1860)
2. The Compromise a Finality (1850-1851)
3. Politics without an Issue (1851-1853)
4. The Old Leaders and the New (1850-1860)
5. The Era of Railroad Building (1850-1857)
6. Diplomacy and Tropical Expansion (1850-1855)
7. The Kansas-Nebraska Bill (1853-1854)
8. Party Chaos in the North (1854)
9. Popular Sovereignty in Kansas (1854-1856)
10. The Failure of the Know-Nothing Party (1854-1856)
11. The Kansas Question before Congress (1856)
12. The Presidential Election (1856)
13. The Panic of 1857 (1856-1858)
14. The Supreme Court and the Slavery Question (1850-1860)
15. The Final Stage of the Kansas Struggle (1857-1858)
16. The Triumph of Douglas (1858)
17. The Irrepressible Conflict (1858-1869)
18. Foreign Affairs During the Kansas Contest (1855-1860)
19. Social Ferment in the North (1850-1860)
20. Sectionalism in the South (1850-1860)
21. Critical Essay on Authorities

For books on the issue of slavery in Indiana and Illinois, see: Anti-Slavery before the Civil War

Slavery, Politics and government

Destiny and Glory

NY: Coward-McCann 1957
Wallace, Edward SeccombGo to Book
DDC: 973.6

Relates the histories of Americans in the 1850s who undertook private expeditions into various countries of Latin America to take control of areas or countries.

973.7 Civil War, 1861-1865

Hospital Sketches and Camp and Fireside Stories

Boston: Roberts 1885
Alcott, Louisa MayGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

The Women of the South in War Times

Baltimore: Norman, Remington 1920
Andrews, Matthew Page, comp.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

A Virginia Girl in the Civil War, 1861-1865

NY: Appleton 1903
Avary, Myrta Lockett, ed. Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … being a record of the actual experiences of the wife of a Confederate officer”

The Confederacy: a Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America

Washington: National Archives and Records Administration 1986
Beers, Henry PutneyGo to Book
DDC: 973.5

Loss of the Sultana and Reminiscences of Survivors

Lansing: Thorp 1892
Berry, Rev. Chester D. Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … History of a disaster where over one thousand five hundred human beings were lost, most of them exchanged prisoners of war on their way home after privation and suffering from one to twenty-three months in Cahaba and Andersonville prisons”

This is mainly a collection of many first-person accounts by survivors, and also includes a roster of the exchanged prisoners of war on the boat.

The Great Rebellion: its Secret History, Rise, Progress, and Disastrous Failure

NY: Harper 1866
Botts, John MinorGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

The Civil War and the Constitution 1859-1865 (American History series)

Burgess, John William Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2
DDC: 973.7

A clear study of the war and of the various constitutional and political questions connected with it. Contains maps. “Meant chiefly for students of political science; and . . . these will find much of interest in Professor Burgess’s discussions of various questions, and in his judgments of persons.” American Historical Review
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. Davis, Lincoln and Douglas
2. Anti-Slavery Sentiment in the South between 1857 and 1860
3. The Presidential Election of 1860
4. Secession
5. The Inauguration of Lincoln and the Condition of the Government he was called to Administer
6. The Attempt of the Southern Confederacy to Negotiate with the Government of the United States
7. The Capture of Fort Sumter and the Call to Arms
8. The Three Months’ War
9. Preparations for the Three Years’ War
10. The Military Movements in the Late Summer and Autumn of 1861
11. Mill Springs, Fort Henry, Donelson, Shiloh, Pea Ridge, and Island No. 10

U.S. Civil War, American Constitution

See the Century Past Biography Directory for free online biographies of hundreds of historical figures.

Chronological and Alphabetical Record of the Engagements of the Great Civil War

Milwaukee: Caxton 1904
Cooper, Charles R., comp. Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … with the casualties on both sides and full and exhaustive statistics and tables of the army and navy, military prisons, national cemeteries, etc. “

The Preface states that the information is compiled from the Official Records.

Kate: the Journal of a Confederate Nurse

Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University 1959
Cumming, Kate; edited by Richard Barksdale HarwellGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

Army Letters 1861-1865

Columbia, SC: War Record 1896-97
De Fontaine, F. G.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

This is a re-publication of a series of letters that Fontaine, a journalist, published during the war. These were all written from various locations in the south between February and June, 1861.

Regimental Publications & Personal Narratives of the Civil War: A Checklist (6 parts)

NY: New York Public Library 1961-1972
Dornbusch, Charles EmilGo to Book

This is a 6-part work (all parts at this link) which covers Civil War histories of 17 participating northern states. According to the compiler’s Preface, every battery and regiment in those states is listed, and arranged numerically by arm of service – Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry. Any publications that could be associated with a particular battery or regiment are listed under that unit, including regimental histories, personal narratives, reunion proceedings, unit rosters and even sermons preached at soldiers’ funerals. Personal narratives by individuals who served under more than one unit are found under the unit of their first service. Parts are:

I. Illinois
II. New York
III. New England states
IV. New Jersey and Pennsylvania
V. Indiana and Ohio
VI. Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Essays on the Civil War and Reconstruction and Related Topics

NY: MacMillan 1904
Dunning, William ArchibaldGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

A Rebel’s Recollections

NY: Putnam’s Sons 1905
Eggleston, George Cary Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

A Chronological History of the Civil War in America

NY: Johnson and Ward 1863
Fisher, Richard SwainsonGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … Illustrated with A. J. Johnson’s and J. H. Colton’s steel plate maps and plans of the southern states and harbors”

The Mississippi Valley in the Civil War

Fiske, John Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

A good, concise account of the military events in this region. Contains maps.
“Does not attempt to cover the less important incidents, but treats those dominant movements which prophesied and led to the final results of the war.” Pittsburgh
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. From St. Louis to Belmont
2. Fort Donelson and Shiloh
3. The Capture of New Orleans
4. From Corinth to Stone River
5. The Vicksburg Problem
6. The Fall of Vicksburg
7. Chickamauga
8. Chattanooga
9. Nashville

U.S. Civil War, Mississippi River Valley

The American Civil War, a Concise History of its Causes, Progress, and Results

London: Murray 1910
Formby, JohnGo to Book|Go to Maps
DDC: 973.7

With 66 maps and plans, in the second volume.

The Civil War by Campaigns

Topeka: Crane 1899
Foster, Eli GreenawaltGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

Life in Dixie during the War; 1861-1862-1863-1864-1865

Atlanta: Byrd 1897
Gay, Mary Ann HarrisGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

The Capture, the Prison Pen, and the Escape …

Hartford, CT: Goodwin 1867
Glazer, Willard W.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … giving a complete history of prison life in the South, principally at Richmond, Danville, Macon, Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Belle Isle, Millin, Salisbury, and Andersonville: describing the arrival of prisoners, plans of escape, with numerous and varied incidents and anecdotes of prison life; embracing also the adventures of the author’s escape from Columbia, S.C., recapture, subsequent escape, recapture, trial as spy, and final escape from Sylvania, Georgia. With illustrations”

The Appeal to Arms 1861-1863 (American Nation, Vol. 20)

Hosmer, James Kendall Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

This volume and the one listed below together from a brief, compact history of the war. Each contains maps and a bibliography.
“The point of view of the author … is that of a participant in the campaigns, and a friend of many officers on both sides, who relates the story not as a victory of the United States over a national enemy, but as a part of the history of the whole people, both North and South.” Editor’s introduction
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. Conditions of the Civil War (1861)
2. The Leaders in the Struggle (1861)
3. Preparations and Preliminary Contests (April, 1861 – July, )
4. The First Bull Run Campaign (July, 1861)
5. Military Preparations (July, 1861 – December, 1861)
6. Western Advance (November, 1861 March, 1862)
7. Check in the West (April, 1862)
8. Warfare on the Interior Waters (1861-1862)
9. The Peninsula Campaign (April, 1862 – June, 1862)
10. Jackson’s Diversion in the Valley of Virginia (March, 1862 – May, 1862)
11. Seven Days’ Battles (June, 1862 – July, 1862)
12. Pope and the Army of Virginia (July, 1862 – August, 1862)
13. Antietam Campaign (September, 1862)
14. The Government and Emancipation (1862)
15. Campaign in Kentucky and Tennessee (1862)
16. The Gloom of Fredericksburg (October, 1862 – December, 1862)
17. Hooker’s Virginia Campaign (January, 1863 – May, 1863)
18. Vicksburg (October, 1862 – July, 1863)
19. The Gettysburg Campaign (May, 1863 – July, 1863)
20. Foreign Relations (1861-1863)
21. Critical Essay on Authorities

U.S. Civil War, American history

Outcome of the Civil War 1863-1865 (American Nation, Vol. 21)

Hosmer, James Kendall Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

Although independent in field and arrangement, this volume continues the author’s “Appeal to arms.” It covers the period from the midsummer of 1863 to the end of hostilities in April, 1865.
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. Military Law and War Finance (1863)
2. The Chickamauga Campaign (August, 1863 – September, 1863)
3. Chattanooga and Knoxville (September, 1863 – December, 1863)
4. Life in War-time North and South (1863)
5. Concentration under Grant (December, 1863 – April, 1864)
6. On to Richmond (May, 1864 – June, 1864)
7. The Atlanta Campaign (May, 1864 – August, 1864)
8. Attempts at Reconstruction (1863-1864)
9. Lincoln’s Second Election (1864)
10. The Confederacy on the Sea (1861-1864)
11. Sheridan in the Valley (July, 1864 – February, 1865)
12. Sherman’s March to the Sea (September, 1864 – December, 1864)
13. Preparations for Readjustment of the States (September, 1864 – March, 1865)
14. Military Severities (1864-1865)
15. Spirit of the North (1864-1865)
16. Spirit of the South (1864-1865)
17. Downfall of the Confederacy (April, 1865)
18. Critical Essay on Authorities

American Civil War, Military history

Prisoners of War and Military Prisons

Cincinnati: Lyman & Cushing 1890
Isham, Asa B., Davidson, Henry M. and Furness, Henry B.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … Personal Narratives of Experience in the Prisons at Richmond, Danville, Macon, Andersonville, Savannah, Millen, Charleston, and Columbia with a general account of prison life and prisons in the South during the War of the Rebellion, including statistical information pertaining to prisoners of war; together with a list of officers who were prisoners of war from January 1, 1864″

A Short History of the War of Secession, 1861-1865

Boston: Houghton, Mifflin 1889
Johnson, RossiterGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

History of the Great Rebellion, from its Commencement to its Close …

Hartford, CT: Stebbins 1866
Kettell, Thomas P. Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … giving an account of its origin, the secession of the southern states, and the formation of the Confederate government, the concentration of the military and financial resources of the federal government … together with sketches of the lives of all the eminent statesmen and military and naval commanders, with a full and complete index. From official sources”

The Military Hand-book and Soldier’s Manual of Information

NY: Beadle 1862
Le Grand, Louis, M.D.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … embracing the official articles of war, regulations for the enrollment and draft (1862), table of those exempt; instructions to the volunteer; Army regulations for camp and service; ration and pay lists; general rules and orders; health department; with valuable remedies, etc., together with a complete dictionary of military terms”

The Treatment of Prisoners of War 1861-1865

Richmond, VA: Jones 1910
Lewis, Samuel E., M.D.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

My Story of the War: a Woman’s Narrative of Four Years Personal Experience as Nurse in the Union Army …

Hartford, CT: Worthington 1889
Livermore, Mary A.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … and in relief work at home, in hospitals, camps, and at the front, during the war of the rebellion. With anecdotes, pathetic incidents, and thrilling reminiscences portraying the lights and shadows of hospital life and the Sanitary Service of the War”

Lloyd’s Battle History of the Great Rebellion …

NY: Lloyd 1866
Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … complete, from the capture of Fort Sumter, April 14, 1861, to the capture of Jefferson Davis, May 10, 1865, embracing General Howard’s tribute to the volunteer, 268 battle descriptions, 39 biographical sketches, 49 portraits of generals, 17 maps of battle-fields, 13 battle pictures, and a general review of the War for the Union”

A History of the Civil War 1861-65 …

NY: War Memorial Association 1912
Lossing, Benson J.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … and the causes that led up to the great conflict, by Benson J. Lossing, LL. D., and a chronological summary and record of every engagement, showing the total losses and casualties together with war maps of localities, compiled from the official records of the War department. Illustrated with fascimile photographic reproductions of the official war photographs, taken at the time by Matthew B. Brady, under the authority of President Lincoln and now in the possession of the War department, Washington, D. C.”

Heavily illustrated with photos.

American Bastile. A History of the Illegal Arrests and Imprisonment of American Citizens during the late Civil War

Philadelphia: Hartley 1876
Marshall, John A.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

The Political History of the United States of America, During the Great Rebellion …

Washington: Philp & Solomons 1865
McPherson, EdwardGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … from November 6, 1860, to July 4, 1864; including a classified summary of the legislation of the second session of the Thirty-sixth Congress, the three sessions of the Thirty-seventh Congress, the first session of the Thirty-eighth Congress, with the votes thereon, and the important executive, judicial, and politico-military facts of that eventful period; together with the organization, legislation, and general proceedings of the rebel administration, and an appendix containing the principal political facts of the campaign of 1864, a chapter on the church and the rebellion, and the proceedings of the Second Session of the Thirty-Eighth Congress”

The Photographic History of the Civil War; in Ten Volumes

NY: Review of Reviews 1911
Miller, Francis Trevelyan

Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2|Go to Vol 3|Go to Vol 4|Go to Vol 5

Go to Vol 6|Go to Vol 7|Go to Vol 8|Go to Vol 9|Go to Vol 10

DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … Thousands of scenes photographed 1861-65, with text by many special authorities”

Vol 1 – The Opening Battles
Vol 2 – Two Years of Grim War
Vol 3 – The Decisive Battles
Vol 4 – The Cavalry
Vol 5 – Forts and Artillery
Vol 6 – The Navies
Vol 7 – Prisons and Hospitals
Vol 8 – Soldier Life, Secret Service
Vol 9 – Poetry and Eloquence of Blue and Gray
Vol 10 – Armies and Leaders

Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War

Washington: National Archives 1962
Munden, Kenneth W. and Beers, Henry PutneyGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

Knapsack and Rifle, or, Life in the Grand Army…

Portland: Gill 1889
Patrick, Robert W. Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … War as seen from the ranks; pen pictures and sketches of camp, bivouac, marches, battle-fields and battles, commanders, great military movements; personal reminiscences and narratives of army life, adventures, escapes, humorous incidents, pathetic incidents, heroic deeds etc., etc.. Also a complete chronology of the war and a digest of the pension laws of the United States – statement of casualties – monthly rates of pensions – latest acts of Congress governing pensions, etc. by one of the boys. Copiously and finely illustrated”

The Civil War (Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)

Paxson, Frederic L. Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

“A scholarly, compact, but not abstruse, treatment of the various aspects of the Civil war, economic and social as well as political and military.” Cleveland. Contains a bibliography and maps.
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929
Chapter headings are:

1. The Law of the Land
2. Secession
3. Abraham Lincoln
4. Civil War
5. Afloat and Abroad
6. 1862: McClellan and Emancipation
7. 1862: The Mississippi Valley
8. Ulysses S. Grant
9. Gettysburg and Reconstruction
10. The Balance of Power
11. The Union Party
12. The Confederate Collapse
Bibliographical Note

American Civil War, Military history, Political history, Economic history

Southern History of the War

NY: Richardson 1866
Pollard, Edward Alfred Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

The author, editor of the Richmond Examiner, initially published this in separate volumes during the war.

Hospital Life in the Army of the Potomac

Boston: Spencer 1866
Reed, William Howell Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

History of the Civil War 1861-1865

Rhodes, James Ford Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

“Not a condensation of the author’s three volumes on the Civil war in his ‘History of the United States’ but a fresh study which makes use of the large amount of material on that period which has come to light in recent years. Good maps and an index are included with the text.” Book Review Digest
“The student of war politics and of midcentury American diplomacy will find much to interest him in several of the chapters, for the volume is not, as its title might imply, a mere narrative of military operations. It is a discussion of national life in all its phases during a great and critical period of American history.” American Political Science Review
— Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: History (H.W. Wilson) 1929

Southern confederacy, Crittenden Compromise, Lincoln’s Inaugural address, bombardment of Fort Sumter, Baltimore riot, the border states, Jefferson Davis, Battle of Bull Run, slavery, General McClellan, Mason and Slidell, Simon Cameron, Edwin M. Stanton, Grant and Halleck, Battle of Shiloh, the Merrimac, the Monitor, capture of New Orleans, Farragut, Peninsular campaign, Stonewall Jackson, Battle of Fair Oaks, Robert E. Lee, Battle of Gaines’s Mill, Legal-tender Act, preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, Pope and Halleck, Lee’s invasion of Maryland, Battle of Antietam, Proclamation of Emancipation, Buell and Morton, Battle of Fredericksburg, Seward, battle of Stone’s River, Battle of Chancellorsville, Lee’s invasion of Pennsylvania, Battle of Gettysburg, Pickett’s Charge, Grant’s Expedition against Vicksburg, Vicksburg campaign, surrender of Vicksburg, the Alabama, Charles Francis Adams, Anti-slavery sentiments, Iron-clad rams, New York draft riot, Battle of Chickamauga, Battle of Chattanooga, Grant’s Wilderness campaign, Battle of Cold Harbor, Atlanta campaign, Battle of Mobile Bay, Sheridan, privations of war, fractional currency, arbitrary arrests, Copperheads, Vallandigham, Stanton, blockade running, conscription, fiat money, impressment, Sherman’s March to the Sea, Battle of Nashville, Thirteenth Amendment, Hampton Roads Conference, evacuation of Richmond, General Lee’s surrender, assassination of Lincoln

The Secret Service, The Field, The Dungeon, and the Escape

Hartford: American 1865
Richardson, Albert D.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

A Visit to the Cities and Camps of the Confederate States

Edinburgh: Blackwood and Sons 1865
Ross, Fitzgerald Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

History of the United States Sanitary Commission

Philadelphia: Lippincott 1866
Stille, Charles J.Go to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … being the general report of its work during the War of the Rebellion”

A Complete History of the Great American Rebellion

Auburn, NY: Auburn 1865
Storke, Elliot G. and Brockett, L. P.Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … embracing its causes, events and consequences: with biographical sketches and portraits of its principal actors, and scenes and incidents of the war. Illustrated with maps, plans of battles, portraits, &c.”

The Twelve Decisive Battles of the War

NY: Diek & Fitzgerald 1871
Swinton, WilliamGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … a history of the eastern and western campaigns, in relation to the actions that decided their issue”

The Military and Naval History of the Rebellion in the United States

NY: Appleton 1865
Tenney, William JewettGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … With biographical sketches of deceased officers. Illustrated with steel plate portraits”

The Comprehensive History of the Southern Rebellion and the War for the Union

NY: Torrey 1862
Victor, Orville J.Go to Vol 1|Go to Vol 2
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … Embodying also important state papers, congressional proceedings, official reports, remarkable speeches, etc., etc.”

Narrative of Privations and Sufferings of United States Officers and Soldiers while Prisoners of War in the Hands of the Rebel Authorities …

Philadelphia: 1864
United States Sanitary CommissionGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … Being the report of a commission of inquiry, appointed by the United States sanitary commission. With an appendix, containing the testimony”

The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

Washington, Government Printing Office 1880-1901
U.S. Secretary of War Office; Robert N. Scott, comp. Go to Book

Work on this official history of the Civil War was authorized by Congress in 1864 and was completed in 1901. As finally published, the records consist of 138,589 pages with 1,006 maps and diagrams assembled in 128 books, organized as 70 volumes grouped in four series, published between 1881 and 1901. All books/volumes appear to be available at this link, although the list is scrambled. A separate “Index” volume is included.

See this National Archives page, War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies for a convenient list of descriptive titles of all volumes, and for more information about the series.

The four series are:
Series I – Military Operations: Formal reports, both Union and Confederate, of the first seizures of United States property in the southern States, and of all military operations in the field, with the correspondence, orders, and returns relating specially thereto.
Series II – Prisoners: Correspondence, orders, reports, and returns, Union and Confederate, relating to prisoners of war and (so far as the military authorities were concerned) to State or political prisoners.
Series III – Union Authorities: Correspondence, orders, reports, and returns of the Union authorities (including their correspondence with the Confederate officials) not relating specifically to the subjects of series I and II. It includes the annual and special reports of the Secretary of War, of the General-in-Chief, and of the chiefs of the several staff corps and departments; the calls for troops and the correspondence between the National and the several State authorities.
Series IV – Confederate Authorities: Correspondence, orders, reports, and returns of the Confederate authorities, similar to the Union material in series III, but excluding the correspondence between the Union and Confederate authorities given in that series.

Life in the Confederate Army

London: Chapman & Hall 1887
Watson, WilliamGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … being the observations and experiences of an alien in the South during the American Civil War”

Story of the War. Pictorial History of the Great Civil War; …

NY: Jones 1881
Wilson, John LairdGo to Book
DDC: 973.7

(title continued) ” … embracing full and authentic accounts of its battles by land and sea, with graphic descriptions of heroic deeds achieved by armies and individuals, narratives of personal adventure, thrilling incidents, daring exploits, wonderful escapes, life in camp, field, and hospital, adventures at sea, blockade life, etc., etc. : containing carefully prepared biographies of the leading generals and naval commanders”

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