African-American Issues of 100 Years Ago

The magazine articles on this page were selected from the Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature, Vol. 4, 1915-18. They represent prominent African-American issues at that time, when many African-Americans from the rural south were migrating to northern cities, and when the U.S. entered World War I. You can find all volumes of the Readers Guide […]

Magazines for Farmers 1850 – 1900s

We have links to four magazines or journals for farmers that began to appear in the Great Lakes states about 1850. They offer news, analysis of current events, agricultural science, and advice for men and women living on farms. Several years’ issues are available for each of these titles. Click on the page name to […]

The War of 1812

This History of the Great Lakes States website contains many titles related to the War of 1812. The list below contains works found on the various War and Military pages that are almost exclusively about that war. There are also works on other pages of the site, such as the Biographies and Memoirs, Fiction, and […]

Two Tips for Reading our Books Online

All books, articles and other resources listed on this site are actually hosted on the servers of various organizations around the U.S.; especially Internet Archive and its sister site Open Library. Most books hosted on Internet Archive or Open Library can be downloaded to your computer or eBook device, if you prefer. However, it is […]

Memoirs and Diaries from the Indiana Frontier

We have a number of memoirs and diaries/journals from people who traveled in or settled in early Indiana, many of which are listed below. Click on the page name to open it in a new tab, and you’ll find the recommended works there, with descriptions and links. They are listed alphabetically, by author. For tips […]

Three Digital Collections in Indiana History

The University Library Center for Digital Scholarship at Indiana University-Purdue at Indianapolis offers 80 cultural heritage digital collections, among other things. Here are three of those cultural collections:   Conner Prairie Historic Clothing Collection There are over 100 rotating 3-D images of items in the collection. You may browse the collection, or search it by […]