Michigan Explorers & Pioneers Tell Their Own Stories

Here are titles of first-person accounts of exploration, travel or pioneer life in early Michigan. Links to all these books are found on pages of this site, as shown below. If you would like to find the many similar accounts for Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin or the entire Great Lakes region that are also on […]

Thinking of Visiting Northern Michigan?

Squeeze some history into your trip! To make that easier, we have two directories of Museums and Historic Sites in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; one for the western part and one for the east. Sites on these two lists have regular public hours (in the summer anyway), have websites, and are at least partly […]

Pontiac’s War: Northern Forts Under Attack

As a boy I visited Fort Michilimackinac and learned how the Indians, playing a ball game next to the fort in 1763, used a ruse to get warriors inside the gate. They then attacked the British garrison and took the fort. This was just one of many similar attacks on British forts in the region […]