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New Life for Millions of Disappearing Books

Free eBooks in the public domain are now available in huge numbers. Learn here about that initiative, and how our website helps you find the books you’ll like. This website, History of the Great Lakes States, has two online libraries of free ebooks; one for the history of the five states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, […]

Cooking and Housekeeping Books – 19th Century

Here’s a selection of books and one magazine on the subject of household management and cooking. The earliest was published in London in 1776; the rest are American, mostly from the middle of the 19th century. The last entry has links to digital editions of 50 vintage cookbooks; all freely available on OpenLibrary. For tips […]

Two Tips for Reading our Books Online

All books, articles and other resources listed on this site are actually hosted on the servers of various organizations around the U.S.; especially Internet Archive and its sister site Open Library. Most books hosted on Internet Archive or Open Library can be downloaded to your computer or eBook device, if you prefer. However, it is […]