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Historical Fiction Novels Set in the Southern U.S.

Fiction and Historical Fiction Novels at the Century Past Library

The Century Past Free Online Library has thousands of non-fiction books on many subjects, and also a Fiction section with about 300 books. Nearly all these novels were published before 1924, and are copyright free. The list below contains historical fiction novels set in the American south, from very early in American history until shortly before the Civil War began.

You’ll find links to pages containing the books below at the Century Past Library Directory of Fiction.

Historical Fiction Novels – Virginia & Maryland

Cooke, John Esten, Henry St. John, Gentleman of “Flower of Hundreds” in the County of Prince George, Virginia. A Tale of 1774-’75

Cooke, John Esten, My Lady Pokahontas; a True Relation of Virginia. Writ by Anas Todkill, Puritan and Pilgrim

Cooke, John Esten, Stories of the Old Dominion; from the Settlement to the End of the Revolution

Goodwin, Maud Wilder, Sir Christopher; a Romance of a Maryland Manor in 1644

Goodwin, Maud Wilder, White Aprons; a Romance of Bacon’s Rebellion: Virginia 1676

Johnston, Mary, The Old Dominion

Johnston, Mary, To Have and to Hold

Rives, Hallie Erminie, Hearts Courageous

Scott, John Reed, The Impostor; a Tale of Old Annapolis

Smith, Francis Hopkinson, Kennedy Square

Thruston, Lucy Meacham, Mistress Brent; a Story of Lord Baltimore’s Colony in 1638

Historical Fiction Books – New Orleans

Cable, George Washington, The Grandissimes; a Story of Creole Life

Carpenter, Edward Childs, The Code of Victor Jallot

Read, Opie Percival, By the Eternal

Winn, Mary Polk and Hannis, Margaret, The Law and the Letter: a Story of the Province of Louisiana

Historical Fiction Books – Other Locations in the South

Cooke, Grace MacGowan and MacGowan, Alice, Return; a Story of the Sea Islands in 1739

Devereux, Margaret, Plantation Sketches

Kester, Vaughan, The Prodigal Judge

Rayner, Emma, Doris Kingsley, Child and Colonist

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