The Black Hawk War of 1832

The Black Hawk War of 1832 in Illinois and Wisconsin was the last significant campaign by U.S. Government troops against Indians in the Old Northwest. Subsequent treaties opened large parts of Wisconsin for settlement. Click on the page name to open it in a new tab, and you’ll find the recommended works there, with descriptions […]

Vacationing Up-North in the late 19th Century

Below are some illustrated travel booklets; mostly published 1879 – 1884. They advertise the pleasures of vacationing in Northern Michigan, and also in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and other locations. The railroad companies began producing these guides soon after railway lines were completed to northern towns, marking the beginning of the tourist industry for most northern locations. […]

Books on 19th Century Crime

The books below each deal with crime in one of the Great Lakes States. Complete info and links are at the bottom. Murder Will Out brings together brief accounts of dozens of murders occurring in the early 1800s in Cincinnati. Criminal Reminiscences and Detective Sketches is a collection of autobiographical stories of investigations by Allan […]