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Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts

Handicrafts Collection

A search of Internet Archive books for “handicraft’ resulted in this collection of 3,400 free online books, published over about the last 40 years. Many kinds of crafts are represented. You can use the “search this collection” box to search for books on a particular type of craft. Some books: Forgotten Arts and Crafts, How-to-do-it Encyclopedia (many volumes), Formulas, Methods, Tips and Data for Home and Workshop, Origami, Home Handyman, Indian Crafts and Lore, Knitting, Home Repair and Improvements, Holiday Handicraft, Leathercraft, Mechanical Projects for the Handyman, Off-loom weaving, Celtic Crafts, Macrame, Jewelry, Treasury of Christmas Ideas, Foxfire (many volumes), Simple Printmaking, many more.

Crafts Collection

A search of Internet Archive books for “crafts” resulted in this collection of 3,100 free online books, published over about the last 40 years. Many kinds of crafts are represented. Find “Topics & Subjects” in the left column and click on “More” to narrow the search. Some books: Independence Day Crafts, Traditional Crafts from China, Christmas Crafts for Everyone, Southwestern Indian Arts & Crafts, Scrap Crafts, Woodstock Kid’s Crafts, 365 Nature Crafts & Activities, Native American Crafts Workshop, Tools and Crafts, Paper Crafts for Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving Day Crafts, Crafts in Therapy and Rehabilitation, Crafts of Egypt, Crafts for Kids, many more.

Hobbyist Sourcebook: A Descriptive Guide to Sources of Information on Hobbies, Pastimes, and Avocational Pursuits of All Finds

Allard, Denise M.
Gale Research 1990 Dewey Dec. 790.1

Covering books, magazines, catalogs, videos, software, and more on 43 major hobbies. Information associations, camps, special collections and museums. Designed for both the beginner and the experienced enthusiast. Special juvenile category helps children start hobbies. Information on turning pastimes into profits. – Book cover

New Ideas for Work and Play; What a Girl Can Make and Do

Beard, Lina and Beard, Adelia B.
Scribner’s Sons 1906 Dewey Dec. 793

Chapter headings are: 1. What a Girl can Make with Hammer and Saw, 2. Possibilities of an Easter Egg, 3. A Paper Easter, 4. Vacation Work with Nature’s Material, 5. Collections, 6. Original Valentines, 7. Vegetable Animals and Fruit Lanterns, 8. Pasteboard Models for a Home Drawing Class, 9. Quick Ink Pictures, 10. Moving Toys, 11. Home-Made Pyrotechnics, 12. Monotypes, 13. Priscilla Rugs, 14. A Peanut Noah’s Ark, 15. A Flower Feast, 16. Basket-Weaving, 17. An “Abe” Lincoln Log-Cabin, 18. Queer Things on Paper and Blackboard and How to Put Them There, 19. Home-Made Musical Instruments, 20. What to Make of Empty Spools, 21. Christmas Decorations, 22. Christmas Devices, 23. Picture Writing and Sign Language, 24. Statuary Tableaux, 25. Witchery, 26. Living Alphabet, 27. Odd Gardens, 28. Active Games, 29. Expensive Games with Little or No Expense, 30. Basket Ball, 31. Some of Our Out-Door Neighbors and Where to Look for Them

The Crafts Supply Source Book

A comprehensive shop-by-mail guide for thousands of craft materials

Boyd, Margaret A.
Betterway 1996 Dewey Dec. 790.1

Brief descriptions and contact information are provided for some 2,000 vendors in 59 categories, among them: bead crafts, ceramics, jewelry making and lapidary, kite making, leather crafts, rug making, spinning and weaving, stenciling, and woodworking. A resources section includes listings of publications, associations, and companies selling supportive materials and aids.


Sewing Collection

A search of Internet Archive books for “sewing” resulted in this collection of nearly 800 free online books, published over about the last 40 years. Find “Topics & Subjects” in the left column and click on “More” to further narrow the search. Some books: Simply Sewing, Singer Sewing Essentials, Complete Guide to Sewing, 501 Sewing Hints, Innovative Sewing, Sewing with Yarn, Professional Sewing Tips, Sewing for the Holidays, 21 Sewing Projects that Kids will Love to Make, 103 Sewing Machine Shortcuts, Easy Guide to Sewing Jackets, many more.

Machine Sewing Collection

Here are over 100 free online modern books that somehow relate to “machine sewing”. Some books: Get the Most from Your Sewing Machine, Complete Photo Guide to Sewing, 20 Easy Machine-made Rugs, Pattern-free Fashions & Accessories, Pillows for Beginners, Know Your Sewing Machine, Timesaving Techniques and Shortcuts for Busy Sewers, Project Teen, Children’s Clothes Toys & Gifts Step by Step, many more.

Quilting Collection

Here are nearly 700 free online modern books on the topic of “Quilting”. Some books: Curve Patch Quilts made easy, How to Create Quilting Designs, Quilting Shortcuts, Patterns & Techniques for Quilting, Lap Quilting, Quilting in Squares, Quilting Bible, Great American Quilts, Patchwork Quilt Designs, The Sampler Quilt, Template-Free Quilts and Borders, many more.

The Experts’ Book of Sewing Tips & Techniques: from the sewing stars of America–hundreds of ways to sew better, faster & easier

Amig, Marya Kissinger
Rodale 1995 Dewey Dec. 646

This book is filled with helpful hints and tips from America’s top sewing experts. Learn their trade secrets as they share time saving methods, smart shopping suggestions, how-to-information on sewing for a professional look.

Contents: Organizing your sewing space — Appliqué — Battenberg lace — Bedding — Bias — Buttons and buttonholes — Closures — Collars — Color theory — Curtains and drapes — Cutwork — Darts — Decorative machine stitching — Elastic — Fabric — Freezer paper — Hems — Interfacing — Linings — Machine quilting — Matching plaids and stripes — Mitering — Necklines — Needles and pins — Patterns — Pillows — Pleats — Pockets — Presser feet — Pressing — Ribbonwork — Seams — Serging — Sleeves — Smocking — Table toppers — Thread — Trims — Waistbands — Zippers — Glossary of sewing terms — The sewing experts

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The Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques

Bednar, Nancy
Sterling 1999 Dewey Dec. 646

“If the sewing machine does it, then the technique is here! Anyone looking for advice on those indispensable basics will find a variety of ways to do bias binding, buttonholes, edge finishes, gathering, hem finishes, mitering corners, seam finishes, topstitching, and zippers. Or sewers can learn how to make any item eye-catching with an array of creative touches, including appliqu#65533;, crisscross chain stitching, eyelet embroidery, and lacework. Every technique comes complete with machine setups and guidance on fabrics, stitching, needles, threads, tension, and the presser foot.” -Publisher

The Tailors’ Guide: Containing Systems of Draugting Frock and Sack Coats …

Pants, Vests and Shirt, with Valuable Improvements, Warranted Superior to anything ever offered to the Trade

Cole, L. E.
Milwaukee: Starr 1868 Dewey Dec. 687

Singer: the complete photo guide to sewing

Singer Company
Creative 1999 Dewey Dec. 646

This pictorial guide includes step-by-step instructions for sewing basics such as making perfect seams, putting in zippers and cutting fabrics, as well as ideas for home decorating projects, including curtains, tablecloths and pillow shams.

Contents:Getting started — The sewing machine — The serger — Essential equipment & supplies — The pattern — Fabric essentials — Classic fabric textures & designs — Knits — Sheer & silky fabrics — Lustrous fabrics — Synthetic fur, suede & leather — Interfacing — Layout, cutting & marking — Sewing techniques — General guidelines for pattern adjustments — Seams — Serger seams & seam finishes — Darts — Gathers — Sleeves — Collars — Waistbands & cuffs — Hems — Closures — Tailoring — Sewing activewear — Sewing for children — Home decorating projects — Fabric selection — Windows — Top treatments — Pillows — Bed coverings — Table coverings

Home Manufacture of Furs and Skins …

A Book of Practical Instructions Telling how to Tan, Dress, Color and Manufacture or Make into Articles of Ornament, Wear and Use

Farnham, Albert Burton
Columbus, OH: Harding 1916 Dewey Dec. 675

This handbook describes many procedures that presumably were very similar to those used on the frontier a century earlier to make items of clothing from furs and skins. There are many illustrations.


Knitting Collection

500 free online modern books on Knitting. Some of the titles here: Elle Knits: 50 exclusive designs from France; Stitch ‘n bitch superstar knitting: go beyond the basics; Knits extraordinaire; SimpleChic : designer knits, SuperQuick!; Folk knits; Find your style and knit it too; Dorian Scott’s Australian designer knits; Great gifts: purses, pillows, mittens & more.

Knitting Patterns Collection

Nearly 300 booklets containing Knitting Patterns and covers of such booklets, collected within the Knitting Reference Library at the University of Southampton Library. They appear to include examples published throughout nearly the entire 20th Century.

Victorian Knitting Manuals Collection

About 60 knitting manuals, collected within the Knitting Reference Library at the University of Southampton Library. They appear to have been published in Great Britain throughout much of the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Embroidery Collection

More than 400 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Embroidery. Some of the titles here: First steps in embroidery; Original designs for silk ribbon embroidery; Kaye Pyke’s classic cushions; The encyclopedia of stitches : with 245 stitches illustrated and 24 exquisite projects; Shay Pendray’s needlecraft projects; Houses & gardens: needlecraft source book; Art and stitchery: new directions; Creative backstitch.

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Needlework Collection

More than 350 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Needlework. Some of the titles here: The art of the needle: designing in fabric and thread; Stitchery for children: a manual for teachers, parents, and children; The complete guide to needlecraft; Victorian style needlecrafts; Quilting, patchwork & applique: a world guide; McCall’s needlework: 150 best-loved Christmas ornaments.

Crocheting Collection

About 150 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Crocheting. Some of the titles: Creative crochet: clever ways to use your yarn stash; Step-by-step crochet: a complete introduction to the craft of crocheting; How to crochet; Afghan inspirations; Glorious crocheted sweaters; Treasury of crochet techniques and patterns.

Carpentry & Woodworking

Woodworking Collection

Here are 300 free online modern books on Woodworking. If you wish to narrow the search, find “Topics & Subjects” in the left column and click on “More”. Some books: Traditional Woodworking Techniques, Woodworking for Kids, Woodworking Handbook, Advanced Woodworking, Woodworking Machines, Woodworking Technology, Woodworking Projects, Wood Turning, Handtool Handbook, Woodworking Projects for Women, American Woodworking Tools, many more.

Carpentry Collection

About 150 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Carpentry. Some books: Illustrated Basic Carpentry, Carpentry, Practical House Carpentry, Construction Manual: rough carpentry, Finish Carpentry, Trim Step by Step, The Best of Wood, Homeowner’s Guide to Carpentry and Cabinetry, Molding Installation Projects, Carpentry: Tools – Shelves – Walls – Doors, many more.

Cabinetwork Collection

Here are nearly 100 free online modern books on Cabinetwork. Some books: Amateur Cabinetmaking, The Home Cabinetmaker, Handcrafted Cabinetry, Custom Cabinets, Design & Build Your Ideal Entertainment Center, Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets, Cabinetry Basics, Cabinet Doors & Drawers, Complete Custom Closet, Backyard Projects, Bookshelves & Cabinets, 50 Storage Projects, many more.

Furniture Making Collection

About 150 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Furniture Making. Some books: Making Furniture for the Home, Woodworker’s 39 Sure-fire Projects, 2X4 Furniture, Furniture You Can Build, Making Fine Furniture, Anatomy of Contemporary Furniture, European Cabinetry, How to Build 50 Classic Furniture Reproductions, Woodwork Projects, Do-It-Yourself Designer Furniture, Heirloom Furniture, many more.

Woodwork Step By Step

Bridgewater, Alan et al.
Dorling Kindersley 2014 Dewey Dec. 684

Find everything you need to know to begin woodworking in this compact visual guide. Master all essential techniques, including every aspect of joinery. Discover all the tools for working wood and how to use them safely and effectively. Practice your craft and create beautiful handmade pieces of furniture through a series of tried-and-tested projects.
A series of inspiring projects, gradually increasing in difficulty, will enable you to hone your skills and produce attractive, practical objects for the home – from a simple coat rack to a wall cabinet and a freestanding bookcase. Each project comes with fully measured out plans, a list of tools and materials, and exploded diagrams to show how it all fits together.

The Woodworker’s Technique Bible: The Essential Illustrated Reference

Forrester, Paul
Firefly 2009 Dewey Dec. 684

Packed with practical information and 600 full-color photographs, The Woodworker’s Technique Bible includes:
Essential troubleshooting tips – How to control power tools with accuracy – Selecting and using the 10 essential hand tools that give any woodwork a beautiful hand-finished quality – Great original projects for children’s toys, simple furniture and bird boxes, which include cutting lists and easy-to-follow instructions so any woodworker can be successful.
A special section, the “Wood Identifier,” calls out the key characteristics of each type of lumber and how best to use it.

Handwork in Wood

Noyes, William
Manual arts press 1910 Dewey Dec. 684

“Differs from the typical manual in having a chapter each on logging and sawmill work. There are also chapters on seasoning and measuring, and finishing of wood. The usual subjects—tools, fastenings, shop equipment and care, etc.—are discussed in detail, and each has a selected list of references.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-1911

Woodworker’s Guide to Wood: Softwoods, Hardwoods, Plywoods, Composites, Veneers

Peters, Rick
Sterling 2000 Dewey Dec. 684

From hardwoods to softwoods and exotics to engineered woods and more, this practical handbook offers information on working with wood successfully. The characteristics of over 60 woods are discussed, along with how lumber is milled and graded. There is coverage of drying, buying and storing wood, and advice for making informed choices on alternative wood materials. Written specifically for woodworkers, it features practical information and tips.

Modern Cabinet Work, Furniture and Fitments

Wells, Percy A., & Hooper, John
Lane 1910 Dewey Dec. 684

“Gives an account of the theory and illustrates step by step the practice of the craft in all its applications to furniture and woodwork. illustrations include over 1000 practical drawings and original designs.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-1911