Indiana Genealogy & Local History Resources

We have many free online books, articles and maps, as well as links to online collections; all of which can be useful to anyone studying Indiana genealogy, family history or local history in Indiana. Scroll down the History of the Great Lakes States Home page to find buttons leading to 15 subject pages with resources […]

Genealogy & Local History Research

We have links on History of the Great Lakes States to numerous online resources that can be useful to anyone doing genealogical research or looking into their local history. Every title on this website is fully available online, free. While the site is dedicated to the five Great Lakes states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio […]

Tour of Map Site: “Historic Map Works”

For 19th century maps of counties, cities and townships, Historic Map Works is by far the best site of which I’m aware. You are free to use it without registering. If you wish to download high-resolution copies, you must subscribe.  You can also order paper maps from them. The site claims to have over […]