19th Century Novels & Historical Fiction

There are links to about 160 works of fiction – novels and historical fiction – on History of the Great Lakes States. Most of the novels were published in the mid-1800s and set at about that same time period, in the Great Lakes region. The authors were from the region.

Most of the works in historical fiction were published around the beginning of the 20th century, and the stories revolved around earlier historical events in the Great Lakes region. The authors were not necessarily from there. Among the historical novels are some written for younger audiences.

Romance. Don’t be misled by this word in the titles of many novels. It was used in a different sense in the 19th century than today, and usually does not indicate that the book was a love story. This definition from Merriam-Webster.com fits: “a prose narrative treating imaginary characters involved in events remote in time or place and usually heroic, adventurous, or mysterious.”

You’ll find our works of fiction spread throughout six “Fiction” pages; one for each of our five states and one for the Great Lakes region. Go to the History of the Great Lakes States Home page, scroll down to the Fiction box in the center column, and use the buttons to get to the various Fiction pages.

Tips for Reading Online and Downloading

More than half the books on our website at History of the Great Lakes States are hosted by Internet Archive or Open Library. They are sister organizations and use the same online viewer application. In most cases this viewer will give you nearly perfect text if you;

1. switch from the double-page to the single-page view by using the icons in the bottom right corner, and;

2. Keep zooming in until the text snaps into a clear focus.

Using the single-page view allows you to scroll pages down with your mouse wheel.

You can download books from these two sites by clicking on the book name at the top-left corner of the page (in the viewer) to get to the download menu.

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