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Asian History Books – Early Civilizations in Asia

Asian History Books – Early Civilizations in Asia

Asian history books, early civilizations in Asia, Asian history online. Free online books covering major Asian regions, especially East Asia and Pacific Asia.

Hint: When a book you want to borrow at Internet Archive is already checked out, go to the Internet Archive’s ‘Search’ box, check “Search Metadata”, and search for the book’s title. Sometimes they have two or more copies.

History of Asia Books – Collection

About 1,400 Asian history books at the Internet Archive. Be patient as the page loads. Some books: A Short History of Asia, Atlas of Asia, East Asia in Old Maps, The New Asia, East Asia: Tradition and Transformation, Peoples of Western Asia, Central Asia in Modern Times: a history from the early 19th century, East Asia: the great tradition, A Short History of China and Southeast Asia, Memory and History in East and Southeast Asia, The Economic Development of Southeast Asia, Russia in Central Asia, Asia Traditions and Treasures, Civilizations of Asia, Medieval Researches from Eastern Asiatic Sources, Ancient Arts of Central Asia, Origins: Egypt, West Asia and the Aegean, Sufism: a Global History, many more. Asian history books, early civilizations in Asia.

Pacific Century: The Emergence of Modern Pacific Asia

Borthwick, Mark
Westview 1992        Dewey Dec.    950

“The Asia-Pacific region is rapidly emerging as the global economic and political powerhouse of the twenty-first century. Looking at both Southeast and East Asia, this richly illustrated volume stresses broad, cross-cutting themes of regional history, with an emphasis on the interactions between cultures and nations.” – Publisher. Asian history books.

Looking at the Sun: The Rise of the New East Asian Economic and Political System

Fallows, James M.
Pantheon 1994        Dewey Dec.    950

A fascinating, fresh, and potentially controversial contemplation of the global market.” -Booklist. Asian history book.

Encyclopedia of Ancient Asian Civilizations

Higham, Charles F. W.
Facts on File 2004        Dewey Dec.    950

“A good beginning point for research, especially in regard to archaeological excavations.” -Booklist. Early civilizations in Asia, Asian history books.

China and Japan in the Global Setting

Ireye, Akira
Harvard Univ. 1992        Dewey Dec.    950

“This is an eloquently written, serious, and original set of lectures. The book will interest political scientists as much as historians because of its explicit orientation to what the author calls ‘international history’ and because of his very interesting manipulation of the three concepts of power, economy, and culture in order to explain why his three eras—late Meiji, interwar, and postwar—differ from each other.”—Chalmers Johnson, University of California, San Diego. Asian history books.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (vol 1)

– Volume 2

– Volume 3

– Volume 4

– Volume 5

– Volume 6

Levinson, David
Scribner 2002        Dewey Dec.    950

This set is alphabetically arranged by topic. Vol 6 provides the index for the whole set. The topics cover the 33 Asian countries’ geography, economics, politics, human rights, cultures and languages, and biographies. Asian history books.

East Asia: The Great Tradition

Reischauer, Edwin O. and Fairbank, John K.
Houghton Mifflin 1960        Dewey Dec.    950

“Sets out to give a survey of the history of China and the lands that have derived their high culture from China – Korea and Japan (but not Vietnam) – up to the time when they became intimately involved with European imperialism. … J.K. Fairbank has contributed three chapters on the Mongol period, the Ming and the Ch’ing.” – J. Royal Asiatic Society. Asian history books, early civilizations in Asia.

A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations

Schirokauer, Conrad et al.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2006        Dewey Dec.    950

“Explores the development of China and Japan through their art, religion, literature, and thought as well as through their economic, political, and social history. The author team combines strong research with extensive classroom teaching experience to offer a clear, consistent, and highly readable text that is accessible to students with no previous knowledge of the history of East Asia.” – Publisher. Asian history book, early civilizations in Asia.

A History Of The Far East In Modern Times

Vinacke, Harold M.
Appleton-Century-Crofts 1923        Dewey Dec.    950

Originally published in 1923, this 6th edition was updated and published in approximately 1960. The majority of the book is about the histories of China and Japan, with some chapters on Korea and very brief entries on other countries in the region. Asian history books.