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Old Photos & Images – Images of War – Online Collections

Old Photos & Images, Images of War, Online Collections. Free online collections of digitized photos and other images, from wartime scenes.

27 Rare Color Photographs from World War II

Photos mainly of U.S. military personnel & equipment on fronts around the world. Clear & hi-res.

American National Red Cross

LOC scanned nearly 19,000 American National Red Cross glass negatives. The majority of the collection focuses on the Red Cross’ work during and after WWI. The American National Red Cross not only cared for injured combatants, but they also helped refugees, took care of orphans, and sent aid to areas hit by famine. There is extensive coverage of their wartime actions in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Balkans, Eastern Russia (including Siberia) & the Middle East. Also in the U.S.

American war posters from WWI

Posters, handbills, and broadsides created during the era of the First World War. UC Berkeley.

American War Posters from WWII

Categories present include: bonds and war finance, civil defense, civilian participation (food supply, health and safety, labor, non-combatant service, rationing and conservation, war production, etc.), espionage, military operations, military recruiting, international relations. UC Berkeley.

Barnard & Gardner Civil War Photographs

Some of the most celebrated, recognizable, and graphic images of the American Civil War come from Alexander Gardnerâ€s “Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War” and George N. Barnard’s “Photographic Views of Sherman’s Campaign”, both published in 1866. Duke Univ. Libraries.

Civil War Faces

More than 1,200 portraits taken during the American Civil War (1861-1865). Library of Congress flickr page.

Color Images of London during World War II

Small photo assortment using an early color photography process called Dufaycolor. Retronaut.

D-Day: The Normandy Invasion June 6, 1944

Photos and images of some documents. Google Arts & Culture.

German Internees in North Carolina 1917

World War I, the North Carolina resort town of Hot Springs hosted a camp for German POWs.

Japanese Internment Camp 1943

Selection of photos taken by the famous photographer Ansel Adams. The Washington Post.

Life Aboard a U.S. Warship 1896

Assortment of photos taken on the then-new USS Brooklyn, a U.S. Navy armored cruiser. Retronaut.

The Boxer Rebellion 1899-1901

The Boxer Rebellion was a violent anti-foreign, anti-colonial, and anti-Christian uprising that took place in China between 1899 and 1901. 162 images. Google Arts & Culture.

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