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Magazines and Journals

Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin at its Annual Meeting

Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Volumes 34 (1887) to 68 (1920). Annual.Go to Periodical

In addition to providing a record of the official activities of the Society, each of these reports normally contains several historical papers.

Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters

Madison: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
Vol 1- 89, 1870- 2001 Go to Periodical

The Academy was chartered by the state legislature in 1870 with the mission of gathering, sharing, and acting upon knowledge in the sciences, arts and letters for the benefit of the people of Wisconsin. Transactions was issued irregularly in the early decades, with the first 10 volumes appearing over 25 years. A few of the many articles that appeared in Vol 2 (1873-1874) include:

-The philosophy of evolution
-The effect of duties on imports upon the value of gold
-Natural history as a branch of elementary education
-On the relation of the sandstone, conglomerates and limestone of the Baraboo valley to each other and to the azoic quartzites
-Requisites to a reform of the civil service
-Some of the peculiarities of the fauna near Racine
-On the Wisconsin River improvement
-The etymology of “church”
-History of the science of hydraulics
-The rural classes of England in the thirteenth century

Wisconsin Historical Collections

Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin
1855 to 1915. AnnualGo to Periodical

Wisconsin Historical Collections was published from 1855 to 1915 in order to share historical documents, original records, and scholarly essays about Wisconsin’s past. Its 20 large volumes contain slightly more than 1,000 such items, or just under 10,000 pages. Its editors (Lyman C. Draper and Reuben G. Thwaites) commissioned hundreds of memoirs by pioneer settlers, conducted dozens of interviews, and reprinted primary sources from the Society archives, newspapers, and other collections.
– summary from Wisconsin Historical Society site

Wisconsin Magazine of History

Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society
1917-2013. Quarterly Go to Periodical

The Wisconsin Magazine of History was a quarterly journal published by the Wisconsin Historical Society since September 1917. The Wisconsin Magazine of History archives is fully digitized and contains more than 2,000 feature articles totaling more than 30,000 pages. These range from popular essays to scholarly investigations, from brief eulogies to multi-chapter autobiographies, and from personal reflections to primary documents. Many issues of the magazine also feature photographs, maps, and other images.
-from the Wisconsin Historical Society Website


Door County Advocate

Sturgeon Bay, WI
Mar 22, 1862-1897. WeeklyGo to Periodical

At this link there are numerous issues of 12 newspapers from Door County. The oldest are:

The Expositor (and then Expositor Independent); Sturgeon Bay (1873-1886)
The Independent; Sturgeon Bay (1886-1890)

Wisconsin History Periodicals

Waukesha Freeman, Waukesha Democrat & other Waukesha newspapers

Beginning 1846 Go to Periodical

This site contains a number of Waukesha newspapers. The earliest available are the Waukesha Freeman 1846-2007, Waukesha Democrat 1848-52, Cutover Land Bulletin 1846-1922, and the Waukesha Plain Dealer 1865-1873.

The Progressive American

Waukesha, WI: James E. Ritchart
Vol. 1, nos. 3-10, 1911-1912 Go to Periodical

The Wisconsin Farmer and Northwestern Cultivator; a monthly journal, devoted to agriculture, horticulture, mechanics and rural economy

Madison: Powers & Skinner
1849-1866. MonthlyGo to Periodical

This link is for a page with a long list of Wisconsin periodicals, arranged in alphabetical order. All the annual volumes of The Wisconsin Farmer are found there.

Wisconsin History Periodicals

Wisconsin Labor Advocate

La Crosse, WI: Geo. Taylor
Aug 20, 1886- Aug 6, 1887. WeeklyGo to Periodical

The Wisconsin Lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the Northwest

Stevens Point, WI
April 1873- March 1875. MonthlyGo to Periodical

The Ancestor Hunt – United States Online Historical Newspaper Links – Wisconsin

Go to Collection

The Ancestor Hunt is a very large site with a page of newspaper links for each U.S. state. Most of the Wisconsin historic newspapers known to be online seem to be here, but unfortunately not many are available at free sites.

For more online collections of U.S. historical newspapers, see: Section 071.1 United States in Newspapers: Free Online Collections

Collection of Periodical Articles

Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles

Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society
Go to Collection

Content: Historical and biographical articles preserved in scrapbooks at the Wisconsin Historical Society in the late 19th and 20th centuries.
Scope: 16,000 articles on 50,000 pages. The entire collection is now available. The original material was organized into two groups (people and communities) and arranged alphabetically.
Dates: Most articles were published between 1860 and 1940, though a few published earlier or later than these years are also included.
Sources: Hundreds of Wisconsin local newspapers, and a few from other states. By presenting reproductions of articles here we make no claims about their accuracy.
– Description from the website.

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