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About Century Past – The Free Online Books & Articles Site

Century Past has 3 digital collections, with links to many thousands of books, magazines, articles, maps, podcasts and images. They are all organized for browsing by subject. These digitized materials are hosted by reputable websites, and they’re free to use.

The 1st collection, Century Past Library, has fiction books in many genres, and nonfiction books on numerous subjects. History is the biggest subject here, with sections for the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Most subject sections – History and others – begin with ‘Collection’ entries. Each of these provides a group of books on a single subject – often in the hundreds – at the Internet Archive. The remaining entries in a section are for individual books.

Periodicals: The ‘Magazine‘ pages at Century Past Library have the archives of over 200 magazine titles, often including the most current issues. We also have a page for online newspapers and newspaper archives, in the U.S. and some other English-language countries.

The 2nd collection, Century Past Articles & Collections, currently has about 50 subject pages; mostly containing articles from newspapers and popular magazines. Also here are podcasts and videos. The ‘Digital Collections’ section at Articles & Collections holds links to large online collections of photos, maps, and other kinds of images. Over half of Articles & Collections subject pages are history-related; mostly popular history.

The 3rd collection, History of the Great Lakes States, is concerned with five states around the U.S. Great Lakes. This collection has 90+ pages with books & articles on many topics for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and for the entire Great Lakes region. Most books and articles are non-fiction, but we also have a page of fiction from each state, and pages for maps, periodicals, and documents.

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Regards, Ted Lienhart

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