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Actors & Performers Books – Acting Techniques

Acting Collection

More than 700 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Acting”. Some books: Ten Minutes to the Audition, The Student Actor’s Handbook, 35 Original Comedy Scenes for Two, The Working Actor: a guide to the profession, Actor’s Workshop, Techniques of Acting, Stanislavsky on the Art of the Stage, Sensational Scenes for Teens, How to Be a Working Actor, Breaking into Acting for Dummies, Film Scenes for Actors, 57 Original Auditions for Actors, Classical Audition Speeches for Women, The Young Actor’s Book of Improvisation, many more. Stanislavski method acting, Stanislavski books, Michael Chekhov technique, free guide to acting, acting handbook, how to act, introduction to acting, acting techniques, method acting, method acting techniques, the Stanislavski system, free books about acting, books on method acting, Strasberg method, method acting techniques, acting guides online.

Actors Collection

About 3,100 free online books on the subject of “Actors”. Some books: Merely Players, Vanessa Williams, Today’s Young stars of Stage and Screen, Marlon Brando biography, Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton and the Marriage of the Century, Hilary Duff biography, George Clooney illustrated biography, The Paradox of Acting, Who’s Who in the Theater, Denzel Washington biography online, Rob Lowe autobiography, Tom Hanks, Alan Alda biography, Jennifer Aniston, TV Super Stars 1980 book, Adam Sandler book, Henry Fonda biography, Martin Clunes biography, Angelina Jolie free biography, Humphrey Bogart biography free, Jack Black biography, Daniel Radcliffe biography, George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon, Helen Mirren, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Encyclopedia of movie stars free online, many more. Actors and actresses — Biography, Actors — Biography, Biography & Autobiography / Performing Arts, Actors — Interviews.

Motion Picture Actresses & Actors Collection

About 1,600 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Motion Picture Actresses & Actors”. Some books: Sex Lives of the Hollywood Idols, Films of Robert Redford, Great Lovers of the Movies, 40 Years of Screen Credits 1929-1969, Burt Lancaster, Great Movie Heroes, Love Goddesses of the Movies, Leonard Maltin’s Movie Encyclopedia, Hollywood’s Great Love Teams, Jackie Chan, A Look at the Women Who Made Hollywood, The Hollywood Beauties, Sean Connery, Johnny Depp, The Image Makers: 60 years of Hollywood, many more. Motion picture actors and actresses.

Television Actors and Actresses Collection

About 200 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Television Actors and Actresses. Some books: Performers’ Television Credits, Jerry Seinfeld, Betty White, The Best in Television: 50 years of Emmys, Drew Carey, Actors’ Television Credits 1950-1972, Guide to Character Actors, Soap Stars: America’s 31 favorite daytime actors, 100 Greatest TV Stars of All Time, James Corden, Kiefer Sutherland, Amy Poehler, many more. Television actors and actresses; United States; Biography, Biography & Autobiography / Reference, Performing Arts / Television & Radio.

To the Actor: On the Technique of Acting

Chekhov, Michael
Barnes & Noble 1985 Dewey Dec. 792

This handbook for professional and amateur actors and directors provides simple and practical methods to train actors to quickly and effectively call up emotion, develop characters, and strengthen awareness.
“This new edition contains all of Chekhov’s brilliant insights, techniques, and exercises, as well as a previously unpublished chapter on the ‘psychological Gesture’, a central precept of his system.” Libr J. Acting techniques, Michael Chekhov technique, acting guides

Theater, Dance & Other Performing Arts Books

Performing Arts Collection

About 1,300 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Performing Arts”. Some books: Variety History of Show Business, Performing Arts, Whatever Became Of?, Analyzing Performance: a critical reader, Entertainment Awards: a music, cinema, theatre and broadcasting reference 1928-1993, Opportunities in Performing Arts Careers, 100 Acting Jobs for Actors, How to Be Your Own Booking Agent, Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2011, Choreography and the Specific Image, Trouping: how the show came to town, many more. Biography & Autobiography / Entertainment & Performing Arts, Performing Arts / Acting & Auditioning, Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs, Careers / General, Performing arts — Vocational guidance, Performing arts — History — 20th century.

History of Theater Collection

More than 900 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “History of Theater”. Some books: History of the Theater free online, History of World Theater, Modern Drama and the Rhetoric of Theater, African American Performance and Theater, Shakespeare’s Globe theater, Shakespeare and the Theater, The Radio City Music Hall, Stages of Drama: classical to contemporary theater, Shaw’s Theater, Short History of Opera, Greater Boston Community Theater, Life in the Elizabethan Theater, Latin American Women Dramatists, Pictorial History of Vaudeville, Complete Book of the American Musical Theater, many more. Theatre history books, Broadway history, 20th century theatre history, history of drama and theatre, world theatre history, history of theater arts, Opera guides, Opera history, books about musicals, Broadway theater history, Broadway history, history of Vaudeville book.

20th Century American Drama – History & Criticism Collection

About 80 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of 20th Century American Drama – History & Criticism. Some books: American Realism and American Drama, Modern American Drama, Contemporary American Playwrights, Latin American Women on/in Stages, American Women Playwrights 1900-1950, Interviews with Contemporary American Playwrights, Left-Wing Dramatic Theory in the American Theater, Broadway Theatre, The Back Stage Book of Longest-Running Broadway Shows 1884 to the Present, many more. American drama — History and criticism — 20th century — 19th century, Drama / American / General, Performing Arts / Theater / Playwriting, Theater — History — 20th century — New York (State) — New York, Dramatists, American — Interviews, Drama — Technique.

Musicals Collection

About 300 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Musicals. Some books: Broadway’s Greatest Musicals, How to Choose the Right Show for your School or Community, Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre, George Gershwin’s Song book, My Fair Lady: a musical play in two acts, Song and Dance: the complete story of stage, Fiddler on the Roof, Broadway Stories: a backstage journey, The Broadway Musical: a complete LP discography, The Producers: the new Mel Brooks musical, many more. Musicals — Directories — Production and direction, Musicals — Directories, Performing Arts / Theater / General, Musicals — Production and direction — Stage guides, Musicals — History and criticism — New York (N.Y.) — United States — Stories, plots, etc, Music / Printed Music / General, Musicals — Excerpts, Arranged, Musicals — Excerpts — Vocal scores with piano, Dance.

Operas Collection

More than 300 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Operas. Some books: The Book of European Light Opera, The Opera Libretto Library, Penguin Guide to Opera on Compact Disc, Opera Guide, Great Operas in Synopsis, Crowell’s Handbook of World Opera, Opera Themes and Plots, Stories of Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, Opera: the rough guide, Fifty Favorite Operas, The Ring of the Nibelung, The Mikado, Opera: a pictorial guide, Beginner’s Guide to Opera, Opera Companion to 20th Century Opera, many more. Operas — Stories, plots, etc, Music / General, Music / Genres & Styles / Opera, Operas — Stories, plots, etc — Discography, Operas — Librettos — Excerpts — Vocal scores with piano.

Dance Collection

More than 900 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Dance. Some books: The Dance Experience: readings in dance, Preparing for Dance, Enjoying the Arts: dance, African and Asian Dance, Group Instruction in Social Dancing, Modern Dance for the Youth of America, Step-by-Step Instruction for Ballroom Latin Country & more, Jazz Dance, The Black Tradition in American Dance, Oxford Dictionary of Dance, many more. Performing Arts / Dance / General, Dance., Dance — Social aspects, Dance parties, Dance etiquette, Dance — Africa — Asia, Folk dancing — Juvenile literature — Africa — Asia.

Ballet Collection

About 500 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Ballet. Some books: Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet, Ballet Annual, Ballet: how it all began, I am a Dancer, The Magic of Ballet, Concise Encyclopedia of Ballet, Introduction to Classical Ballet, Ballet for Boys and Girls, First Steps in Ballet: basic barre exercises for home, Young Person’s Guide to Ballet, World of Ballet, Ballet is a Contact Sport, many more.
Be patient while the page loads. Performing Arts / Dance / Classical & Ballet, Ballet dancing, Performing arts, Ballet — History, Ballet — Terminology, Ballet — Periodicals.

American Country-Dances (Vol 1); Twenty-eight Contra-dances, Largely from the New England States

Burchenal, Elizabeth, ed.
Schirmer 1918 Dewey Dec. 793

A collection of some of the old country dances which are essentially American, including both music and directions. It is intended as a first book in a new series of dances. The dances included are mainly variations of British originals. – A.L.A. Catalog 1926. Folk dancing — United States, Country-dances (Music).

The Dance, its Place in Art and Life

Kinney, Troy, and Kinney, Margaret West
Stokes 1914 Dewey Dec. 793

One of the most complete books on the subject, covering historical development, folk dancing, and present-day artistic and social dancing. The authors are recognized authorities who know present conditions in New York, London, Paris and Seville.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926.
Author: Troy Sylvanus Kinney was an American artist, etcher, and author. Troy Kinney was most notable for his works portraying dance performers, fanciful subjects, and classically styled nudes. He worked with dancers, including Ruth St. Denis, Anna Pavlova, and Sophie Pflanz among others. Margaret Kinney was an illustrator. -Wikipedia

The Cambridge Guide to Theatre

Banham, Martin, ed.
Cambridge Univ. 1995 Dewey Dec. 792

“Substantially revised and updated, this is the most comprehensive guide to the history and current practice of worldwide theatre available today. It covers all major playwrights, works, traditions, theories, companies, venues and events; details the origins of popular theatre tradition; discusses the work of actors, directors and designers; and explains theatre architecture and design. The book is written by over 100 expert contributors and is illustrated throughout.” Drama / General, Performing Arts / Theater / General, Theater — Dictionaries.

A Pictorial History of the American Theatre 1860-1980

Blum, Daniel C.
Crown 1981 Dewey Dec. 792

An authoritative history of the American theatre documents the plays, awards, musicals, dramatic scenes, actors, and actresses, in over six thousand black-and-white photographs. Theater — Pictorial works — History — United States.

The Oxford Companion to American Theatre

Bordman, Gerald M.
Oxford Univ. 1984 Dewey Dec. 792

Playwrights, plays, actors, directors, producers, songwriters, famous playhouses, regional groups, dramatic movements – all are here in nearly 3,000 alphabetically arranged entries. This book covers not only the “greats” of our theatre but its more ephemeral figures and productions as well. Here too are entries on foreign figures and productions that have been influential in our dramatic development … The book pays considerable attention to the often neglected achievements of the nineteenth century and gives full coverage to the American musical theatre and the diverse figures associated with it. It is thorough and meticulous. Theater–United States–Dictionaries.

History of the Theatre

Brockett, Oscar G.
Allyn and Bacon 1991 Dewey Dec. 792

Revised and updated edition of a standard textbook describes and traces the major developments in the theatre from its beginnings until early 1990. The primary emphasis is on the European tradition, with a secondary emphasis on the Oriental tradition. Thoroughly illustrated. Performing Arts / Theater / History & Criticism.

Ways of the Circus

Conklin, George
Harper 1921 Dewey Dec. 791

The memories and adventures of George Conklin, tamer of lions, as set down by H. W. Root, Don C. Seitz says in the introduction, “He was a circus man through and through, accomplished not only in his own particular line, but able to turn a facile hand to any part of the game. His story is the epic of the circus; its ways and wanderings, its great leaders, its freaks, its followers, and fakers. I believe it to be the only history of the kind ever written—certainly no other ever told so much or so well.” – A.L.A. Catalog 1926

See also: Ringling, Alfred, Life Story of the Ringling Brothers in Biographies & Memoirs in Wisconsin History

Romance of the American Theatre

Crawford, Mary Caroline
Little 1913 Dewey Dec. 792

A series of impressions and records of some of the great personalities of the American stage, compiled by the author or supplied by her own memories, which reproduce the atmosphere of the theater of the older days. Distinguished by enthusiasm and a light charming touch.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926. Theater — History — United States.

Also see: Daly, Joseph Francis, Life of Augustin Daly in Century Past Biographies: D, E & F;
Sherman, Robert L, The Chicago Stage; its Records and Achievements in Illinois Cultural History;
Strang, Lewis C., Famous Actresses of the Day in America in Century Past Collective Biography Q – Z;
Strang, Lewis C., Famous Actors of the Day in America in Century Past Collective Biography Q – Z;
Carson, William G. , The Theatre on the Frontier; the Early Years of the St. Louis Stage in Illinois Cultural History

American Stage of Today

Eaton, Walter Pilchard
Small 1908 Dewey Dec. 792

“Largely descriptions or criticisms of present-day plays and actors, indicating the trend of the theater and its success in satisfying the American public.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911

Broadway Musicals, Show by Show

Green, Stanley
Hal Leonard 1996 Dewey Dec. 792

The most comprehensive and widely used Broadway reference book has been expanded and updated to include more than 300 of the most important and memorable productions of the American musical theatre. Chronologically arranged beginning with The Black Crook in 1866, this edition includes show entries up through the latest hits (Rent, Sunset Boulevard, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Victor/Victoria, Passion) and all the latest big revivals (Show Boat, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, The King and I). Features a wealth of statistics, inside information, critical reception, cast lists, and pithy commentary about each show. Musicals — History and criticism — New York (State) — New York.

Problems of the Playwright

Hamilton, Clayton Meeker
Holt 1917 Dewey Dec. 792

A discussion of contemporary drama from the point of view of the critic, the dramatist, the stage director, the scenic artist, the manager, and the theater-going public.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926. Theater, Drama — History and criticism.

Broadway: The American Musical

Kantor, Michael and Maslon, Laurence
Bulfinch 2004 Dewey Dec. 792

A companion to the six-part PBS documentary series, BROADWAY: THE AMERICAN MUSICAL is the first comprehensive history of the musical, from its roots at the turn of the 20th century through the smashing successes of the new millennium. The compelling, in-depth text is lavishly illustrated with a treasure trove of photographs, sheet-music covers, posters, scenic renderings, production stills, rehearsal shots, and caricatures, many previously unpublished. Complementing the narrative are lively sidebars that highlight the stars, the shows, and the songs–the key ingredients that make the musical great. Musicals — History and criticism — New York (State) — New York — Pictorial works.

The Dance, its Place in Art and Life

Kinney, Troy, and Kinney, Margaret West
Stokes 1914 Dewey Dec. 793

One of the most complete books on the subject, covering historical development, folk dancing, and present-day artistic and social dancing. The authors are recognized authorities who know present conditions in New York, London, Paris and Seville.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926

Play Production in America

Krows, Arthur Edwin
Holt 1916 Dewey Dec. 792

The history of a play from its acceptance till its performance before the audience is here traced. There are interesting chapters on casting, staging, costumes, scenery, advertising and management. It is particularly full in its explanations of the mechanical stage devices in vogue (about 1916). There is a short classified bibliography.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926. Theater.

Cambridge Guide to American Theatre

Wilmeth, Don B.
Cambridge Univ. 1996 Dewey Dec. 792

Covers American theatre from its earliest history to the present, with special attention given to contemporary theatre throughout the United States. In addition to some 2,300 compact entries on people, venues, plays, and other theatrical phenomena, almost 100 topical entries are provided, covering theatre in several major U.S. cities and such disparate subjects as Asian-American theatre, theatre architecture, female and male impersonation, magic, costume, Shakespeare on the American stage, unions, Hispanic theatre, stage lighting, and dramatic theory. Performing Arts / Theater / General, Drama / American / General, Theater — Dictionaries — United States.

Other Days; Being Chronicles and Memories of the Stage

Winter, William
Moffat 1908 Dewey Dec. 792

“Pleasant, discursive reminiscences by the dean of dramatic critics, covering the history of the stage for two generations.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911. American, Actors — Correspondence.

Films, Cinema Books

Film and Cinema Collection

Internet Archive

Collection of 280+ books related to Film and Cinema, free and online, at the Internet Archive, assembled by Folkscanomy. Some books: Encyclopedia of Film, Hollywood’s West: the American frontier in film, TV & history, New Guide to Italian Cinema, Crime Films, The International Movie Industry, Designing and Regulating Brutality in Hollywood Cinema 1930-1968, Australian Cinema after Mabo, The Films of Clint Eastwood, Three Philosophical Filmmakers: Hitchcock Welles Renoir, Documentary Filmmakers Speak, History of Film Music, Big Picture Magazine, many more. Performing Arts / Film & Video / General, Motion pictures, Fine Arts, Motion pictures — United States, Performing Arts / Film / History & Criticism, Gangster films — History and criticism — United States, Crime films — History and criticism, Violence in motion pictures, Motion picture industry — Asia, Motion pictures — History — Asia, Popular culture — Asia, Motion pictures — United States — Censorship — History, Motion pictures — History — Great Britain, Motion pictures — Dictionaries — Biography, Motion pictures — Aesthetics.

Films, Cinema Collection

About 150 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Films, Cinema. Some books: Encyclopedia of Movie Awards, the American Gangster/Crime Film, VideoHound’s DVD Guide, Hollywood Creative Directory, Comedy Movies: illustrated reviews of the classic films, Film Producers studios agents and casting directors guide, Film Review (annual volumes), Film Lighting: talks with Hollywood’s cinematographers and gaffers, Essential Guide to Bollywood, Film Composers Guide, Transamerica shooting script, many more. Performing Arts / Film / General, Performing Arts / Film / History & Criticism, Gangster films — History and criticism — United States, Video recordings — Reviews — Catalogs, Motion pictures — Reviews, Motion pictures — Miscellanea — History, Motion pictures — Periodicals, Performing Arts / Film / General, Performing Arts / Comedy, Performing Arts / Film / Guides & Reviews, Reference / Consumer Guides, Motion pictures.

Film-Making Collection

More than 3,000 free online books on the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for texts on “Film Making”. Be patient while the page loads. Some books: European Cinema: an introduction, the Language of Cinema, Encyclopedia of British Film, The Total Film-maker, A History of Film, Complete Guide to Film Scoring, The Producers, Film & Television in Education, Eastern Europe: an illustrated guide, Hong Kong Action Cinema, Australian Film: a bibliography, Survey of World Cinema, The Technique of Film Editing, The Film Experience: elements of motion picture art, The Movies as History, many more. Motion picture producers and directors — Biography, Motion pictures — Production and direction, Motion pictures — Encyclopedias, Cinematography — Encyclopedias, Social Science / Media Studies, Motion pictures — Dictionaries, Cinematography — Dictionaries, Film — Terminology, Motion pictures — Europe — History — Philosophy — Social aspects, Motion picture — Aesthetics, National cinema, Motion pictures — Europe — Great Britain — France — Germany — Spain — Russia — Italy — United States, Motion pictures — Reviews, Film criticism, Film critics.

History of Motion Pictures Collection

About 90 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of History of Motion Pictures. Some books: History of Film, History of World Cinema, Short History of the Movies, A Pictorial History of the Movie Villain, Cinema Year by Year 1894-200, Interpreting Films, 100 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, The Birth of the Movies, Introduction to the Art of the Movies, The Filmviewer’s Handbook, The Rough Guide to 21st Century Cinema, Movies of Alfred Hitchcock, Thriller Movies, many more. Motion pictures — History, Digital cinematography — History, Villains in motion pictures — History and criticism, Motion pictures — Plots, themes, etc — Crime — History, Motion pictures — History — Pictorial works.

Cinematography Collection

About 300 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Cinematography. Some books: Photographic Theory for the Motion Picture, The Movie Maker’s Handbook, Home Movies Made Easy, How to Shoot a Movie Story, Shooting in the Wild, Creative Film-Making, Handbook of Basic Motion Picture Techniques, The Animation Handbook, Digital Cinematography, Special Effects in the Movies, Adobe After Effects, The Animation Bible, Film Production, American Cinematographer Manual, Basic Grip Book, A Technological History of Motion Pictures and TV, many more. Cinematography — Lighting, Digital video, Digital cinematography, Motion pictures — Bibliography — Study and teaching.

Motion Picture Producers and Directors Collection

About 750 books from the Internet Archive, free online on the subject of Motion Picture Producers and Directors. Some books: The Moviemakers, Illustrated Who’s Who of Hollywood Directors, The Directors in their own words, South American Cinema Dictionary of Film Makers, Women Filmmakers of the African and Asian Diaspora, The Films of Peter Weir, Independent Women Directors, Inner Views: ten Canadian film-makers, Fifty Contemporary Filmmakers, Growing up in Hollywood, many more. Performing Arts / Film / History & Criticism, Motion picture directors and producers — Biography, Motion pictures — Production and direction — Biography, Motion picture producers and directors — Biography, Women motion picture producers and directors — Asia, African American motion picture producers and directors. Theatrical producers and directors, Motion pictures — Production and direction — Biography — Dictionaries.

Accidental Genius: How John Cassavetes Invented American Independent Film

Fine, Marshall
Miramax/Hyperion 2005 Dewey Dec. 791

Among filmmakers and film buffs, Cassavetes is revered. A major star of live television in the 1950s, he stumbled accidentally into making his first film, Shadows, while leading an acting workshop–and created a template for working outside the system that would produce some of the most piercing and human films of the next thirty years, including Faces, Husbands, and A woman under the influence. Turning his back on Hollywood, he became the prototypical outsider, fighting the system, financing and ultimately distributing his films himself, at a time when there was no apparatus to get a non-studio film into theaters around the country. His life and work are examined in this biography. Independent filmmakers — Biography — United States.

Theatrical Design and Production: An Introduction to Scene Design and Construction, Lighting, Sound, Costume, and Makeup

Gillette, J. Michael
Mayfield 1992 Dewey Dec. 792

This is a comprehensive survey of the technical and design aspects of play production, including scene design and construction, lighting, sound, costume, and makeup. Health and safety precautions for the backstage crew appear throughout in boxes labeled ” Safety Tips, ” and ” Design Inspiration” boxes show how professional designers create the desired look. Theaters Stage-setting and scenery, Stage management.

Free Novels online here at Century Past.

The Spectator: Talk about Movies and Plays with the People who Make Them

Turkel, Studs
New Press 1999 Dewey Dec. 791

“Telling portraits of a wide range of artists in conversation with a passionately involved, prodigiously well prepared interlocutor.” Booklist.
Overture — Prologue: morning, noon, and night (with Jack Kirkland) — Act One. Beginnings. In the wings (with Francois Truffaut). Buster Keaton. Lillian Gish. King Vidor. Vittorio De Sica — Say it with music. Eubie Blake. Agnes DeMille. Carol Channing (and Talluah Bankhead) — Hard Times. Arthur Miller. Eva LeGallienne. Hiram (Chub) Sherman. E.Y. (Yip) Harburg. Harold Clurman. — Chicago Boom-Boom. James Cagney — War. War movies. On seeing The Deer Hunter. Pauline Kael — O Death. Lila Kedrova. Reflections on The Last Mile and Watch on the Rhine. John Randolph on Alfred Lunt –Kindness of strangers. Tennessee Williams (and Claudia Cassidy). Geraldine Page. Marlon Brando — Act Two. Ways of seeing. Federico Fellini (and Marcello Mastroianni and Alain Cuny). Rene Clair. Satyajit Ray (and Ravi Shankar) — Ways of doing. Francoise Rosay. Ruth Gordon. Simone Signoret — Ways of seeing II. Ian McKellan. Jonathan Miller — A touch of Shaw. Sybil Thorndike. Robert Morley — Bert and Sam: Brecht and Beckett. Kenneth Tynan (and Peter Hall). Lotte Lenya (and Arnold Sundgaard). Joan Littlewood. Alan Schneider. Gilbert Moses (and Joe Lattimore). Rick Cluchey. E.G. Marshall — Act Three. Solo flight. Ruth Draper. Emlyn Williams. Hal Holbrook — Out of the shadows. Moms Mabley. Lorraine Hansberry. James Baldwin. August Wilson (and Clifford Burke) — Success. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Uta Hagen — Winners and losers. William Saroyan (and Bill Veeck). Jose Quintero. Jose Quintero and Jason Robards. E.G. Marshall. Edward Albee — The Clowns. Marcel marceau. Jacques Tati. Zero Mostel (and Eugene Ionesco) — Epilogue. Burr Tillstrom. Entertainers — Biography — Interviews, Performing Arts / Film / History & Criticism.

The New Historical Dictionary of the American Film Industry

Slide, Anthony
Scarecrow 1998 Dewey Dec. 384

It is not a who’s who of the industry, but rather a what’s what: a dictionary of producing and releasing companies, technical innovations, industry terms, studios, genres, color systems, institutions and organizations, etc. Motion picture industry — Dictionaries — United States.

Radio Books

Radio Collection

About 1,100 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Radio.
Some books: License Manual for the Radio Amateur, Fundamentals of Radio Communications, ARRL Operating Manual (for the Ham), Who Really Invented Radio?, Directory of World Band Radio, Audels Radiomans Guide, Shortwave Listener’s Q and A Book, Radio Theory and Servicing, Old Radio Sets, Radios: the golden age, Lew McCoy on Antennas, Principles of Radio, Up and Down the Dial of British Radio, Writing for Radio, many more. Radio operators — Licenses — United States, Radio — Examinations, Radio-Repairing, Radio — Receivers and reception, Radio — Amateurs’ manuals — Equipment and supplies, Technology & Engineering / Radio, Television broadcasting, Radio broadcasting, Podcasting, Radio stations, Streaming technology (Telecommunications).

Radio Broadcasters Collection

About 130 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Radio Broadcasters. Some books: The Art of Talk, Golden Throats and Silver Tongues: the radio announcers, Americans Hail Rush Limbaugh, Imus: America’s cowboy, Larry King, Howard Stern, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Talked to Death: the murder of Alan Berg and the Rise of the Neo-Nazis, Life is Not a Rehearsal: a memoir, Talk Shows and Hosts on Radio, Laura Pulfer, Encyclopedia of American Radio, Johnny Holliday: from rock to jock, NPR and the Art of Radio, many more. Radio broadcasters — Biography — United States, Entertainers — Anecdotes — United States — Humor, Biography & Autobiography.

Radio Amateur’s Hand Book

Collins, Frederick
Rowe 1922 Dewey Dec. 384

Subtitle: “A complete, authentic and informative work on wireless telegraphy and telephony”.
Chapter headings are: 1. How to Begin Wireless, 2. Putting up your Aerial, 3. Simple Telegraph and Telephone Receiving Sets, 4. Simple Telegraph Sending Sets, 5. Electricity Simply Explained, 6. How the Transmitting and Receiving Sets Work, 7. Mechanical and Electrical Tuning, 8. A Simple Vacuum Tube Detector Receiving Set, 9. Vacuum Tube Amplifier Receiving Sets, 10. Regenerative Amplification Receiving Sets, 11. Short Wave Regenerative Receiving Sets, 12. Intermediate and Long Wave Regenerative Receiving Sets, 13. Heterodyne or Beat Long Wave Telegraph Receiving Set, 14. Headphones and Loud Speakers, 15. Operation of Vacuum Tube Receptors, 16. Continuous Wave Telegraph Transmitting Sets with Direct Current, 17. Continuous Wave Telegraph Transmitting Sets with Alternating Current, 18. Wireless Telephone Transmitting Sets with Direct and Alternating Currents, 19. The Operation of Vacuum Tube Transmitters, 20. How to Make a Receiving Set for $5.00 or Less, Appendix

Outline of Radio

Hogan, John Vincent Lawless
Little, Brown 1923 Dewey Dec. 384

“A reliable, interestingly written introduction to the study of radio, designed for the average reader and intended to answer the questions: What is radio? How did it happen? What makes it work? An excellent book for the beginner.”
– Standard Catalog for Public Libraries: Science and Useful Arts (1931). Radio, Telegraph, Wireless.

Death of a Pirate: British Radio and the Making of the Information Age

Johns, Adrian
Norton 2011 Dewey Dec. 384.5

When the pirate operator Oliver Smedley shot and killed his rival Reg Calvert in Smedley’s country cottage on June 21, 1966, it was a turning point for the outlaw radio stations dotting the coastal waters of England. Situated on ships and offshore forts like Shivering Sands, these stations blasted away at the high-minded BBC’s broadcast monopoly with the new beats of the Stones and DJs like Screaming Lord Sutch. For free-market ideologues like Smedley, the pirate stations were entrepreneurial efforts to undermine the growing British welfare state as embodied by the BBC. The worlds of high table and underground collide in this riveting history. Performing Arts / Radio / General, Pirate radio broadcasting — History — Great Britain.

Radio For Everybody

Lescarboura, Austin C.
Scientific American 1922 Dewey Dec. 384

Subtitle: “Being A Popular Guide To Practical Radio-Phone Reception And Transmission And To The Dot-And-Dash Reception And Transmission Of The Radio Telegraph, For The Layman Who Wants To Apply Radio For His Pleasure And Profit Without Going Into The Special Theories And The Intricacies Of The Art.”
Chapter headings are: 1. The Elements of Radio Reception and Transmission, 2. Radio-Phone Broadcasting — What it is and What it Means, 3. Dot-and-Dash Broadcasting : From Market News to Time Signals, 4. Receiving Equipment and the Interception of Radio Waves, 5. Operating the Radio Receiving Set and Mastering the Telegraph Code, 6. Making Big Sounds Out of Little Ones, or the Gentle Art of Amplifying, 7. Transmitting the Dot and Dashes of the Damped Radio Telegraph, 8. The Radio-Telephone Transmitter and C. W. Telegraph Transmitter, 9. The Unusual Uses of Radio on Land and Sea and in the Air, 10. Radio in Working Clothes or the Application of Radio to Everyday Business, 11. How to Construct Simple Radio Receiving Sets for Radio-Phone Programs, 12. The Radio-Telephone of Today and Tomorrow. Wireless, Radio — Amateurs’ manuals, Telegraph.

Television Books

Television Collection

About 4,000 books from the Internet Archive, free online on the subject of Television. Some books: Behind the Scenes in Television, How does a TV Work?, How to Service UHF TV, TV Antennas and Signal-distribution Systems, Charting the Digital Broadcasting Future, Video Production: disciplines and techniques, The Small Television Studio, Guide to Instructional Television, Careers in Television, Video Engineering, Television Works Like This, Basic TV Technology: digital and analog, Pictorial History of Television, many more. Television — Production and direction, Television and family, Television — Psychological aspects, Television and children, Television broadcasting, Language Arts & Disciplines / Communication Studies, Television broadcasting — History, Television criticism.

Television Broadcasting Collection

About 700 books from the Internet Archive, free online on the subject of Television Broadcasting. Some books: Is Television a Bad Influence?, Let’s Visit a Television Station, Winning the Global TV News Game, How Sweet it Was: Television – a pictorial commentary with photos, Television: a world view, Contemporary World Television, Television: the first 50 years, The TV Addict’s Handbook, Encyclopedia of Television, Breaking into Television: proven advice from veterans and interns, many more. Television broadcasting — Social aspects, Television and children, Television and youth, Performing Arts / Television & Radio, Social Science / Media Studies, Mass media — Social aspects, Social Science / Media Studies, Performing Arts / Television / Reference, Television — Encyclopedias.

Television Broadcasting of News Collection

About 200 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Television Broadcasting of News. Some books: Working in TV News: the insider’s guide, The Media War, Making Television News iin the Satellite Age, White News: why local news programs don’t cover people of color, Television News, News-watch: How TV Decides the News, Broadcast New Handbook: writing reporting and producing, The Evening Stars: the making of the network news anchor, In the Newsroom, The Process of Electronic News Gathering, A Guide for TV Producers and Reporters, many more. Television broadcasting of news, Journalists — Anecdotes, Journalism — Objectivity, Mass media — Objectivity, Television broadcasting of news — Handbooks, manuals, etc, Television journalists — United States.

Television Programs Collection

About 400 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Television Programs. Some books: TV Guide Book of Lists, The Best TV Trivia and Quiz Book Ever, Fear Factor: the fright stuff, 30 Years of Television: a Quizbook, TV 70 (several annual vols), The West Wing, Cult TV: the Detectives, Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows 1946-Present, Super TV Stars, History of Television, The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time, Star Trek: Q’s Guide to the Continuum, The Wire: Truth be told, Complete Encyclopedia of Television, many more. Games & Activities / Trivia, Television programs — Miscellanea, Television programs — History and criticism — United States, Performing Arts / Television / Guides & Reviews, Television broadcasting — Directories — United States, Television programs — Catalogs — United States — Plots, themes, etc, Performing Arts / Television / History & Criticism, Television series, Television program genres, Reality television programs — History and criticism.

TV History Collection

About 1,600 free online books on the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for texts on “TV History”. Some books: TV and Growing Up, History Workshop: a collectanea 1967-1991, 100 Greatest TV Stars of our Time, Reality Television, The Best in Television: 50 years of Emmys, The Worst TV shows Ever, The Best of Science Fiction TV, Cult TV: the Comedies, The Best of Crime & Detective TV: A Prehistory of Television, Ally McBeal, Backstage Tales at the CBC, Blockbuster TV: must-see sitcoms in the network era, The Long Life & Turbulent Times of 60 Minutes, many more. Television broadcasting — Dictionaries — Statistics, Television broadcasting United States Encyclopedias, Television broadcasting — United States, Performing Arts / Television / History & Criticism, Reality television programs — History and criticism — Social aspects, Television broadcasting — Anecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc — United States.

TV & Children Collection

About 80 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of TV & Children. Some books: The Smart Parent’s Guide to Kids’ TV, TV: friend or foe?, Viewing Children through Television, The Responsible Parent’s Guide to TV, Make Television Work for Your Kids, Kick the TV Habit, Children and the Entertainment Industry, A Study of Children around the TV set, The ACT Guide to Children’s Television, Glued to the Tube, Raising Media-savvy Kids in the Age of the Channel-Surfing Couch Potato, Saturday Morning Mind Control, many more. Television and children, Children’s Television Programs, Violence on television.

American Television Directory: Official Yearbook of the American Television Society, Inc.

American Television Society
American Television Society 1946 Dewey Dec. 384

This is the first directory or yearbook by this organization, which had been recently created for this entirely new industry. The publication is made up of approximately 40 contributed articles, and also includes information about the American Television Society. Among the articles are: ‘Is Television Tomorrow’s Radio?’; ‘The Bell System’s Plan for Tele-networks’; ‘Sports for Millions by Television’; ‘The Economics of Television’; ‘Televised News for Theater-goers’; ‘Television and Fashion’; ‘Is Today’s Television Here to Stay?’; ‘Publications Reporting Television’. Bibliography included.

Television Broadcasting: An Introduction

Hilliard, Robert L., ed.
Hastings House 1978 Dewey Dec. 384

Television broadcasting.

The Encyclopedia Of American Television: Broadcast Programming Post-World War II to 2000

Lackman, Ron
Checkmark 2003

An alphabetical reference to programs and personalities of network television over the last fifty years includes storylines, broadcast histories, air times, and awards.

One Nation under Television

MacDonald, J. Fred
Pantheon 1990 Dewey Dec. 384

Since commercial television emerged in the late 1940s, it has been on the cutting edge of social, political, economic, and cultural developments in the United States and the world. This book is a provocative history of how the major networks schemed to gain ratings and power, and to keep the FCC at bay. The result was the creation of limited and rigidly standardized television offerings. Social Science / Media Studies, African Americans on television — History

Understanding Society, Culture, and Television

Monaco, Paul
Praeger 2000 Dewey Dec. 384

What is the real nature of television, and what is its place in contemporary society and culture? In a provocative rethinking of the medium and its ensuing effects, this book argues that we have misunderstood television and have thus contributed to a distorted view of art and culture in the 20th century. During the final quarter of this century both in academic and popular circles, we have spread wildly exaggerated claims about television’s undermining of human consciousness and behavior. Television has become a scapegoat for all sorts of societal and cultural ills. The arguments presented by many researchers on behalf of the ill-effects of TV are fundamentally weak and flawed. Mass media and culture, Television broadcasting — Social aspects.

Target: Prime Time: Advocacy Groups and the Struggle Over Entertainment Television

Montgomery, Kathryn C.
Oxford University 1989 Dewey Dec. 384

Television is the most powerful and pervasive storyteller of our time. The stories it tells–and, equally important, the stories it fails to tell–have a marked impact on how viewers see the world around them. Is it any wonder then that television has become the focal point of bitter struggle, with numerous advocacy groups–from the NAACP to the National Gay Task Force to the Moral Majority–battling with network executives over the content of prime time shows? Target: Prime Time is the first book to explore network television’s dealings with political advocacy groups, offering a comprehensive picture of the impact of organized pressure on prime time TV. Pressure groups — United States, Minorities on television, Television broadcasting — Social aspects — United States.

Television: The Critical View

Newcomb, Horace
Oxford University 1994 Dewey Dec. 384

The Critical View sheds light on everything from the latest prime-time television programs to news, talk shows, and commercials. This well established and critically acclaimed text remains the leading collection of critical essays about America’s most important medium of communication. Language Arts & Disciplines / Communication Studies, Television broadcasting — United States.